6 Best Websites That Pay You To Read in 2023

Websites That Pay You To Read

Looking for ways to make money sitting at home? What if I tell you that you just have to read to get paid? Sounds strange and untrue? Well, it sounded strange to me too until I discovered some extremely wonderful websites that pay you to read. But now I am earning $50-$100 through these sites. Want to know which are these websites?

Websites that pay you to read work on a simple hack and that is your opinion. Yes, I am not making it up, it’s true. For some sites and projects, you just have to review a book or a piece of writing and you get paid. You can even start your own small business by using that paid amount. Feeling curious to find out about these opportunist sites? Okay, let’s not make you wait for long.

In this post, I have disclosed some of the best and trusted free websites that pay you to read books. I know this still sounds doubtful somewhere. So, here are the free websites that you can try and earn money from. Online Book Club, U.S. Review of Books, Instaread, and many others are on the list. Don’t believe me, just try them yourself and get the best results.

Whether you love reading or are good at reviewing, don’t miss this chance to earn all at the comfort of your home. You can also buy some book reading gadgets to make your reading time much more comfortable.

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6 Websites That Pay You To Read

Here ends your wait. Grab your hands on these amazing 6 websites that pay you to read. Connect with people globally through the projects.

Online Book Club

Websites That Pay You To Read; Online Book Club
Source: Online book

To get started with Online Book Club, let me tell you in advance that this site doesn’t promise you to get rich overnight. It will take time for you to get used to this website. 

All you need to do is submit your email to this website’s main page for the sign-in process. (  Direct link to the page).

After you’ve signed in, one of the team members will reach out to you and share the details about the project. You’ll receive a free hard copy of the book. You just have to provide the review for that book and get paid as soon as you’re done with the assigned task.

Simple? What are you waiting for? Give Online Book Club a shot today!!

PayScale: $5 to $60

Women’s Review of Books

Websites That Pay You To Read; Women's Review of Books
Source: Twitter

Want to share your feminist perspectives? Can’t find a suitable place where your opinion is valued enough? Don’t worry. Here’s something for you.

Women’s Review of Books is a highly reputed website. It’s a part of Wellesley Centers for Women and the longest-running publication house. Being a popular book house for more than 36 years, and having a number of workers in the team, this publication house welcomes every new reviewer to present their feminist views.

The pay scale is pretty impressive as the reviews that are printed in the magazine are accurate and written by experienced journalists and book reviewers. To apply for the job, you can pitch via email.

Payscale: $100 per review.

Booklist Publications

Websites That Pay You To Read; Booklist Publications
Source: I Love Libraries

Were you the nerdy first bencher in school? If yes, then it’s time for you to use your bookish love for something productive to get paid. Ok, don’t doubt yourself. You can do this easily. How?

Through blog posts. Yes, you have to write reviews via blog posts for “The Booklist Reader” or you can also get your reviews published in the magazine called “Booklist Magazine”. And the best part is you are getting paid for doing this.

You just carefully go through the site’s outlets. Booklist publications prefer short and to the point, relevant content. You can easily apply here by sending few written samples to the editor.

Payscale: $12.50 to $15 per review

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Websites That Pay You To Read; Instaread
Source: Trial Bear

If you find the reviewing job boring then try this one. Instaread is a website that requires you to write a lengthy summary of any classic nonfiction for up to 1000 to 1500 words. Yeah, it’s way longer than other reviewing sites but it pays you good.

To get a better hold of this site, do check out the Instaread app from the play store or go through the guide of the website.

Payscale: $100 per summary.

Writerful Books

Websites That Pay You To Read; Writerful Books
Source: MakeUseOf

A website that pays you to read and that too reading the book of your choice!! Isn’t it great? I mean sounds too good to be true, right? But that’s the gig here.

Writerful Books is a company that welcomes fresh minds for its reviewing service. There is no quick shot to get a job with this company but if you write amazing content on a daily basis for the site, they might consider you for the work.

Share some of your best reviewing samples with them and good luck with the selection.

Payscale: $10 to $50

U.S. Review of Books

Websites That Pay You To Read; U.S. Review of Books
Source: Starter Story

Last but not least in the list of websites that pay you to read is the U.S.Review of Books. Have you heard about newsletters? Yes, the informative guide that people use for sales and marketing of their businesses. U.S. Review of Books is a publishing agency that posts nationwide reviews in its monthly newsletter.

U.S. Review of Books mainly considers professional reviews and informed opinions. So, if you’ve already worked in this field, then do try this website. You can mail your samples and resume.

Paysacle: Freelance Basis

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Wrapping up for now. These were some of the best-earning sites that I have tried personally and got wonderful results. Do try out these websites that pay to read and write reviews. You can earn a good amount using them. Plus, you don’t have to invest a single penny from your side. So, good luck with the earning!!

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