What Does ATP Mean On Snapchat? Secret Unveiled!

What does ATP Mean On Snapchat

Rushing out, but your friend isn’t picking up your call on Snapchat at the last moment? What are you gonna do to let them know you need an immediate callback? What would be ideal: A whole damn phrase or a quick-short abbreviation? As per the ticking time, an abbreviation is the most appropriate option. But which one? ATP, but why? What does ATP mean on Snapchat? Explore NOW!!

Snapchat lingos are something that usually dodges above one’s head. Doesn’t matter how popular slang it is, including SNR, IG, DW, KYS etc. all of these are the basic ones including ATP, still most of you don’t know what does ATP mean on Snapchat or any of these mean on Snapchat. It’s better to memorize a few of them than writing a whole paragraph in a rush!

What does ATP mean on Snapchat: ATP means “Answer The Phone” on Snapchat. This idiom comes into play when you are trying to call someone again and again and they are not answering the phone call. You can just drop ATP in their chat box.

A call for all the lazies out there who don’t like setting phrases every time one doesn’t pick up their call, we have something you don’t want to miss out on! Learn what does ATP mean on Snapchat in this blog post with us. So that you may just notify the person with a single word to answer your calls.

What Does ATP Mean On Snapchat?

ATP is the short form of “Answer The Phone”. Snapchat users who have a good amount of knowledge about Snapchat slang and have been using it for a long time use this idiom whenever they are trying to reach their friend on Snapchat through a call and they don’t pick up! Quickly after disconnecting the call, one can send “ATP” in the person’s DM whom they are trying to call to let them know that you have tried calling them through text too! 

ATP, in general can be used on other platforms, too, like Instagram or Whatsapp! It’s on you, where you are calling them. If you are using the default device caller, then you have to drop the text in their device’s Message app. 

Sometimes, ATP comes as a default text message in the device’s Calling app. In other words, when you call someone on their mobile number and they don’t pick the call then at the end, you see a “Drop A Text” feature, which has different standard text messages that are given to you as an option and as a shortcut to send to the one whom you were calling so that they may also get a  text notice to call you back ASAP or answer the call immediately.

Origins Of ATP 

What Does ATP Mean On Snapchat?
ATP Mean On Snapchat

ATP is a popular slang used on Snapchat and other social media platforms. ATP is mostly used on Snapchat when one person tries to call another and due to some reason they don’t pick up! So in action, the one who is calling drops “ATP” as a text to let the other one know that the matter is serious and they need to pick the call.

Snapchat is the only platform which gives raises to such idioms including SFS, GNS, HMU including ATP. However, most of the slangs can only be used here and are limited to this platform only but ATP can be used on any platform.

So remember what does ATP mean on Snapchat, because if you ever receive a text from somebody saying ATP, that means they want you to answer the phone, especially on Snapchat.

How Is ATP Used On Snapchat?

What Does ATP Mean On Snapchat?
ATP Mean On Snapchat

ATP can be used in two ways based on the context of the phrase that you received or want to send. ATP basically has two meanings, one we already explained, “Answer The Phone” and the other is “At This Point”. 

“Answer the Phone” is used when you are calling someone and they are refusing to answer it, so you give it one more hit by dropping them an “ATP” text. And “At This Point” is used more frequently in daily life conversations as compared to “Answer the Phone”. At This Point is used to share any progress situation or when you made any slight or major changes in any plan and you want to let the other one know.

1. Answer The Phone

Is used through a text on Snapchat, TikTok and on other platforms to ask the other person to pick the call immediately to discuss something which cannot be done via chatting.

2. At This Point

It’s used while talking to someone to indicate the present with a situation which is real now but was not real earlier, like any news or updates etc.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use ATP In Snapchat 

What Does ATP Mean On Snapchat?

After understanding what does ATP mean on Snapchat, it’s time to take a sneak peek into the possible ways of how you can use it or in what ways the other person can send you ATP.

Down for it? Let’s dive in!

  1. Running late, can you pick me up from the office? ATP in 5!
  2. Heard about Sam! Wanna tell you real quick, ATP!
  3. Why aren’t you answering my calls? ATP now!
  4. Just got bomb news, ATP! You must know.
  5. Hey, I need your suggestions for today’s party outfit. Please ATP!

However, there are a couple of other meanings of ATP too, but the most common one is “Answer The Phone”. So don’t worry you will easily find out what the other person is trying to say, whether it’s “Answer The Phone” or “At This Point”. 

Is It Okay To Use ATP On Snapchat?

It’s absolutely okay to make use of slangs and idioms while chatting and talking to someone you know through Snapchat or any other platform. This saves time and also leaves a perfect and cool impression in front of others, making them believe that you have good knowledge of that particular platform and are good in communication.

So, it’s absolutely fine and more than fine, we would say to use idioms while talking until you are talking to a newbie. Because in such cases, you unintentionally end up making the other person feel dumb. So, make sure you are talking to someone with whom you are completely comfortable to explain things even if the conversation goes wrong!

Other Snapchat Abbreviations You Should Know

What Does ATP Mean On Snapchat?

More is never enough when it comes to Snapchat slang! Here are a few more idioms to develop your knowledge a bit more about Snapchat gen-Z lingo! Crawl over these now and show off later!

  1. DWS: Dealing With Shitt
  2. SU: Swipe Up
  3. TTM: Talk To Me 
  4. LMR: Like My Recent
  5. ESB: Everyone Snap Back
  6. AMOS: Add Me On Snapchat
  7. GNS: Good Night Streak
  8. PU: Pop Up
  9. NRS: No Replies
  10. SR: Slow Replies
  11. WYLL: What You Look Like
  12. ATM: At The Moment
  13. ISTG: I Swear To God
  14. SMH: Shake My Head
  15. GMS: Good Morning Streak
  16. TTYL: Talk To You Later
  17. WBU: What About You
  18. BTS: Be There Soon
  19. RN: Right Now
  20. BFF: Best Friend Forever
  21. AWL: Always With Love
  22. FFF: Follow For Follow
  23. SMO: Shout Me Out
  24. LML: Laughing Mad Loud
  25. WTMS: What’s The Move
  26. OTF: Only The Family
  27. BML: Bless My Life 
  28. SFS: Snapchat For Snapchat
  29. BMT: Big Man Ting
  30. KYS: Kill Yourself


It sucks when you keep trying to call someone and they don’t answer. It can be either intentional or unintentional! No one knows, but as a good friend it’s your responsibility to reach out to them and let them know that you tried reaching out to them. Now, if you think that it’s too much to do or you can’t fake a conversation just to ask them to pick your call then you can drop “ATP” in their DMs and wait for them to either call back or just pick yours!

We have tried our best to explain what does ATP mean on Snapchat in this blog post! But still, if you have some thoughts troubling your head about the same or any other idiom that you heard from anyone then you can let us know in the comment section below! We would love to assist you. 

Till then, keep slanging and slaying!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Does ATP Stand For?

ATP means “Answer The Phone” on Snapchat. This idiom comes into play when you are trying to call someone again and again and they are not answering the phone call. You can just drop ATP in their chat box.

2. When Should I Use ATP?

ATP can be used whenever you are trying to reach out to your friend on Snapchat through a call, and they don’t pick up, then you can send “ATP” in the person’s DM whom you are trying to call to let them know that you have tried calling them through text too! 

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