What Does SFS Mean On Snapchat?

what does SFS mean on Snapchat

The Snapchat community is full of codes and acronyms, making Snapchat’s lingo special. SFS is one of these codes used by teenagers on Snapchat and you will be amazed to find out what does SFS mean on Snapchat. It is so adorable that the teenagers are cheering for each other on Snapchat and even made acronyms for their shoutouts! 

Many social media users including Snapchat and TikTok claimed that they were harassed on social media platforms for many reasons. However, social media is not just about negative thoughts only and when people on Snapchat post-SFS, they are showing care. SFS mean on Snapchat shouting out to support someone. 

SFS mean on Snapchat – Snapchat for Snapchat. In short, SFS also stands for Snap for Snap. Snapchat users often use #SFS to promote their posts as well as share others’ posts with #SFS to show support on Snapchat.

The Snapchat community around the world has grown bigger than ever before. People on Snapchat are showing more acceptance and care for each other through #SFS. In general, SFS mean on Snapchat shouting out for support or promotion. But, there is more to it that will make you fall in love with Snapchat. 

What Does SFS Mean On Snapchat?

SFS mean on Snapchat – Snapchat for Snapchat or Snap for Snap. This is a promotional slogan where Snapchat users call out for sharing their posts or support for creating their brand. 

According to most Snapchat users, SFS is not just a random positive acronym but a powerful way to call out for support or get hands to promote business. When other social media users (mostly on Instagram or Facebook) started to shame each other and trying to pull others back down, Snapchat community is showing more acceptance and tolerance with #SFS. 

Apart from Snapchat for Snapchat, the SFS acronym also stands for Shout-out for Shout-out. As you recognize the phrase, it truly pushes people to extend support. Probably, this is the best way to share positive energy on Snapchat. 

If you are new on Snapchat and feel suppressed or need to boost your confidence on Snapchat, use the SFS hashtag on your post. Snapchat users are well aware of what does SFS mean on Snapchat! You are surely going to get the support you need. 

Origins Of SFS

The origin of SFS is a mystery. When exploring the origin of the acronym, we found that like hundreds of other acronyms, SFS was also coined by teenagers at some point, but what does SFS mean on Snapchat is hard to guess for many reasons.

Initially, teenagers used the SFS tag on their posts for promotions only, which is a Snap for Snap. Posts with #SFS encourages users to click on the post, like it, or share it. It is truly beneficial for brand promotion. 

However, with time, there was a change. When most teenagers started sharing crisis in their life on social media, they looked forward to get support from the social media users. At this moment they also started using SFS for Shout-out for Shout-out.   

With time, we dig up some other possible meanings that might go with SFS. we noticed, Snapchat users who are stressed and needed some break are using #SFS, here SFS mean on Snapchat – So F*cking Stressed

We have also encountered a few Snapchat posts with #SFS, which is showing funny stuff. Here, we assume that SFS may also stand for Seriously Funny Sh*t, in some cases. However, we have to admit that the use of SFS for Seriously Funny Sh*t is very rare. 

How Is SFS Used On Snapchat?

what does SFS mean on Snapchat

On Snapchat, unlike many other popular acronyms, SFS may stand multiple meanings. SFS is no doubt a widely popular Snapchat acronym. If you are puzzled what does SFS mean on Snapchat, it broadly means Snapchat for Snapchat, which is calling out for Snapchat support or boost. Even if someone on Reddit is using SFS, it means they are asking people to follow them on Snapchat!  

The best way to use SFS on Snapchat is, by using the acronym in the hashtag – #SFS. Posts with SFS hashtags automatically get a boost as others tend to like them or repost them. 

However, #SFS can also be used for spamming on Snapchat. 


Basically, people intend to get more followers on Snapchat in a short time using #SFS expects others to start following them and sharing their posts. It may work to some extent; however, to get Snapchat support and boost you need to offer something valuable to the community. People on Snapchat will only respond to #SFS if your content has merit and is worth sharing.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use SFS On Snapchat 

So far, we have shared that SFS may stand for multiple reasons. We hope it will be better to understand what does SFS mean on Snapchat with some examples. 

Snapchat for Snapchat or Snap for Snap

  1. New product from R—-na brand! #SFS
  2. We are open to work! #SFS
  3. New Bakery in your town! #SFS 

Shout-out for Shout-out

  1. My latest Street Art (share post) #SFS
  2. DIY project (share post) #SFS
  3. DIY prom gown (share post) #SFS

So F*cking Stressed

  1. Need a break #SFS
  2. The seminar was so boring! SFS
  3. No more calls please #SFS

Seriously Funny Sh*t

  1. He is performing again! #SFS
  2. Watching Modern Family! #SFS
  3. He had no pants on and ran! #SFS

Is It Okay To Use SFS On Snapchat?

SFS is one of the widely used Snapchat acronyms. It is perfectly okay to use SFS on Snapchat as SFS mean on Snapchat Snapchat for Snapchat or Snap for Snap. Most teenagers are using SFS on Snapchat today not only for asking for more followers or promotions but also to show support for each other to some extent. However, if your Snapchat timeline or chatbox is flooded with SFS, it may be spam. A few people are tagging most of the posts if not all with SFS just to get the boost, which is annoying. If you find someone spamming on Snapchat with #SFS, make others aware! 

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Now that you are patient enough to explore what does SFS mean on Snapchat with us, let us share some other acronyms with you, as a bonus!

  1. NFS No Funny Sh*t
  2. PMO Put Me On
  3. ACC – Actually or Anyone can Come
  4. AC Air Conditioning
  5. GTS Good Times
  6. AMOS Add Me On Snapchat
  7. ONG On God
  8. AC – Audible Chuckle 
  9. GTS – Having Good Times 

Wrapping Up

Snapchat is coming up with more features every day and Snapchat users are coming up with more acronyms every day! We don’t know which one is more enjoyable! However, what does SFS mean on Snapchat made us think again about the social impact of Snapchat. Not all social media are throwing negative tantrums, we guess! If you are creating some unique content on Snapchat use #SFS. Post your first SFS content on Snapchat and share your experience with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does SFS Stand For?

SFS stands for Snapchat for Snapchat and Snap for Snap. However, in some cases, SFS may also stand for So F*cking Stressed and Seriously Funny Sh*t.

Q2. When Should I Use SFS?

You can use SFS to promote your posts on Snapchat. Also, you can use #SFS for the shout-out for shout-out which is showing support to someone on Snapchat. 

Q3. What Does SFS Mean On Internet?

On the internet, including Snapchat and other social media, SFS mean Snapchat for Snapchat and Snap for Snap. The acronym stands for the shout-out for shout-out as well. 

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