What Does DWU Mean On Snapchat? 

what does DWU Mean On Snapchat

We usually plan parties and tours with our friends on social media. We make groups and some of our friends use DWU. What does DWU mean on Snapchat? It is very important to know the meaning of this word.

DWU is very important slang that can save the person’s time. DWU is used in a situation when you are stuck somewhere, and you don’t want the other person to wait for you. It is important to know what DWU mean on Snapchat, along with other similar acronyms. 

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DWU means “Don’t Wait Up” on Snapchat.

It is always a good practice to be on time whenever you have to meet someone. If you are late due to some unwanted disturbance, then you should at least notify the person, rather than keeping them waiting.  

What Does DWU Mean On Snapchat?

DWU means “Don’t Wait Up” on Snapchat.

In the sea of Snapchat lingo, there is an acronym that holds a special position. It is used at very special instances, and it is very important for the others to understand otherwise they will end up wasting their time. DWU mean on Snapchat is “Don’t Wait Up”. Whenever you get a message saying DWU, you can go on with your work without waiting anymore.

DWU holds some other meanings as well.

  • DWU – Dealing with customers
  • DWU – Divine Word University
  • DWU – Daily Workers Union
  • DWU – Digital Wideband Unit
  • DWU – Dynamic Workload Utility

Origins Of DWU  

DWU originated in the 2000s. People started using DWU in place of don’t wait up in text messages. Later when social media got popularity, it continued on social media as well. It was added to the urban dictionary in 2007. DWU is also a song released by Aster Fekre.

How Is DWU Used On Snapchat?

DWU has different meanings on Snapchat. So it is used in different ways and situations. Whenever you don’t want someone to wait for you, you can use the DWU for it. Similarly based on other meanings of the DWG, it is used at, many places in the conversation.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use DWU in Snapchat 

Examples are the best way to understand slang and how it can be used at various places in a conversation.

  1. After the meeting, I’ll go to the party so DWU.(Don’t wait up)
  2. It was a busy day. Most of the day I was DWU (dealing with customers)
  3. His brother is not in the States. He is studying at DWU. (Divine Word University)
  4. The company is planning to expand, and they will start a new branch for DWU. (Digital Wideband Unit)

Is It Okay To Use DWU On Snapchat?

Yes, it is okay to use DWU on Snapchat.

DWU has been part of the Snapchat lingo from the beginning. It is used in the captions of the Snaps and in the conversations. In most of the cases, DWU mean on Snapchat is Don’t wait up, but it is used for its other meanings as well.

Other Snapchat  Abbreviations You Should Know

There are a ton of acronyms in the Snapchat Lingo. You can also start using them in your daily conversations. Here are some of the famous acronyms.

  • GTS – Go To Sleep / Good Times
  • MB – MayBe
  • IMY – I Miss You
  • HMU– Hit Me Up
  • ONG – On God
  • GMS- Good Morning Streak
  • SMH – Shaking My Head
  • ATP Answer The Phone
  • CBF – Can’t Be F**ked


How many times we keep our friends or other people waiting just because we were late or stuck somewhere. We should respect everyone’s time and the use of slang like DWG can save their time as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who Does DWU Stand For?

DWU mean on Snapchat is Don’t wait up. This acronym is used when you don’t want the other person to wait for you. Instead, he can carry on his work. It is mostly in a situation when you are running late and people are waiting for you.

Q2: When Should I Use DWU?

DWU is used in different situations based on its meaning. You can use DWG when you don’t want people to wait for you. 

Q3: What Does DWU Mean On Internet?

DWU mean on Snapchat and the internet is Don’t wait up. But this is not the only meaning of this acronym. Some other meanings of the DWU include Dealing with customers, Divine Word University, Daily Workers Union, Digital Wideband Unit, and Dynamic Workload Utility.

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