What Does Fax Mean On Snapchat?

What Does Fax Mean On Snapchat

It’s a fact that we are all in love with the Snapchat lingo torment. Wait! Is it Fact or Fax? Well, according to the Gen-Z, Fax mean on Snapchat – Facts! So, if you are on Snapchat, the days of the Fax machine have truly ended! It’s all about facts only! 

We have grown up watching the Fax machine sending and receiving messages around the office corner. However, that era has passed and the term Fax adopted in Snapchat as slang lingo. Today, if you are searching for what does Fax mean on Snapchat; probably the most relatable answer is Facts.

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Fax means “Snapchat Facts” on Snapchat.

Snapchat lingo is always significant to us as the acronyms coined on the social platform are the coolest and really help in expressing more with minimum effort. So, if you agree with this fact, you can just remark on Fax in the comments. Besides, you will learn more ways to use this popular slang here. 

What Does Fax Mean On Snapchat?

Most of the acronyms on Snapchat have the popularity of depicting multiple meanings in different contexts. However, unlike other acronyms, on Snapchat Fax mean Facts and this is the only meaning you can find on the internet today! 

Anyone on Snapchat if posting a fact that you think is true and want to agree with the post, then simply type Fax. Besides, teenagers on Snapchat are using this slang in chats widely. This acronym is a great way to replace long phrases like “Yes, you are true”, “I agree with you” or “I support you”. 

Origins Of Fax  

When we started digging into what does Fax mean on Snapchat, the answer was nowhere near referring to the ‘old fax machine’. With time, the meaning of fax has been reinvented and adapted in popular social media like Snapchat. 

So far, on Snapchat, Fax stands for Facts. When someone is posting a snap that you consider as a fact and wish to agree with the post, you can use Fax in the comment section. In the text, Fax carries the same meaning. If someone is stating a fact in your chat box and you completely agree with the person, you no longer need to type the long reply like – ‘Yes, I agree with you’. Just type Fax, and the purpose will be served. 

How Is Fax Used On Snapchat?

Like any other social media, Snapchat is popular for using acronyms and abbreviations. Moreover, Gen-Z Snapchat users are more likely to use acronyms rather than full phrases! 

Fax is a common and very popular acronym used on Snapchat. For a long time, Snapchat users have tended to use this phrase to state their agreement with facts. Besides, you can consider Fax as a synonym for Facts in a broader way.

Snapchat users around the world are using the Fax term in both posts and chats. If someone creates a Snapchat post with #Fax, it refers to the fact that is related to the post. If someone comments under the post with a Fax, it means they are agreeing with the statement of the post. Also, Fax mean on Snapchat chat box – Facts. If someone is replying with a Fax in your chat box, it means the person is agreeing with you. Truce! 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use Fax On Snapchat 

Now that we are repetitively talking about the fact that Fax mean on Snapchat – Facts, let’s take a glance on some examples for more clarification: 

  • Example 1

A: Not again! John is dumb AF!

B: Fax!

  • Example 2

A. This is the cutest Bunny you will ever see! [Cute Bunny Photo Post]

B: Fax!

  • Example 3 

A. Man…this is so hot!

B. Fax!

Is It Okay To Use Fax On Snapchat?

Yes! It is okay to use FAX on Snapchat.

So far it is found that Fax slang is used in Snapchat widely in a positive sense. Fax mean on Snapchat – Facts. Hence, it is simply okay to use fax on Snapchat. 

In fact, youngsters are using the Fax term on Snapchat so frequently, that you can’t miss it! And, the best part is, you can learn from them too! So, yes, you can use the Fax acronym on Snapchat without any hesitation. 

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Now that you were looking answers for to what does Fax mean on Snapchat, we think of some other acronyms too that might need your attention: 

  1. DRD: Dennis Rodman Disease
  2. DP: Display Picture
  3. Custom: Custom Story feature
  4. DM: Direct Message
  5. AMOS – Add Me On Snapchat
  6. ONG – On God
  7. ACC – Anyone Can Come 
  8. AC – Audible Chuckle 
  9. GTS – Having Good Times 
  10. GMS Good Morning Streak


Learning is a continuous process, whether it is about a degree or making friends on Snapchat. Fax! Today, if you do not have an understanding of popular social media acronyms, you are just out of the league! If you still wish to be social, and make friends, learn Snapchat acronyms first. You got one of many in this article. Do you have more acronyms and don’t know how to use them? Share in the comment box for the expert answers! 

FrequentlyAsked Questions

Q1: Who Does Fax Stand For?

Fax stands for Facts on Snapchat. Explore social media and you just can’t miss this popular acronym. 

Q2: When Should I Use Fax?

You should use Fax while agreeing to someone on Snapchat. Fax simply stands for Facts or agreement with a statement. 

Q3: What Does Fax Mean On The Internet?

On the internet, Fax means Facts. If someone on snapchat is remarking #Fax, it means stating a fact. On the other hand, if someone comments Fax, it means agreeing with the post or a statement. 

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