What Does ONG Mean On Snapchat?

What Does ONG Mean On Snapchat?

Being a new Snapchat user, are you taken aback by how acronym-filled the app is and are you feeling excluded from the Gen Z crowd? We are here to help you know about one of the most widely used acronyms ONG and what does ONG mean on Snapchat.

Snapchat, predominantly used by GenZers, have taken over the app by using shortened words that they use to communicate with each other. It is not that they are lazy to type full sentences. Inventing new acronyms shows how creative they are.

ONG mean on Snapchat “On God”which means the sender swears on God, to assure you. It can be used for making a strong affirmation or denial, which serves as a powerful approach to emphasize on the truth. 

Though what does ONG mean on Snapchat may have different meanings, the best scenario to mention “On God” in your message is when your friend is refusing to believe what you are saying. This will help them understand that you are serious and you mean it.  

What Does ONG Mean On Snapchat?

“What does ONG mean on Snapchat” holds a lot of meaning in real time but the exact meaning on Snapchat is “On God,”  and it means that the person is swearing on God to make others believe what they are saying. 

Origins Of ONG 

ONG is an online slang originated by teenagers of this generation to make communication simple rather than typing long sentences. New acronyms are evolving continuously, and it is not easy to keep in mind the meanings of all of them. The next time you come across the term ONG, do not wonder what does ONG mean on Snapchat. It typically means “On God” where the person is strongly telling the listener that only truth is being said. The term “On God” also means that everything is in God’s hands and nothing is in our control.

How Is ONG Used On Snapchat?

What Does ONG Mean On Snapchat - ONG

1. To Make Someone Believe

When the listener is not lending ears to you and is refusing to accept that your words are true, you can use “On God” to let them know that you are serious about what you are saying. This is the direct meaning of what does ONG mean on Snapchat. 

2. Approval

The term, “On God” is also used when you are showing your approval or agreeing to the other person’s words. 

3. Being Honest or Truthful

Using “On God” in a sentence convinces the other person that you are honestly telling them something. While having a fun chat with friends, using ONG tells them you are honest in what you are saying, despite all the jokes and laughter that you had. 

4. Support or agree with someone completely

You can use “On God” when you wholeheartedly support or agree with the speaker’s viewpoint. It is a way of showing them that you both are on the same page. 

5. Indicating Something Beyond your control 

“On God” can also be used to describe a circumstance that is beyond your control. It means only that God can handle this and we are no longer controlling it.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use ONG In Snapchat 

Example 1: ONG! This mistake was not committed by me

In this example, the person is swearing on God to make others believe that the mistake was not made by them. 

Example 2: ONG! I did not tell anyone about the secrets that we shared

This example says that the secrets are not shared with anyone and the term ONG is used here as a way of expressing honesty.

Example 3: None of us are in a situation to help you, trust ONG!

In this example, the person is asking the listener to trust On God as none of them are in a position to offer their help. 

Is It Okay To Use ONG On Snapchat?

Yes, it is absolutely ok to use ONG on Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms as there are no double meanings or any other hidden meanings associated with it. ONG can be used in the comments, captions, hashtags and in chat texts.

Other ONG Abbreviations You Should Know

Though “what does ONG mean on Snapchat” holds a few meanings, there are other general meanings related to ONG. 

  • Ohio National Guard
  • Oh No God
  • Oil And Natural Gas
  • Optical Networking Group
  • Optical Network Gateway
  • Oh No Girlfriend
  • Official Next Generation

Other Snapchat Abbreviations You Should Know

GMS – GMS stands for “Good Morning Streak”. When someone sends you a GMS in the morning, it means Good Morning Snap. 

GNS – GNS means “Good Night Streak”. Snapchat users send GNS as a way of saying Good Night.

SFS – Snap For Snap is the abbreviation for SFS. When someone sends you SNS, it means they will send you a snap and they expect a Snap from you. SFS also means “Spam For Spam”, “Shoutout For Shoutout”.

WYC – The acronym WYC stands for “Why You Cry”, “Will You Come” and “Wasted Youth Crew”. When someone says Why You Cry, it means they understand your difficult situation.

KYS – KYS Stands for “Kill Your Self”. This is usually said in an insulting tone when someone has done something wrong or bad. Other meanings include, “Know Your Status”, “Know Your Stuff”.

IG – IG refers to “I Guess”. It means giving suggestions or a casual way of saying “Yes” when you are not sure or  excited about something.

SNR – SNR is the acronym for “Streaks And Recent”. It tells about the Snapchat people you have recently contacted and who you have a Snap Streak with. 

HMU – HMU stands for “Hit Me Up”. It means the sender is asking you to contact him. 

LMR – “Like My Recent” is the full form of LMR. It means requesting fellow Snapchatters for a like or comment. 

DWS – DWS refers to “Dealing With 5h*t”, “Driving While Snapping”, “Dripping With Sarcasm”. When someone says DWS, it means they are in a stressful situation. 

Wrapping Up

To catch up with Gen Z users, it is necessary to understand the acronyms and start implementing them in your texts. So, let us update ourselves with these trending shortened words. We recommend you to visit our website Deasilex, which offers information on the most often used acronyms along with detailed explanations and examples. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Does ONG Mean In Text?

Ans. ONG is not the misspelling for OMG (Oh My God). It actually means “On God”. 

Q2. Can Using ONG On Snapchat Be Considered A Criminal Offense?

Ans. No, it is not a criminal offense to use ONG on Snapchat as there are no offensive meanings associated with ONG and the only direct meaning is On God. 

Q3. What Should I Do If Someone Sends Me A Message Containing ONG On Snapchat?

Ans. If you receive a message containing ONG, you should understand that the sender of the message swears on God that whatever he is saying is true. 

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