What Does Invitation Sent Mean On Instagram? Complete Guide

What Does Invitation Sent Mean On Instagram

Connecting on social media is now prevalent. Everybody likes to type answers to a text on any messaging app, rather than answering a voice call. But, to some extent, DM’s are annoying too! Instagram introduced its very first approach to block these unwanted DMs. Let us share the secret about what an invitation sent mean on Instagram!  

Have you recently tried sending a message to someone unknown on Instagram? If yes, then you must have seen the Invitation Sent Instagram notice. Now if you do not know what an invitation sent mean on Instagram, this article is going to help you out. 

Invitation sent mean on Instagram, sending a DM request to some unknown people on Instagram. Instagram has launched this feature recently, to resolve the unwanted DM cluttering in Instagram. So, if someone is not following you on Instagram and you send them a DM, you are going to be stuck to this “Invitation Sent” notice.

Can we avoid the Invitation Sent feature on Instagram? This is a major question that pops up every now and then. However, as we disclosed what invitation sent mean on Instagram, this is a default feature, and you cannot bypass it. But we can indeed explore more about this feature in this article. 

What Does Invitation Sent Mean On Instagram?

Instagram users were annoyed with receiving unwanted DMs. The complaint against chatbox cluttering with unwanted DMs surfaced many times on Instagram as well as on other social media. Hence, the latest update on Instagram is applauded heartily! 

Yes, we are talking about the “Invitation Sent” feature here. If you still do not know what does invite sent mean on Instagram, let us tell you that this is the latest update by Instagram that allows the user to accept or reject message invitations from ‘unknown’ people on Instagram. In short, no stalker can send you random DMs on Instagram from now onwards! 

If you are sending a message to someone on Instagram, and receive the “Invitation Sent” notification. Then this implies that your message is delivered to that person; however, the other person is now in charge to decide whether to accept or reject your DM request. If your message request is rejected by the other party, you won’t be able to contact that person over Instagram DM again. On the other hand, if the invitation is accepted, you can continue chatting. More power to the user! 

When Do You Get The ‘Invitation Sent’ Notification On Instagram?

As we were talking about, an invitation sent mean on Instagram, sending a message to someone on Instagram and waiting for their acceptance of the chat invitation. Hence, you can get the ‘Invitation Sent’ notice on Instagram only when you are trying to invite someone on chat who is not your follower. This new feature is also helpful to differentiate between the old and new chats. 

According to Meta, the purpose of introducing this feature is to create a safer environment for Instagram users. The new marching feature ‘Invitation sent’ is going to strike a balance between user privacy and communication rights. 

When you find the ‘Invitation Sent’ notification popping up, you should be assured that your message has been delivered. You have only one chance to draft a good message to impress someone, so your invitation should be accepted! So, no more sending a blind ‘Hi’, unless that person really knows you, or some of your other acquaintances! 

How To Send An Invitation On Instagram?

So far we have discussed, what an invitation sent mean on Instagram; however, if you do not know how to send an invitation on Instagram, here is a quick guideline for you:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and search for the person you want to connect with on Instagram. 

Step 2: Click on the Message Icon under the profile picture.

Step 3: Draft your message and hit the Send Button

As soon as you hit the send button, you will find the ‘Notification Sent’ notification popping up on the screen. 


Finding someone you met a long time ago on Instagram is an easy job, but now with these extreme measures, it is going to be tough to send them a message on Instagram. Let’s cut to the chase here, with all the malicious stalking reports we are finding online, social media needs to streamline their DM rules. Instagram did exactly what should be done to increase user security and privacy. Now that we have shown you what invitation sent mean on Instagram, you should consider the positive aspects of this update. Share your thoughts! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Happens If The Recipient Accepts My Invitation?

When the recipient accepts the invitation, you will be able to chat with that person on Instagram. 

Q2. Can I Send Multiple Messages To Someone Who Doesn’t Follow Me?

No, with the “Invitation sent” update on the act, you are unable to send multiple messages to someone who doesn’t follow you. You can only continue in chat if your invitation is accepted. 

Q3. Why Did Instagram Introduce The “Invitations” Feature?

Instagram introduced the ‘Invitations’ feature to ensure more safety and privacy for the Instagram user. 

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