What Does LY Mean On Snapchat?

What Does LY Mean On Snapchat

Let’s find a new way to express love – Ly! People on Snapchat are using LY like anything, poking the newbies to learn what does LY mean on Snapchat. Let us help you with the decoding of this Snapchat slang.

Well, if you find ‘ly’ as a suffix serving its only purpose, then you are wrong. LY mean on Snapchat something completely different. For a hint, you can find Snapchat users often tag their partners in a post with LY. Ring any bell? Let us help you out.

LY mean on Snapchat – Love You. Also, LY stands for Love yourself. So, you see, Snapchat users not only represent long phrases with acronyms but they are using acronyms to show their love. Language is truly not a barrier in Love! 

Reinventing Love with the LY acronym makes us LOL. However, we have to admit that what LY mean on Snapchat is truly nice and amazing. Usually, we found people on Snapchat using LY at the end of a chat as a closing. You can use Ly the same way when chatting with a close friend/partner. 

What Does LY Mean On Snapchat?

Every relationship is unique and LY can be used when you are chatting with anyone from your mother to office colleagues. This is simply because LY mean on Snapchat – Love You. Moreover, LY also stands for Love Yourself on Snapchat. You can often find posts where self-love and mental wellness are promoted with #LY. Here, LY simply refers to Love yourself. In some Snapchat posts you may find LY is representing Last Year on Snapchat. Yes, surprisingly LY mean on Snapchat the Last Year too. So, if you find someone stating “I went NY, LY”, it simply means that the user visited New York last year!

Origin Of LY  

When we started digging for what LY mean on Snapchat, we came across that LY is an amazing acronym that stands for the sweetest meaning of all – Love You.  

However, there is more to it. When a group of people are using LY for Love You, we also found posts and chat examples that showed us, LY refers to Love Yourself. When people are sharing Snapchat posts supporting mental wellness and overall growth, they are often using LY to refer to Love Yourself. 

Another group of Snapchat users are using LY to refer to the Last Year mostly. We have also explored some general posts where LY is used to depict Last Year

The bottom line is, LY is a very popular and versatile acronym coined by Gen-Z on Snapchat. If you truly want to know what LY refers to in a sentence, you have to go through the context or else you will be misunderstood. 

How Is LY Used On Snapchat?

Now, LY is the sweetest acronym you can come across on Snapchat. Why? Because LY mean on Snapchat Love You! On Snapchat, you can use LY to refer to your love or soulmate. Also, you can show your share of love by using #LY on any Snapchat post or reels that you have created with your partner. 

Also, if you admire someone, or love someone who is far younger than you (son/daughter, niece, and nephews), you can use LY to express your love for them. This is a nice gesture to the little one.

Now, Snapchat users are mostly found using LY to close their chats. If you are in a hurry and need to leave the conversation abruptly, just type “LY, SYS”. The message will be conveyed without any disrespect. 

Another popular LY mean on Snapchat is Last Year. Many Snapchat users,mostly adults, are using LY to refer to the last year. The meaning is widely recognized. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use LY On Snapchat 

What LY mean on Snapchat is surprising as well as confusing, if you do not know in which context this acronym is being used. Here are some references on different contexts to understand how you can use LY on Snapchat or answer it: 

Example: Love You

  • A: You are my world! LY
  • B: LY too darling.

Example: Love Yourself

  • A: Don’t let others make you think low of yourself. You meant big! LY
  • B: Your words truly inspire me. TY. 

Example: Last Year

  • A: I visited Canada LY. My granny lives there. 
  • B: Really? Wow! I always think of visiting Canada too. 

Is It Okay To Use LY On Snapchat?

As we were discussing, LY mean on Snapchat – Love You, as well as Love yourself and Last year. Now, none of these three phrases that we have discussed in this article are slang or carries an offensive note. In fact, all of the meanings that we discussed so far are caring, good and positive. Hence, it is safe to say that using LY on Snapchat is totally okay. 

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

The Snapchat dictionary is growing longer than expected, all thanks to our Gen-Z. The most amazing thing about learning all Snapchat acronyms and abbreviations is to ‘sound’ cooler and mingle with the rising teenagers easily! In this article, we have discussed what LY mean on Snapchat, but this is just a baby step. Here are some more hand-picked acronyms and abbreviations to boost your Snapchat score: 

1. LLS: Laughing Like $h*t

2. LK: Like

3. Lifeline: Refer to a person whom you can trust at all times

4. Link: let’s connect or let’s hook up

5. LG: Little Girl

6. BTS – Behind The Scenes 

7. ASF – AS F*ck

8. IMU – I Miss You

9. BBY – BaBY

10. CBA – Can’t Be Arsed

11. CC – Credit Card

12. CMS – Check My Status

13. S – Streak

14. GN Streaks – Good Night Streak 

15. DTB –  Don’t Trust Boys / B*tches


“Love me or love me not, I will always remain in your heart. LY” – sounds too filmy to digest? Well, this is a piece of conversation with the most popular acronym on Snapchat, LY! Sounds crazy, but as we know love knows no boundaries. Expressing love for someone with Snapchat lingo is the new vibe and just the right amount of spice that you need to give your relationship a spark! Try now and share your thoughts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Does LY Stand For?

LY stands for Love You, as well as Love Yourself and Last Year.

Q2: When Should I Use The LY?

You can use LY to express love on Snapchat. Also, you can use LY to refer to last year. 

Q3: What Does LY Mean On The Internet?

On the internet including Snapchat, LY means Love you, as well as Love yourself and Last year.

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