What Does S Mean On Snapchat?

What Does S Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat’s streak feature is a popular one among the users. Streaks has increased user engagement on Snapchat. If you are aware of what the letter S mean on Snapchat, you will never use the Streak name again. Using long words in conversations and Snapchat is tedious.

Social media is for entertainment, and there is supposed to be not any usage standards maintained to sustain diversity and inclusiveness, which adds to its beauty. That is the reason we can use a different language on social media that is not being used anywhere else. Several slang words are just one alphabet but have multiple meanings including B, S, and C.

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S means “Streak” on Snapchat.

You can have a lot of fun on Snapchat by using different acronyms like BBY, CYA, BP  while replying to the users. You can use some confusing acronyms like the S and see, how the person on the other end understand and reply. Mostly users can’t guess what S mean on Snapchat.

What Does S Mean On Snapchat?

Have you ever received just S in the message or on a snap? You might be wondering what does just S mean on Snapchat or social media. S mean on Snapchat is “Streak”. But if you have received S on any other social media platforms , then S will have some other meaning.

  • S – Sure
  • S – Sarcasm
  • S – Smiling
  • S – Confused
  • S – Yes

Origins Of S

There are various one alphabet acronyms, but when the chat room first started, these alphabets combined with symbols to create emojis. S emerged from social media and was later turned into the acronym. S was rarely used with the invention of emojis and stickers until S mean on Snapchat was set to streak.   

How Is S Used On Snapchat?

What Does S Mean On Snapchat

As we know S has got different meanings on Snapchat and other social media platforms, it can be used at different places based on its meaning.

S as Streak:

When you receive S on Snapchat from your friend, then S mean on Snapchat that the user wants you to send a snap to either start a streak with the user or if the streak is already going on, then continue the streak.

S as Sure:

While chatting with some on social media, if you ask the other user a question and you expect the answer as YES or NO but you receive S, then S means on Snapchat is Sure.

S as Smiling:

When we end our conversation with someone and at the end receive an S message, then S mean on Snapchat is smiling. It can be used in place of the emoji which we send towards the end of the conversation.

S as Confused:

When we are having conversations with our friends and they are confused over something, rather than using the word confused, he is sending S in the chat. Then S mean on Snapchat is Confused.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use S in Snapchat

What Does S Mean On Snapchat

Now let’s understand how S is used on Snapchat with the help of examples and how to reply back to S on Snapchat.

Example 1: 

  • A: Did you reach home safely?
  • B:  S, thanks (yes)

Example 2:

  • A:  Good morning. S! (*streak)
  • B:  Very Good Morning. (Reply back with a snap and put an emoji in it)

Example 3: 

  • A: We had a lot of fun on the vacation. I’m still <S> (smiling)
  • B: Yes, a lot of fun happened. /s (smiling)

Is It Okay To Use S On Snapchat?

Yes, it is okay to use the S on Snapchat. But it is sometimes really confusing to guess its meaning. Multiple meanings of S fit a single situation. If you have used S in place of yes, it can also be taken as smiling or confused. You can use S in casual conversation but sometimes it’s better to use some other acronyms which will not confuse the user.

Other Snapchat Abbreviations And Acronyms  You Should Know

It is impossible to learn and remember all the Snapchat acronyms but it will be helpful to learn the popular ones that are frequently used.

  • CBA – Can’t Be Arsed
  • CC – Credit Card
  • CMS – Check My Status
  • CYA – See Ya
  • DTB –  Don’t Trust Boys / B*tches
  • DWS – Dealing With Sh*t
  • AMOSC – Add Me On Snapchat
  • ASF – AS F*ck
  • BBY – BaBY
  • BML – Bling My Line
  • BP – Beautiful People
  • BTS – BangTan Sonyeondan


Using slang while speaking on social media is always entertaining. However, you should refrain from using slang language while a serious subject or issue is being discussed. It may irritate the other user. In a heated circumstance, it will be challenging for many to comprehend the acronym’s true meanings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What Does S Stand For?

S mean on Snapchat is “streak”. When two Snapchat users regularly exchange snaps for 3 consecutive days they enter into the streak. Then they have to send a snap at least once in 24 hours.

Q2: When Should I Use S?

If you are on Snapchat, then S is popular for Streak. Snapchat users will understand it as Streak but if you are using S on other social media platforms, then it can have other meanings as well like yes.

Q3: What does S mean on the Internet?

S mean on Snapchat and the internet is Streak. But there are some other meanings of S that are being used on other social media platforms. The meanings are Sure, Sarcasm, Smiling, Confused, Yes

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