What Does WTM Mean On Snapchat?

WTM Mean on Snapchat

When we have a planned activity with our friends and there is a delay, we instantly inquire about the status of the plan or the next step. If you are familiar with what does WTM mean on Snapchat and other social media, you can use it in this situation. 

Social media conversation is different from our in-person spoken conversations mainly because of the usage of the acronyms in it. But these acronyms are really time-saving once you get used to them. There are some acronyms that we use every day and WTM is one among them. Now its important to find out what WTM mean on Snapchat.

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WTM means”What’s The Move” on Snapchat.

Among the sea of Snapchat slang, there are a few acronyms that are very useful and widely used in our conversations. You can understand and learn these acronyms in the beginning till you get used to the slang language.

What Does WTM Mean On Snapchat?

WTM Mean on Snapchat

Some Snapchat slang words can save you a lot of time if you use them frequently in your conversations. WTM is one such internet slang that can be used in our daily conversations over social media. WTM mean on Snapchat is “What’s The Move”. In simpler terms, it means what are your plans.

Apart from this meaning, WTM has got some other meanings as well.

  • WTM – What’s The Matter
  • WTM – Whatever That Means
  • WTM – Winner Takes Most
  • WTM – World Travel Market
  • WTM – Windows Task Manager

Origins Of WTM  

WTM is a relatively new acronym and was added to the urban dictionary in 2018 by LittleMexican. This acronym was created from the social media itself and it is not just used on the Snapchat platform but it is used on all other social media platforms as well. What’s the plan or what’s the move is a very common line used in most of our conversations but it is a lengthy line to write while chatting. So, WTM resolves that issue.

How Is WTM Used On Snapchat?

WTM Mean on Snapchat

WTM is used in various ways on the Snapchat. It mainly depends on the meaning of the WTM in various situations.

WTM as What’s The Move

When we have to ask someone what are you going to do next, you can simply use WTM. Here WTM mean on Snapchat is What’s the move.

WTM as What’s The Mattter

If you have to ask your friends what’s the matter why are you sad. Rather than writing such a logn sentence, you can simply write WTM. Here WTM mean on Snapchat is What’s the matter?

WTM as Whatever That Means

Sometimes we say whatever that means I don’t care. You can simply write WTM instead of writing a long message. Here WTM mean on Snapchat is Whatever that means.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use WTM In Snapchat

Here are some examples of the WTM being used in different situations and how to respond to WTM.

WTM as What’s the move

  • A: Hey! WTM for tonight?
  • B:  A little busy at home.

WTM as What’s the matter

  • A: WTM? You have been out for the whole day. Please tell me what’s the issue.
  • B: There is a big surprise for you tomorrow.

WTM as Windows Task Manager

  • A:  My PC is running slow today.
  • B:  Go to the WTM and disable all the running processes.

Is It Okay To Use WTM On Snapchat?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to use WTM on Snapchat and other social media. It is actually recommended to use WTM as it will save you time while typing long sentences. Also, WTM is used in different situations that we encounter every day. So, it’s really handy to use WTM in your daily chats.

Other Snapchat  Abbreviations And Acroynms You Should Know

Just like WTM, a very useful acronym that you can use in your conversation, in a similar way there are some other acronyms as well that are widely used in conversations.

  • HMU– Hit Me Up
  • ONG – On God
  • FL – First Love
  • FCE – Favorite Couple Ever
  • ESB – Everyone Snap Back
  • FML – F*ck My Life
  • FPF – Favourite Person Friday 
  • GTS – Go To Sleep / Good Times
  • MB – MayBe
  • FWM – F*ck With Me
  • IMY – I Miss You


We use our smartphones all day long. We keep on replying to the messages even on the go. Sometimes we are very short of time but we have to reply to the message. Acronyms are very helpful in such situations. You can write a long message with the help of just a few acronyms. Just like the WTM which is very frequently used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Does WTM Stand For?

WTM mean on Snapchat is “What’s The Move”. WTM is used in places where we have to say what’s the plan or what’s the matter. WTM is a widely used acronym across social media.

Q2: When Should I Use WTM?

You can use WTM in a conversation based on its meaning. WTM is widely used for “What’s the move”. This sentence is used in our daily conversation, so WTM can be used mostly while we are chatting with friends or family.

Q3: What Does WTM Mean On The Internet?

WTM is a very known acronym and WTM mean on Snapchat and social media is “What’s the move”. But this is not it’s only meaning on the internet. Other meanings of the WTM include What’s The Matter, Whatever That Means, Winner Takes Most, World Travel Market, Windows Task Manager

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