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What Does TTM Mean On Snapchat

Are you done with the Snapchat messages including abbreviations in between? Collection of alphabets that you don’t understand, like TMU, TMD, LY, etc. If all of these are going above your head, let us help you by decoding Snapchat abbreviations. In this post, we are picking TTM. What does TTM mean on Snapchat?

You just received a chat on Snapchat saying “TTM” – but what does it exactly mean? If you desire to know then you’re at the right place. But, don’t think that there are only ten and twenty abbreviations, there are plenty. Snapchat Users use these to save their time by writing whole spellings. Although these are universal freshers are freshers, they need a guide.

So here’s one for “What does TTM mean on Snapchat?” TTM on Snapchat means TALK TO ME. Snapchat users use TTM when they desire to talk to someone or chat with someone. So, instead of writing the entire sentence “Talk To Me” they send TTM, to save their time and to entertain their laziness.

If you wanna know more about TTM like, how to use it, where to use etc. then, stick to the post till the end, grasp all the information, and gain knowledge on what does TTM mean on Snapchat?

What Does TTM Mean On Snapchat?

What Does TTM Mean On Snapchat?

We’re here to make you understand exactly what this abbreviation stands for and how it can be used in your conversations. 

On the Snapchat application, there are plenty of abbreviations, out of which is TTM. TTM means Talk To Me. Users usually send TTM as a source to get the recipient to talk to them. Other users use TTM to offer a conversation with a friend, support to a friend or loved ones, or as a way to show extra interest in a friend’s life.

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Few Other Abbreviations Including TTM

  1. TTML: Talk To Me Later
  2. TTMN: Talk To Me Now
  3. DTTM: Don’t Talk To Me

These acronyms are not exclusive to Snapchat, and you might find it popping up in your texts, as well as in other chatting applications.

How To Use TTM In A Conversation?

How To Use TTM In A Conversation

There are multiple ways to initiate a conversation if you know how to! You need to be open-minded and extroverted. You should have got the talent to keep continuing a conversation with the other person. It becomes easier in the online mode because the other person cannot judge you physically. So take advantage and communicate.

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Tips To Initiate A Conversation

1. Motivate Someone To Text You

It’s been a while since we talked, or you are seeking to connect with someone you have not chatted with for a while.

“TTM” is a great snappy way to get your message across.

  1. It’s been a while.TTM!
  1. Long time no see. TTM!
  1. How have you been? TTM!

2. Grant Someone A Listening Ear

It is difficult to find out the right thing to say when a friend or any loved one is going through a difficult time. You can remind them with a quick “TTM”, and that you are happy to listen if they need to spill out.

  1. Sounds like you had a tough day. You can always TTM if you need it.
  1. I can’t imagine what you’re facing, but please know that I’m here. Feel free to TTM anytime.

3. Invite A Friend To Gossip

Did your roommate just come back from a vacation? Did your friend get a front-row seat to a concert? Motivate them to share every little thing of their adventure with a quick “TTM!”

  1. Oh gosh, I saw the pictures of the party on your gram last night. TTM!
  1. Was that Daniel in your last snap? Or am I just seeing things? TTM!

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How To Revert To TTM In A Conversation?

How To Revert To TTM In A Conversation

Replying properly to texts received from your loved one or your friend is very important to maintain a healthy relationship and an interesting personality. Sending interesting replies can impress the other person no matter online or offline.

How To Send Interesting Replies?

1. Throw A Reply Back If You Feel Like

If someone is asking you to talk to them, you should also send a response if you are interested in communicating! Feel free to say something like:

  1. Hey, you! How’s it going?
  1. I really appreciate your support. You’re a really good friend!
  1. Okay, okay! I’ll tell you everything. It’s a super crazy story though!

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2. Avoid The Message If You’d Rather Not Answer

“TTM” is a very lazy way to initiate a conversation, and it does not give you very much to work with. If the user really wants to talk with you, they can send a more specific, personalized message.

What Are The Other Meanings Of TTM?

What Are The Other Meanings Of TTM

It’s not necessary that TTM only means Talk To Me, there are more than a number of other meanings of TTM and of other acronyms too.

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Trailing Twelve Months

Taking a dive into the business world. A TTM is a way that businesses monitor and measure their growth and performance. A TTM may focus particularly on a business’s yield and revenue along with the price-to-earnings ratio. Many companies utilize a TTM as they financially prepare and plan for the future.

A TTM is like a congested, financial snapshot of a company. It’s a great method for managers and supervisors to keep tabs on how things are running.

Through The Mail

Are you a big sports fan? Lots and lots of fans like sending photos and cards via the mail for their favorite players to sign and revert back. TTM databases help the fans know which players are most likely to sign and send back autographed materials.

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What Does TTT Mean On Snapchat?

What Does TTT Mean On Snapchat

What does TTM mean on Snapchat?

Well, TTT on Snapchat stands for To The Top. TTT is used to promote a conversation thread to the top of the recently active list. You will find the TTT and bump expressions in online discussion forums where few of the users are very experienced and know how to draw attention to particular discussion postings.

Because most online discussion forums have a continuously-altering list that shows recently active discussion threads, experienced users put this to their benefit. To promote a conversation, users push the specific topic to the top of the recent list by posting a reply; experienced users do this by adding very short replies with the words like “TTT” or “bump”. While they could type anything to push the conversation to the top, TTT and bump are two of the most common expressions.

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Wrapping Up:

That’s all for what does TTM mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular platform known for exchanging snaps and chatting with friends. It has many features including acronyms. Acronyms are combinations of letters that have different meanings. Two acronyms are mentioned and detailed above TTM and TTT, which stands for Talk To Me and To The Top. These are used in between chats. These are used to prevent writing full sentences and instead, users use acronyms.

We’ve tried our best to detail and explain what does TTM mean on Snapchat. If you have any doubt or confusion please let us know in the comment section.


Q1. Are TTM And LTM The Same?

Ans. TTM is designated as Trailing Twelve Months which is commonly designated as LTM which refers to Last Twelve Months, which means time frame of immediate preceding 12 months. LTM is often used in reference to a financial metric used to evaluate a company’s performance.

Q2. What Does DTM Mean?

Ans. DTM is an acronym that means Doing Top Much. In reference to the poster’s behavior.

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