What Does TTM Mean On Snapchat?

what does TTM mean on Snapchat?

Nowadays, lots of acronyms are being used on social media platforms. On Snapchat, you will find users using all kinds of abbreviations while texting. Some of these abbreviations are in trend from time to time. Do you know what does TTM mean on Snapchat, which is the trending acronym? 

Since Snapchat is mainly dominated by teenagers, they are always looking for ways to make communication interesting, and that is when they started using Snapchat Lingo. If you are new to this platform, then it becomes important that you stay updated with the abbreviations used on this platform along with the ones that are trending, like TTM.

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TTM means “Talk To Me” on Snapchat.

There are so many abbreviations that you too can use while having a conversation with your friends to add a fun tip to your conversation. Why not try sending TTM to our friends and know their reactions?

What Does TTM Mean On Snapchat?

Other Snapchat Abbreviations You Should Know

TTM is the short form for Talk To Me.

Have you recently come across the acronym TTM? Did someone text you TTM, or have you seen this abbreviation in someone’s story? This must have made you think what does TTM mean on Snapchat, am I right?

  • TTM is basically used to start a conversation with someone. 
  • TTM can also be used to provide support to your friends or loved ones. 

If you are texting “TTM now” to someone whom you know, then there is no problem, but if you are using this for someone with whom you are not well acquainted, then it may seem like you are pleading with them to talk to you. 

There are other meanings of TTM besides Talk To Me, which includes Text To Me and Too Too Much. 

Origins Of TTM 

Origins Of TTM

You now know what TTM Mean on Snapchat, but don’t you want to know how it originated? The acronyms or abbreviations that are widely used today on Snapchat, but have you ever given thought like when did these originate? You see people usually don’t have that much time to send each other long sentences, they try to look for ways to send where the meaning is understood by the other person, and it saves time while texting them. Hence, they started to use acronyms. So, just like other acronyms were introduced, TTM was also introduced.  

How Is TTM Used on Snapchat?

  1. Talk To Me: Talk To Me is the full form of what TTM Mean on Snapchat. If you want to initiate a chat with someone, then you can simply send them TTM and the conversation will follow. 
  2. Encourage someone to message you: You can even use TTM to encourage someone to talk to you. For instance, if you have been friends with someone but that person is shy, so you can just drop a TTM text which also acts as ice-breaking. Or if you haven’t spoken to your friend for weeks, then just send them TTM to encourage them to talk to you.
  3. Lend someone a listening ear: You never know who is going through a difficult time. So you can just send them TTM to let them know that you are there for them, and they can talk to you whenever they want to.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use TTM In Snapchat 

Some examples of using TTM in Snapchat are:

  1. Hey, what’s up, TTM!
  2. It’s been a long weekend, TTM!
  3. Sounds like you have a bad day. You can always TTM if you want to.
  4. I can imagine what situation you’ve been facing but know that I’m here for you. Just TTM at any time.
  5. OMG! I saw that dress at Taylor’s party, TTM!
  6. Did you visit granny, TTM?

Is It Okay To Use TTM On Snapchat?

Yes, it is absolutely alright to use TTM on Snapchat.

The abbreviations are basically used while texting on Snapchat, and using these acronyms on Snapchat is absolutely allowed. These acronyms will save your time so that you don’t have to write long sentences. Just drop a TTM in a message, and your friends will know what you meant.

Other Snapchat Abbreviations You Should Know

There are many other abbreviations that can be used on Snapchat. Here are some of them.

  1. AMOS: Add Me On Snapchat
  2. JW: Just Wondering
  3. BRB: Be Right Back
  4. BMT: Biting My Tongue
  5. STA: Send To All
  6. HMU: Hit Me Up
  7. SFS: Snap For Snap
  8. S/U: Swipe Up
  9. GNS: Good Night Streaks
  10. ICL: I Can’t Lie


Staying up to date with the meanings of acronyms used on a different platforms is the best thing you can do. What if you get a short form over text whose meaning you don’t know? Then you may wonder what it means. So if you find any acronym that you don’t know and want to know its meaning, like for TTM, you might want to know what does TTM mean on Snapchat, then we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Does TTM Stand For?

Nowadays, TTM is quite widely used on Snapchat. If you are confused as to what TTM means then don’t worry, it simply means Talk To Me.

Q: When Should I Use TTM?

Wondering when should you use TTM? Actually, TTM can be used when you want to start a conversation with someone. You can even use TTM when you want to encourage someone to talk to you or when you want your loved ones to know that you are there for them to hear them out.

Q: What Does TTM Mean On Internet?

TTM on Snapchat means Talk To Me. But do you know what does TTM mean on the internet? On the internet also, TTM means Talk To Me, Text To Me, Too Too Much.

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