What Is FileRepMalware And Should You Remove It

What Is FileRepMalware And Should You Remove It

Are you also facing threats with the FileRepMalware tags after the Antivirus scan? If yes, then don’t get confused. Here we are with a guide on “What Is FileRepMalware and Should You Remove It”. This article will tell you everything related to FileRepMalware.

The greatest threat to any computer system is viruses. Be it any kind, it will surely damage the system. To overcome this threat various third-party antiviruses have been launched in the market. These antiviruses detect the threat on your system and repair them for you. One such threat is FileRepMalware. So, here we are with a guide on “What Is FileRepMalware And Should You Remove It”.

Well, to answer the question What Is FileRepMalware, And Should You Remove It?
It is a tag given to the low-reputation files by the Avast and the AVG antivirus. There are various methods to detect whether the file detected is a real threat. If the threat found is real then you should delete it.

So, further, in the article, you will come across various methods to detect whether the threats are real and how you should delete them.

What Is FileRepMalware And Should You Remove It

Let us begin with the guide on “What Is FileRepMalware And Should You Remove It”. We will first start with what FileRepMalware is and then move to how to find out if it is a real threat.

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What Is FileRepMalware?

What Is FileRepMalware
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To start with what is FileRepMalware, It is a tag name given by the 3rd party antiviruses especially Avast and AVG to the suspicious files. FileRepMalware is often associated with the KMSPICO, for those who don’t know what KMISPICO is? let me tell you it is a third-party tool that is used for activating Windows without purchasing the Operating system. 

FileRepoMalware is not a new problem in the computer world although the word “FileRepoMalware” is new. Earlier the threat was called the Win32:EVo-gen[Sus] and is categorized as the Adware or what we call the Trojan Horse nowadays. But, we cannot deny the fact that Avast and AVG are two notorious anti-viruses. There are chances that the treatment they are referring to is not that big but what if it is?

What Type Of Files Are Assigned to FileRepMalware Tag?

Well, the first case is the KMISPICO tool, it will be assigned the tag. Other than this the files with low reputation scores that haven’t been downloaded much, are not signed by the publisher, hasn’t been added to the anti-virus clean-set, or whose signature is not trusted by the antivirus are assigned the FileRepMalware Tag.

Should You Remove FileRepMalware?

If your anti-virus has detected any low reputation file then it will surely add a FileRepoMalware tag against it. Now, we know that all the low reputation files cannot be dangerous for the computer system. So, what to do in such cases. If it is real malware it can cause serious damage to the system. We have a way out to find if the files detected are a real threat to the system or not.

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Use Virustotal

What Is FileRepMalware - Virustotal
Source: VirusTotal

The first thing I would suggest after you find any file that has the FileRepMalware tag is to check it on the website called Virustotal. This website helps to detect if the file uploaded on its platform is genuine or not. Follow the steps given below for the purpose.

  1. Scan your PC and right-click on the file name that has the tag against its name.
  2. Next, select the option that says open/check its location.
  3. Now you know where the file you doubt is located.
  4. Go to the Virustotal website and navigate to the option “Choose File”.
  5. You know the location of the suspicious file, upload it.
  6. Virustotal will tell you if the file uploaded is safe or not. 

Try Different AntiViruses

Best Antivirus - What Is FileRepMalware
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Another way could be using another anti-virus for the purpose. If you do not believe the above process and the anti-virus you are already using this is the best way out. Instead of the 3rd party antivirus, you can consider the Windows Defender. Various free malware scanners can serve you the perfect purpose.

Some of the free antivirus portable antiviruses are:

  1. Microsoft Safety Scanner
  2. Metascan Client
  3. Dr.WEB CureIt
  4. ClamWin Portable Free Antivirus
  5. Sophos Virus Removal Tool
  6. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
  7. Norman Malware Cleaner 
  8. Avira PC Cleaner
  9. eScanAV Antivirus Toolkit MWAV
  10. Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Why You Should Remove FileRepMalware?

how to remove filerepmalware
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If you have detected that the file tagged with FileRepMalware is not safe, you should delete it as soon as possible because it may have damaged your system. Given below are some of the dysfunctionalities that the Malware may cause to your system.

  1. The advertising malware will start producing an excessive number of third-party advertisements in the form of banners and popups. This will start irritating you while you are doing some important work on your PC.
  2. If you click on any of these ads you will be redirected to malicious websites that may cause some serious damage to your system.
  3. Next, the point to remember is that the malware can hijack your browsers. That means your search results, homepage providers, and URL are compromised.
  4. FileRepMalware can get into people’s browsing history, which will give the malware access to your personal details like name, email, IP address, and geolocation by tracking down the cookies.

Due to these reasons, it becomes important to delete the file that has been tagged with FileRepMalware.

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What Is FileRepMalware And Should You Remove It

Alternate NameWin32:Evo-gen [Susp]
Detected ByAvast, Avg
Related ToLow reputation files such as KMISPICO 
CategoryAdware/ trojan horse
Prevented ByAvoid possible infections of adware or malware by taking control of your downloads (Custom configuration), preventing visits to third-party pages, and installing reputable anti-malware on your machine
DangerCan be used to infect the system with malware; can steal personal information
RemovalDelete FileRepMalware automatically using anti-malware program, repair system with Reimage


This was all about FileRepMalware, is it dangerous, and how to remove it. We have tried to make this guide as simple as possible. So, it is easier to understand. If you still have any doubts or query then do let us know in the comments section. If you find this article helpful enough then don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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