What To Consider While Selecting A Streaming Service in Philippines

What To Consider While Selecting A Streaming Service in Philippines

Streaming is a great pastime but there are so many services out there that it can become confusing to select one. You could watch Peacock TV in Philippines or you could choose HBO Max or Netflix. It can be an especially difficult decision if you only have the budget to choose one streaaming service.

So, what do you do? How do you decide which streaming service is the one for you? There are a few factors that you should take into consideration which can help you make the right choice. Luckily for you, we have listed all those factors in this blog and you can consider all of them. Take a look:

8 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Streaming Service in Philippines

1.     Costs

It makes sense that the first factor to consider would be cost. After all, most people can’t spend money subscribing to all the streaming services. Nor should they have to. The affordability of a service can either make a service more attractive, or it can be a deal breaker.

In this sense, Netflix is a great option because you get multiple pricing tiers ranging from $10 to $19 that you can choose from. Disney+’s bundle might also be a great option where you also get Hulu and ESPN+ as standard, though it is pricier.

2.   What’s On Offer?

Every streaming service has a different content library on offer, though there is some overlap here and there. Netflix’s content library is the largest and most diversified, which might make you prefer it. On the other hand, you might prefer HBO Max for its amazing selection of shows.

Or if you are a Disney/Marvel fanatic, then you might prefer subscribing to Disney+, as it has all the Disney and Marvel classics on hand. If you are spending money, you might as well get your money’s worth and get access to content that you prefer.

3.   Keep An Eye On Online Reviews

The fact is that online reviews provide insight that you might not get otherwise. Many people review streaming services, and they provide valuable in-depth analysis that you would only get otherwise if you subscribe to the service and use it.

Reviews are especially useful for cable users who are thinking of cutting the cord and making the switch to online streaming services. This way, they are able to skip the trial-and-error process.

4.  Who’s Going To Use It?

Choosing a streaming service for yourself only might be fine and easier than you might think. But if you are looking to select a streaming service for your entire family, then you might want to pick a streaming service with more family-friendly content. If that isn’t a constraint for you, then you might want to pick a streaming service with the largest content library.

5.   How Many People Can Watch It?

Simultaneous watching is a must if you are considering selecting a streaming service. If you have family or people who will be watching other things at the same time you are, then a streaming service that allows the option of watching simultaneously on separate devices should be a priority.

It must also be kept in mind that some streaming services charge extra for allowing simultaneous watching and creating multiple accounts past a certain limit.

6.  Mobile Version

One has to analyse the mobile app of a streaming service. According to statistics, more than 51% of people are using streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max on their phones. This figure was 46% last year, which indicates a sharp rise in mobile usage.

If you are a part of that 51% then you should consider how good the mobile apps of each streaming service are. You might prefer one app over others, which might factor into your final decision.

7.  Ease of Use

Even if you are tech-savvy there aren’t many things that can save a hard-to-use app. And if you are not tech-savvy, then a hard-to-use app might be a dealbreaker for you. And even if you are good with technology, others using the app, such as the elderly or children might have trouble using it, which can be a real hassle to deal with.

8.  Is It Legal?

Some people don’t go for a popular streaming service but decide to go for more localised services. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, not all streaming services are legal. And if you install their app or website, you might be doing so illegally. This has the potential to introduce viruses or malware into your system.

So, for any service you might consider subscribing to, you should check whether it is legal and above board or not.


Whether it’s the popular services like Netflix or Disney+ or whether you have picked a streaming service that shows Filipino TV shows in the US, if you consider the factors listed above, you will be not only able to have a safe experience but also an enjoyable and efficient one as well.

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