Best OBS Studio Alternatives | 11 Best Alternatives!

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

In the world of videos over photos, accessing a live-streaming studio to spice up your streams is much more than a good idea!! And if you are done using that basic boring OBS Studio for streaming and broadcasting purposes then find these best OBS Studio alternatives in your service.

OBS Studio is the best free service available for screen recording, broadcasting and streaming purposes. This platform directly targets creators and brands with an opportunity to broaden their audience and create more branded live streams. But if you need better options or we say best OBS Studio alternatives to add some options to your list then you have us holding your back again!!

Here are the best OBS Studio alternatives:, StreamYard, Wirecast, XSplit Broadcaster, Bandicam, Lightstream Studio, ShareX, Streamlabs, Vimeo Livestream, vMix, FFsplit. To know what makes these alternatives best of the rest you have to grab the details below.

This blog post briefs all about 11 different best OBS Studio alternatives applications that one can make use of if they are bored using the same OBS Studio again and again!! So without wasting time any further let’s dig right into the list of 11 best alternative applications of OBS Studio!!

List Of Best OBS Studio Alternatives

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software and open-source tool which is available for every Android and iOS user for free for live video production, live streaming and video recording. The software provides many other features which gamers and live streamers find necessary while going live. A few of these features are real-time video and audio recording and merging, video broadcasting and personalization options and many more.

However, if you are not a pro then using the OBS Studio can be a little tricky especially for all the live streamers. To use this software one must have advanced technical skills and must be able to bring out the desired results. So if you are an organization or a brand that doesn’t want to invest its time into something which might not them it’s 100% results in turn then you need to consider these best OBS Studio alternatives!!


Best OBS Studio Alternatives

Apart from OBS, does not need advanced technical skills from its users to access its services. has a very user-friendly interface and amazing set of features. Overall, it’s a very solid streaming software which is perfect for both live streaming as a beginner and a pro!! Another advantage of live streaming app is that it needs no download or installation process and is entirely web-based. provides its users with custom scenes and layouts, keyboard shortcuts, fuss-free collaboration, integrated video hosting and editing etc. These are just a few of the offerings that has for you all, rest is waiting below!! One can go live on different channels at once with’s multistreaming capability. Isn’t this what one needs to target a wide audience and go seamlessly live??

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Here’s a small list of a few of the features that are not provided by the OBS Studio:

  1. Straightforward setup 
  2. User-friendly user interface
  3. Multi-streaming to different social platforms
  4. Instant customer support
  5. Constant platform updates
  6. Easy customization and superior flexibility
  7. Integrated video hosting and editing
  8. Invite live stream guests without any third-party tool or app
  9. Professionally designed live streaming templates for intros and outros, lower thirds, countdowns, overlays, thumbnails and many more!
  10. In-built stock gallery with pre-made images, videos and sounds.

2. Wirecast

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

Wirecast is another one of the best OBS Studio alternatives. However, it’s pretty popular as a professional tool for live streamers who seek features like audio mixing, remote video feeds, multi-track audio recording, etc. Wirecast gives you all of these facilities at a price!! This may sound not as pleasant to those who are looking for a service packed with useful features at a decent priced live streaming software. In addition, it also comes with a steep learning curve which is a down point as same as the OBS Studio.

3. Bandicam

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

Bandicam is a famed and lightweight screen recording tool. Bandicam is one of the best alternative tools for OBS studio which works extremely fine for recording gameplay sessions. You can also record gameplay sessions with the player’s real voice and face in the video with Bandicam. Moreover, there are features like real-time drawing chroma-keying and pre-scheduled recording for seamless and hurdle-free live streaming.

4. StreamYard

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

If the requirement is to host live talk shows or interview guests live, then StreamYard is the best choice one can make. StreamYard is a browser-based live streaming studio that provides personalization features like green screen, branded overlays, highlighting live comments, etc. all these help in broadcasting smoothly!

StreamYard also provides a free giveaway tool to conduct a live giveaway to award your viewers and increase the audience target.

5. XSplit Broadcaster

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

XSplit Broadcaster is similar to OBS Studio up to some extent as it offers impressive customization features. From dragging and dropping videos, images, etc. to adding on Skype calls one can achieve a lot with XSplit Broadcaster. 

Although its services are bounded by plans, still one gets a pretty decent set of features with the basic package and if you upgrade to the premium plan you can enjoy unlimited scenes, a preview editor, source transitions, and many more!!

6. Lightstream Studio

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

Lightstream studio is another best pick as best OBS Studio alternatives and personal favorites of live streamers, content creators and business enthusiasts due to its flexibility to create professional broadcasts. This cloud-based software provides almost everything that one needs from OBS Studio alternative softwares including third-party integrations, in-built conferencing, scenes, unlimited-projects and layouts.

7. Streamlabs

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

Streamlabs is a free to use, open-source live streaming software which provides a lot to live streamers and gamers. Other than allowing you to personalize your live streaming experience with a layout editor, it also provides pretty amaing control over your recording. 

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Gamers can use the replay buffer feature to advance their gameplay making it better match for Twitch, but if you want to multistream, you have to upgrade to its “Prime” plan at a price!!

8. ShareX

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

ShareX is what everybody needs when it comes to an open-source screen recording tool that too without any watermark. While it favors more than 80 destinations and is free, one may find it a bit difficult to access. However, this software is for the ones who want to go ahead with their live-streaming experiences with advanced recording and editing features. 

With features like scrolling recording and a timer to delay the screen capture, it is a wholesome package of amazing features but the only catch is that this software is available only for all Windows users. So, if you do not have one you have to head to another best OBS Studio alternatives!

9. Vimeo Livestream

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

If streaming ad-free is something that matters for you a lot then you might like this one option a lot!! Vimeo Livestream allows you to have entire control over your broadcasts and also provides you with features like branding and private streaming.

Unfortunately, even though the platform provodes a host of functionalities to create impactful live streams, its learning curve including premium packages may make the deal a sad one for a few of you!

10. FFsplit 

FFsplit is a free to use live stream creation software which allows users to record videos from different sources and merge them into a live video feed.Although, it’s made clear on the official FFsplit website that the project is current not in active state – so make sure you remember to keep checking the FFsplit updates on a regular basis if you want an amazing service.

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FFsplit provides a number of features similar to the ones offered by OBS Studio including the screen overlay, hotkey and webcam as a source. FFsplit supports different live streaming platforms except Facebook Live. At present, the app is available only for Windows computers only.

11. vMix

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

vMix is a top-notch live-video production application that provides features like live streaming, mixing, switching, and recording, etc. vMix also allows users to shuffle inputs, merge audios, record outputs and live stream cameras, video files, audio, and many more!! But currently, the app is only accessible on Windows operating systems.

So these were the best OBS Studio alternatives and their briefings. Deasilex hopes that now you ma get a clear idea of which app you need to go for as a substitute of OBS Studio. If yes, then do let us know in the comment section below along with any query, suggestions or doubts that you may have!!

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Wrapping Up

It’s time to develop your brand or organization even more with live streams using the best OBS Studio alternatives mentioned above. Make sure you remember the fact that it doesn’t matter which alternate app you go with, providing relatable and engaging content to the audience is the key to developing and growing your live target audience. 

This guide wraps the best OBS Studio alternatives for everyone who is in search of live video trends and practices that can help them reach a wider audience. Let us know if this guide has helped you in your search of OBS Studio alternatives!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is OBS Studio The Best?

OBS Studio is the best recording software. OBS Studio is one of the best screen recording service providers for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It has a set of wonderful features which eases the process of screen recording and makes it more convenient and engaging. 

Q. Is Streamlabs Better Than OBS?

OBS Studio and Streamlabs are similar but OBS Studio is best for recording screens and streaming for creators under a budget whereas Streamlabs has a better range of features but comes with a price.

Q. Which Is Better OBS Studio Or XSplit?

OBS Studio has a total of 905 reviews online with a rating of 4.65 out of 5 stars whereas XSplit Broadcaster has 56 reviews with a rating og 4.13 out of 5 stars. When compared with each other, OBS Studio comes out to be better on the basis of user reviews, ease of use, customer service and value of money!

Q. What Is OBS That YouTuber Use?

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software an open-source tool which is available for every Android and iOS user for free for live video production, live streaming and video recording. The software provides many other features which gamers and live streamers find necessary while going live. 

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