WhatsApp Statuses On Chat Page

WhatsApp Statuses On Chat Page

WhatsApp is back with another update, reportedly WhatsApp’s latest version of will roll out a new feature that will allow users to View WhatsApp Statuses On Chat Page. According to reports from WABetaInfo WhatsApp has rolled out a new beta update for Android users through the Google Play Beta Program. 

The WhatsApp Statuses On Chat Page feature was also spotted back during the development of the WhatsApp desktop beta. According to sources, WhatsApp will roll out this feature for Android users soon. Currently, this feature is in the initial stage of development but will come out for ios and desktops too. 

WhatsApp Statuses On Chat Page

Whatsapp is continuously trying to link WhatsApp Statuses On Chat Page. It means you will be able to open status directly from the chat list and it will update you instantly on who published a status on WhatsApp. 

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WhatsApp Statuses On Chat Page looks the same as WhatsApp sibling Instagram. The feature will show an outline over the profile picture of a user in your chat box and you can see their status update by tapping on it. However, it’s not confirmed that tap will work or another method will be used. Also, how will you mute someone’s status?

Recently WhatsApp also rolled out message reactions just like Instagram. It lets you react to messages on WhatsApp via emojis when you long-press on a message.WhatsApp is continuously trying to give new features in their every update to make it more user-friendly and entertaining. 

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