When The Sun Goes Down TikTok Song | All That You Need To Know!

When The Sun Goes Down TikTok Song

TikTok creators make use of challenges to motivate users to connect with their content. Participating in dance challenges is the latest social media craze and you must have probably heard, when the sun goes down TikTok song which we will be discussing in this article.

TikTok, the social media application is mainly focused on creating video content and sharing them with your friends. The songs that are used in TikTok videos can be from any language and from any genre. It is true that most songs have attained popularity after they have been posted on TikTok. 

When the sun goes down TikTok song has become a viral sensation gaining more than 50 million views on TikTok and users take up the challenge with great enthusiasm. 

Taking up a TikTok challenge creates fame for both the song and for the one who is taking up the challenge. Before taking up the challenge, learn the details of the song and its dance movements as presented in this guide. 

When The Sun Goes Down TikTok Song

When the sun goes down TikTok is a viral sensational song among TikTokers where more than 500K users have danced and posted videos of this song. 

ByteDance, a Chinese technology startup, created TikTok in 2016, a platform that majorly focuses on music. It allows users to browse, make, and share videos online. Lip-syncing videos and dancing videos are the ones that made TikTok popular. Also, there are funny and informative videos in the app. Like every other social media, TikTok also has the “Challenge” concept where people dance or do lip-sync videos to songs or lyrics that have been trending on the app. There are countless number of songs that have become popular after being posted on TikTok. 

“When the sun goes down” dance song is one such song that is trending on TikTok lately. This is in the form of a country song with peppy beats with catchy lyrics and hence it became a sensation. Users started liking the song thus they started taking it up as a challenge. The main idea of the song is to remind the audience to make the most out of life by enjoying every moment. The author of the poem explains about the beauty that lies after sunset. 

When The Sun Goes Down – TikTok Dance Challenge 

“When the sun goes down” TikTok original song was composed by Brooks and Dunn and the original name of the song is “Neon Moon” and the song was remixed by DJ Noiz. Initially, the song was choreographed by Manumalo Moe, the Samoan TikToker in August, 2021.TikTokers are now dancing to this remixed beat and so far, 700K users have accepted the “when the sun goes down” TikTok song challenge and have posted videos on TikTok with the hashtag #whenthesungoesdown. Though there are no particular dance movements for this song, there is a trend that is followed by most of them.

When The Sun Goes Down TikTok Song - dance moves

Step 1: Raise your left hand and bring it to the chest level and next bring your right hand to the chest level with little moves. 

Step 2: Raise one hand up diagonally, then the other hand down diagonally and then bend the lower hand’s elbow. 

Step 3: The next step is to turn around slowly by wiggling the hip and hands. 

Some of them, though, have their own dance moves. You will be able to see this song on loop by visiting the ForYou page of the TikTok app. “When the sun goes down” challenge is either performed in solo, in groups or as a couple of video and it has become popular worldwide by streaming in social media platforms like YouTube. DJ Noiz has posted the remix on YouTube and has asked Brooks & Dunn for permission to broadcast it on additional streaming services because of its worldwide reach. 

When The Sun Goes Down TikTok Song Lyrics

When the sun goes down on my side of town

That lonesome feeling comes to my door

And the whole world turns blue

There’s a rundown bar ‘cross the railroad tracks

I got a table for two way in the back

Where I sit alone and think of losing you

I spend most every night

Beneath the light

Of a neon moon

Now if you lose your one and only

There’s always room here for the lonely

To watch your broken dreams

Dance in and out of the beams

Of a neon moon

Wrapping Up

Being a content creator, are you running out of content for your TikTok feed? Stop worrying and try out the “When the sun goes down” TikTok country song, as explained in this article. Also, visit our website at Deasilex to learn more about such interesting articles.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do I Find A Song From A TikTok Song?

Ans. You can find a song from TikTok using sound finders like Genius, Musixmatch, Shazam or you can use the Discovery feature to search for music or audio in TikTok’s collection.

Q2. How Do I Find Trending TikTok Sounds?

Ans. You can enter “viral sounds,” “trending sounds,” or “latest sound” in the search bar, and recent trending sounds will be displayed or you may just scroll the TikTok feed to find out what sound has been used for the videos. 

Q3. Why Did TikTok Remove Songs?

Ans. The main reason is to safeguard the original artist’s rights and to ensure that any copyrighted song is not used without authorization. Hence, for TikTok videos, it is important to choose royalty-free music.

Q4. Is Music On TikTok Free?

Ans. TikTok now allows businesses to utilize music only from their royalty-free collection or the sounds and songs that are created by the user itself. If you want to integrate commercial songs into your videos, you must use some third-party systems. 

Q5. How Do I Make Money From Tiktok?

Participate in Affiliate Programs
Sell Items on TikTok Shopping
Promote Sponsored Content
Create a Patreon account
Become a Brand Ambassador

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