Where To Download Wordle For Free?

Few words, multiple tries! One time in a day. This is the basic strategy to play Wordle. This addictive word game has made the world its fan. If you are unable to choose the right word in a number of attempts, you will always end up playing another round another day. But that too will end soon unless you are dedicating your whole player spirit to the game. Wait! if the issue is that you want to play Wordle for free, but don’t even know how to download Wordle for free, then you have a long way ahead of you. But, no issues, we are here for you ensuring that you are surely at the right place. Here is a guide on where to download Wordle for free.

Just a few months ago, the New York Times brought the ownership of Wordle in seven hidden digit amounts. In a tweet posted on Twitter, Wordle’s owner Josh Wardle said, “When the game went on the NYT website, they will provide it for everyone”. He also added that he’s working with the NYT team to ensure the victory of the users and continuity is maintained.

Although there’s a factor to be scared of! That is the subscription-based website may overfish the game behind a payment system. On Thursday, the match started on an NYT site, and even though it was free to play, some players observed their victory line and guessed spreadability was not brought up. While the issue was being fixed, there was and is still a way out to make sure you play Wordle for free.

Twitter subscriber Aaron Rieke posted a tweet briefing how Wordle goes all in your internet browser. Practically you do not require the net to run Wordle due to the backup of upcoming daily words in the webpage of the game. In case you download all the sessions of Wordle in advance on-site, then you would be able to play Wordle for years without any internet connection, all in theoretical mode. You only require the current date on your device to provide a new game session. If you desire to download and play Wordle free but cannot, then here we have given all the remedies for “how to download Wordle for free” for your desktops and Androids.

Wordle: Everything You Need To Know

Wordle has achieved great fame and name in a small period of time and became one of the most loved and played games of 2022. Here’s what you should know before taking part in this game including how to download it for free.

Wordle is the most popular game that is just appreciated and owned by NYT for a number of near millions.

But, what Wordle is exactly?

Have you used Twitter recently?

Observed those yellow, green, gray boxes in posts?

That is what Wordle is called Wordle. It’s a word puzzle game you can play online. It’s interesting, easy, and fun like wordplay or crossword and can only be played one time a day. Every 24 hours Wordle releases a new word of the puzzle which you have to guess what it is. The website is expert in explaining the terms and conditions.

Wordle allows you six chances a day to play and guess the word of five-letter. As mentioned above, if you observe the correct letter in the correct place it lights up as green and the right word in the wrong place displays yellow. A letter that is neither right nor at the right place shows up gray.

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Rules And Regulations For Playing Wordle

Where To Download Wordle For Free?

The demand of the game may sound overrated, but there are some rules that made everyone crazy because of its existence.

  • One puzzle each day : This raises a level of suspense. You only receive a single try. If you duck up, you have to wait until the new puzzle get’s launched.
  • Same puzzle for everyone : This made the job easier for the players. They can ring their buddy players and some chit-chat for the rounds. 
  • Share your results : After clarifying the days round you can share the journey of today’s match with your friends.

Wordle is not just any word game, it’s a means of communication initiator to outshine on social networking sites and it is the reason behind this game going viral.

How To Download Wordle For Free?

If you wish to download Wordle game on your device, then here are basic steps you need to go through to download Wordle on the computer, Android, and iPhone:

How To Download Wordle For Free On Computer?

Doesn’t matter if you utilize Windows or Mac, or whatever browser you utilize, you can simply download Wordle for free on your desktop by following these simple steps:- 

  1. Open the authentic Wordle site in your web browser.
  2. Click right on the webpage.
  3. At last, save the webpage to your desktop utilizing one of the options that shows up.

Based upon what browser you are utilizing, you might observe Save As, Save Page As, etc. You just have to save a page by clicking on any of these, it must download the webpage as an HTML folder.

Now just tap on the downloaded HTML folder to view the saved Wordle Webpage. Now, you will be able to utilize it no matter if you are online or offline. Be that as it may not bring your older victory records.

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How To Download Wordle For Free On Android?

Where To Download Wordle For Free?

On a tablet or smartphone, you can download the web page the same as the desktop. The procedure may come across multiple web browsers, but here we will be utilizing Chrome for this. So, to download on an Android for free here’s the process to follow:-

  1. Open the official site of Wordle in Chrome.
  2. Click on the 3 dots on the top of the right corner.
  3. At last, tap on the download symbol in order to download the webpage.

At the base of Chrome, you will observe a notification saying the Wordle webpage has been downloaded to your device. To utilize Wordle for free, click on 3 dots in Chrome and open downloads. There you will find the Wordle page, which you can utilize even if Wordle introduces a subscription model in the future or may be taken down.

How To Download Wordle For Free On iOS?

Finally, you will be able to download Wordle offline on your iPad and iPhone. But for this, you will need a Free Microsoft Edge web browser, which you can get from the App Store. Follow the steps given below after downloading Microsoft Edge:-

  • Open Website in Safari.
  • Click on the Share Button.
  • Tap on options given next to the website link.
  • Choose Web Archive and click Done.
  • Select a Folder and tap save.

This will preserve the Wordle webpage on your device. Now find the file in Microsoft Edge and follow these steps:-

  • Tap and hold on the web page in files to find the menu.
  • Tap on Share from the options that pop-up.
  • Tao on Edge.
  • Click on Open in Microsoft Edge.

Wordle will be loaded as an offline page in Edge, you can utilize it without an internet connection.

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Tips And Tricks To Win Wordle

Where To Download Wordle For Free?

If you are a fair player, you will resist these tips and tricks and follow your rules on your own. But everyone else who is fed up of seeing those gray boxes, below are some tricks that you can utilize :

  • Going for your first word: It’s the most important word undoubtedly. To have a grand step initiation, go for a word with 3 vowels and 5 different letters. For example :- Orate, Radio, Adieu etc.
  • Don’t Utilize Greys: You will observe a keyboard at the bottom of the Wordle board that will show letters in green, yellow and grey. Avoid the grey ones. It’s a bit time taking but the effort will pay off.
  • Letters Appearing Twice: This makes the process difficult, especially when you are running out of chances. But letters do regularly recur, just like words as sissy and ferry are the past winning words.

Beware Of Wordle Clones

After the successful launch of Wordle, application stores have piled themselves up with the Wordle clones, so beware! Apple brought up wordle clones from the App Store, but you can’t be sure if it’s the last or more to come!

The rules of Wordle are difficult to break or compete with. But in case you want to continue and discuss it at the same time as everyone else, you are required to be on the Web-based game. There is no Application in between. You will find the Wordle here at the Power Language Site. Any other app resembling Wordle has a high chance of scamming you up. There are few who even charge money to play. 

Winding Up:

That’s all for methods on how to download Wordle for Free.

Wordle is the creation of Josh Wardle, a software engineer. It became a worldwide sensation. He invented this game for his other half who is a crossword fan, and tells the BBC it’ll never become a collection of advertisements. Extremely social people may remember Wardle as the creator of Place’s “An Utterly Wild Collaborative Art Project Experiment” that set the internet on fire in April 2017. 

The game has achieved a lot more in a short time and became bigger news than expected, this is the reason why NYT brought Wordle at such a high price. It’s a free online game that became viral in the last weeks of December 2021. Players rushed their social media with this game. 


Q. Can One Play Wordle For Free? Does It Come With Any Subscription Plan?

Ans. Yes, you can play Wordle free of cost. As of now, it doesn’t come with any subscription plan as of now but in the future, it might launch a few under the guidance of its new owner New York Times.

Q. What Do The Colorful Boxes Depict In The Wordle?

Ans. The Wordle game indicates right and wrong words through the medium of three colors, Yellow, Green, and Grey. Green depicts that it’s the right word at the right place, Yellow depicts that it is the right word at the wrong place, and Grey depicts that it is neither the right word nor at the right place.

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