How To Play Wordle The Viral Word Game? Easy Tips And Tricks To Win!

How To Play Wordle

Have you heard about Wordle before? Do you know what is Wordle? And how to play Wordle? If these questions do come to your mind then here in this post your questions will be answered. Wordle in less than six months has become an extremely popular online game. Apart from that, it has also become an official in the New York Times. The best thing about Wordle is that it is simple and easy to play. Moreover, it also has an attractive computer interface.

Wordle was present in the times of pandemic when we would look for something pleasant to keep us distracted even for a moment. Since then Wordle became very popular. You can play Wordle games on the web for free. In this game, you have to guess a five-letter word and you will be given six chances. Every player gets the same word.

You must have seen people sharing green, yellow, grey boxes on social media platforms. These colors show how the players have performed on that day in the Wordle game. In this way, by just sharing the boxes they do not give the solutions. So if you want to know how to play Wordle, the viral word game, then here we will discuss it.

Josh Wardle who is a software engineer was the one to make this game to gift it to his partner. This game became available to the public in October and instantly became famous. In the month of November around 90 people played Wordle. Just after two months, 300,000 people have played Wordle.

What Is Wordle?

So if you are one of those who do not know anything about Wordle then let’s get a brief about this game. Wordle is actually an online word game that is similar to some of the famous code-breaking board games that are coded with color just like a mastermind. However, Wordle in comparison to mastermind has a more simple design. Every day you will get a new five-letter word which you have to guess. You need to complete the word by entering the correct five letters on the 30 tile boxes of Wordle.

In your first attempt, you will see the tiles that have the correct letter will change the color to green, yellow, or grey. These colors will tell you to make more guesses with the words that have more of the correct or the partial letters. In this way, you will compete with the Wordle of the day.

How To Play Wordle?

You can play Wordle free of cost online on any device. Moreover, you can play this game with a web browser on your computer, tablet, mobile phone. You can play the game from Though when you first try this game it might seem to be difficult and irritating but the rules of Wordle are quite simple and easy to follow.

The Wordle of the day will give you just six chances to get the correct fie letter in length. After you enter your first five letter word you press the enter button and you submit your result. Then you will see that each of the letters that are on the tile will become yellow, green, or grey.

If the tile becomes yellow it means that a specific letter is present in the Wordle but is not in the correct place. However, if the tile turns green then the letters that you have in the final word are in the correct place to complete the puzzle game. Moreover, if you see a grey color then it means that the words that you have included in the Wordle I not included in the Wordle. Now you have to guess which letter in the Wordle was correct in your earlier attempt.

Sounds much like solving a Rubik’s cube, right?

However the British players along with those who choose British instead of American spelling for some words. Then it is important that you be careful of the small differences which can happen between British English and US spellings. Now once you have tried Wordle of the day you will not get another chance. However, like many games that we play and are addicted to and have no limit to win or finish the game. Wordle is simple. You can play this game just once a day. After you finish the chances or the game then you need to wait till the next day and guess the new word of the day.

What Are The Different Rules Of Playing Wordle?

Wordle is so simple that there is hardly any kind of rules. But if you still want to know the rules then here we have listed some rules:

  • You have to guess the five letter Wordle in either six chances or less than that
  • Each word that you enter needs to be there in the word list. Though this is not disclosed it is presumed that the word is based on a dictionary.
  • When you give the correct letter then it will turn green.
  • If you have given a correct letter but that letter is in the wrong place it will become yellow
  • But if you have an incorrect letter then it will turn a grey color
  • You can use the letter more than once.

Wrapping Up:

So here we have discussed Wordle and how to play Wordle. So if you are new to Wordle then you can read this blog to get an idea about how to play this game. Though this game is easy to follow the colored boxes may confuse you. So here you will know about them.

Keep Wordling!!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can You Cheat At The Wordle Game?

The answer to this question is yes. You can cheat at the Wordle game. But it Is obviously not allowed. Now if you get tricked by your friends then you can very easily open the Wordle in the incognito browser window. Then you can take as many chances as you need till you get the correct answer. Then you can return to the window where you have signed in to your profile and then enter the correct word.

Q. Are There Other Games Just Like Wordle?

Yes, there are many games just like Wordle. Though these similar games are not famous and due to this reason those games have been slashed down. Absurdle game is one such game that is like Wordle but has a nice twist. Although you can find many games on android and iOS and the web which you can play to cut down your time.

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