Who Is Preppy Claws From TikTok? TikTok Star’s Age, Costume, Height, And More!!

Who Is Preppy Claws From TikTok

TikTok has born many stars! Well, a mysterious content creator, Preppy Claws from TikTok posts content with a full-body skeleton outfit. We have seen many people creating content on the app, but Preppy Claws posts content without revealing her face! She posts dance videos with a veil and a pink cowboy hat on her head. Well, there is not much disclosed about the reasons why she hides her face and entire body!

TikTok has been an immensely popular social media app that we have at present and use in our daily lives. Every other day we can see new faces getting viral on the internet and becoming stars on TikTok. Well, the platform has successfully given popularity to many users and made them stars overnight. We can see many users gaining fame from TikTok with just a single viral video. Well, users post their short videos on the app related to the latest challenges or trends and get viral overnight.

Preppy Claws from TikTok is also one such star who gained popularity from TikTok. On December 2021, Preppy Claws did her debut on TikTok. Well, her account started going viral since then. Nothing has been revealed related to her face, gender, family, and other details. However, in one of her videos, she referred to herself as Ms. Claws, so it is considered that Preppy Claws is a female. 

Preppy Claws from TikTok, the viral sensation posted her first video with the title Helicopter and it has got over 191.7K likes along with 3.6K comments! Well, since then, she got famous and there is no looking back! Her popularity is increasing with every passing day and making others who are unaware wonder about who is Preppy Claws from TikTok! 

Who Is Preppy Claws From TikTok?

Preppy Claws, a famous TikTok sensation, whom people call mysterious as she has never revealed her face in her TikTok videos. She always covers her full body with a skeleton costume and a pink cowboy hat to hide her body. She even has a YouTube and an Instagram account, but does not seem to be that popular on these social media platforms. However, Preppy Claws from TikTok started her career and has been famous on this social app. 

NamePreppy Claws
GenderAssumed to be a female
BirthdayDecember 24, 2005
Age17 years as of March 2023
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Birth PlaceCanada
ProfessionTikTok Star (Dancer)

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Preppy Claws Face Reveal

Preppy Claws from TikTok attracts the attention of her social media followers without any face reveal. Assumed to be female, Preppy Claws describes herself as a Skel/Eton on the app. There were rumors that the TikTok sensation has revealed her face and body, however, it is not true! Preppy Claws costume is unique and people are eagerly waiting for Preppy Claws face reveal.  

How Old Is Maya Preppy Claws?

Preppy Claws from Maya, Canada was born on December 24, 2005. So, as of March 2024, her age is 18 years old. At such a young age, Preppy Claws’ net worth is estimated to be around 20 USD to 318 USD. Her sources of income are mostly from TikTok dance videos, collaborations, and YouTube videos.

How Tall Is Preppy Claws From TikTok?

Preppy Claws’ height according to her TikTok videos is assumed to be 5 feet and 7 inches. More about her body measurements such as her waist, weight, and hips are still undisclosed. Not just this, Preppy Claws from TikTok has not been seen involved in any serious controversies until now. With her increasing popularity over almost the last two years, it seems that Preppy Claws will soon reveal her identity!


Preppy Claws, a popular TikTok sensation has grabbed the attention of users on TikTok with her dance videos. Many young stars have gone viral on TikTok and Preppy is also one among them. Social media platforms can help you get the best benefits if you wisely use the platform. Preppy used TikTok in the right way by creating dance videos and that too without revealing her body! This has increased excitement among TikTok users and increased Claws’ popularity as they want to see who is behind this full-body skeleton costume.

Not just this, Preppy Claws from TikTok does not even has many controversies and rumors. There is hardly any rumor or controversy related to her that has been one of the factors why users love her apart from her dance videos without revealing her face. TikTok users love and adore her even without knowing who is behind the skeleton body suit! Well, worry not! Whenever Preppy Claws reveals her face, we will keep you updated with it! Till then, keep sharing our post with your friends and share your views with us in the comments right below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Preppy Claws A Girl?

A. Though there is no confirmation related to Preppy Claws’ gender, Preppy Claws referred to herself as Miss Claws in one of her videos. So, it is assumed that she is a female.

Q2. What Is Preppy Claws Costume Called?

A. Preppy Claws costume is called Skelly as she wears a skeleton dress on her entire body with a pink cowboy hat on her head. She has never revealed her face.

Q3. When Will Preppy Claws Face Reveal?

A. There is no confirmation about when will Preppy Claws face reveal take place. She has been a TikTok star since December 2021 and until now nobody knows who is Preppy Claws in real life or her personal information. 

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