Why Is Instagram Shutting IGTV App?

Why Is Instagram Shutting IGTV App

Are you an IGTV video lover? Well, if yes then we have bad news for you. Instagram’s parent company “Meta” has decided to bring down the IGTV official application and will no longer be supporting the application. What led Meta to pick such drastic steps. Let’s have a detailed overview of the news.

Instagram as we all know is one of the most popular social media sites of all time. The application was launched in 2010, and within a few years of its release, the application started to challenge the Socia Media King, Facebook. As a result, Meta acquired Instagram in 2012 for $ 1 Billion.

Well, Meta started using Instagram as the platform to challenge all other social media platforms. In the year, 2018 the company came up with the IGTV application. This application allows the creators to post vertical videos.

It was said that IGTV was launched as a competitor to YouTube. However, it did not gain that much hype. 

Instagram Shutting IGTV App

On Monday in a blog post, Instagram announced that it is going to shut down the IGTV application. So, it is expected that the Instagram videos application will not be available on the Google Play and Apple App Store from mid-march.

IGTV was the first experiment that Meta did with Instagram to launch it as a competitor to YouTube or other video streaming apps. A similar experiment was seen with the Instagram Reels that was launched as a competition to TikTok after the application was launched from various countries.

It is also observed that Instagram did all possible things to save the feature like it launched as a separate application and later was included within the app. However, people who wish to access the IGTV feature separately could also install the separate application.

Facebook rebranding is not a new strategy, although the company changed its name in the year 2021. It changed the IGTV videos name to Instagram Videos before that. But, that also couldn’t help the application.

Why Is Instagram Shutting IGTV Videos?

Instagram is shutting down the Instagram video application and the only reason for this is the less popularity of the application.

If you dig a little more deeply into the research, you can call the Instagram reels one of the reasons for the shutdown of the application. The audience is more engaged in the reels feature. 

Does This Mean That You Will No Longer Be Able To Post Long Videos On Instagram?

Well, let us clear one thing here the application will be removed from the Stores, not the feature. You will be able to post the long videos via your Instagram account.

Wrapping Up

Well, the application will not be available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store from mid-march. However, you will still be able to views and load the IGTV videos from the Instagram application.

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