Will Vechain Reach $1? What’s The Prediction?

Will Vechain Reach $1?

Will Vechain reach $1? Is it really possible for VeChain to reach $1? You have landed on the right page if you want answers to these questions. Yes, here we will be discussing the basics about VeChain and will VeChain reach $1 or not.

There is a lot of debate about whether Vechain will reach $1 or not from the past few months. The token of Vechain, VET, has gained popularity recently and is even continuing to do so. Reaching a price level of $1 would be difficult from the mark of $0.05 currently for Vechain or not is the main question trade lovers want to know. 

We will provide answers to all your questions here in this post on ‘Will Vechain reach $1’. But before this, let us discuss the history of Vechain and take an overview of Vechain. Read the post till the end to know about Vechain along with the main query?

So, let’s quickly start with the post and answer your question! 

Brief History Of Vechain – What Is Vechain (VET)?

Vechain, the blockchain-based solution, was founded by Sunny Lu in 2015. It was founded to enhance supply chain management solutions and business processes. It is one of the earliest blockchain solution companies worldwide. VET is the token used in Vechain. Vechain is known for providing transparency along with helping to prevent fraud. VET can be bought from exchanges like Binance.

Overview About Vechain – Vechain (VET) Current Price

Here is a complete overview of Vechain that you need to know before getting an answer to the question ‘Will Vechain reach $1’. 

  • Cryptocurrency: Vechain
  • Ticker Symbol: VET
  • Current Price: $0.05264
  • Price Change (24h): $0.007121
  • Market Cap: $3,381,118,598.44
  • Circulating Supply: 64,315,576,989 VET
  • Trading Volume (24h): $382,235,343.16
  • All Time high: $0.2782
  • All Time low: $0.001678
  • ROI: 249.53%

Will Vechain Reach $1?

To find an answer to the question ‘Will Vechain reach $1?’, we will do some basic calculations. Let’s find out will Vechain reach $1 or not.

Circulating Supply: 64,315,576,989 VET & Max Supply: 86,712,634,466 VET

To be more realistic, let’s take the supply between 64.31B and 86.71B. So, let’s take 70B to get more realistic results as circulating supply will be around this number only by five years or more from now.

So, we will multiply 70B with $1 to get a market cap. 

70,000,000,000 X 1.00= 70,000,000,000 market cap.


86,712,634,466 X 1.00= 86,712,634,466 market cap.

Market cap when it went to 27 cents: 64,315,576,989 X 0.27= 17,365,205,787 or 17.3B

This is an achievable target as it is below the prices of various crypto assets. 

We can clearly see the hype in the price of VET tokens. To reach the target, it needs to grow by 1900%.  

Let’s take a basic example, suppose you have 3000 bucks and you want to buy VET at the current price. This means, 3000 X 0.052= 57,692. So, you are going to come out with 57,692 tokens and if you wait for around five to ten years, it would be 57,692 X 1.00= 57,692 dollars. 

Hence, you just invested 3000 dollars and got 57,692 dollars, that is actually a huge profit. If you invest a higher amount you will get a higher return then. Therefore, a 70 Billion dollar market cap is not that much and it is achievable as more and more money flows into the market. So, we can conclude that Yes, Vechain can reach $1 in the future.

Various crypto analysts are confident about Vechain to reach $1 and maybe in the current year only. Myron Jobson, a personal finance campaigner at Interactive Investor, is also one of the crypto analysts who is optimistic about Vechain. Let’s see how high Vechain reaches in the future.


With this ends our post on ‘Will Vechain reach $1?’.

Now, we can make a prediction that yes Vechain will reach $1. However, it will take time, maybe five or ten years or even more. VeChain is a long-term holding that has great potential. 

If you liked our post, do share it with your friends and family. You can even drop your comments about your queries or tell us what you think will VeChain reach $1 or not in the comment section below. It will be interesting to see when Vechain reaches the mark of $1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Vechain A Good Investment 2023?

A. Vechain is considered to be a good investment this year. It may surpass Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Q2. How High Can Vechain Realistically Go?

A. Vechain may be able to reach $1 or more.

Q3. Will A Vechain Hit $10?

A. There are predictions that Vechain will not rise more than $3.12. However, there are chances that it may rise and reach $10 in the future. 

Q4. What Price Could VeChain Reach?

Vechain is expected to reach $0.5 by the end of 2024. So, if you are planning to invest in the VeChain crypto, we think this is the perfect time to do so.

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