Why Is My Instagram Asking For My Birthday? Know Why!

Why is my Instagram Asking for my Birthday

Any social media platform requires you to update some of your personal information, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Are you also wondering Why is my Instagram Asking for my birthday? Well, then there’s nothing to worry about. We shall fill you in with the exact information you have been looking for. 

Approximately 40% of adults in America use Instagram, which is way less than the teenagers in America, who are on Instagram. If we quote in figures, 76% of American teens aged 13-17 use Instagram. Although, the ideal age to create an Instagram Account is, 13 years. Anyone using Instagram below this age limit is not permissible to do so. However, many such kids or children use Instagram when they are not supposed to, and just solely to restrict that, Instagram is carrying forward the age verification action.  

Now you must be wondering Why is my Instagram Asking for my birthday? Well, the answer to this question is very clear and simple. The authorities want to ensure that people on Instagram fall under the prescribed age group. Also, no one under the age of 13 years is using this social media application. However, there is no such complex reason behind why Instagram Asking for my birthday. So you can rest assured!

This article shall provide you with concrete information on Why is my Instagram Asking for my birthday. Proceeding forward we anticipate that this article will help and offer you the exact information you have been looking for. Now, let’s move on to finding out why is my Instagram Asking for my Birthday?

Why Is My Instagram Asking For My Birthday All Of A Sudden? 

why is my Instagram Asking for my birthday

As we comprehend, Instagram is a widely used and globally popular Social Media platform that incorporates everything, starting from posting pictures to coming across new people and interacting with them. It is certain to admit Instagram is quite an Interesting Social Media Platform or Application. 

Instagram users have recently reported that the social networking app has started to demand their date of birth in order to continue on to the site. A lot of you must be wondering whether it is something alarming or not? Well, then we are here to tell you the reason Why Instagram is asking for my Birthday. 

Earlier, providing birthday information was not mandatory on Instagram. Nevertheless, reports of the app requesting birth dates have increased in recent weeks as the company, is seen to be taking active security measures by taking the age verification far seriously. Nevertheless, we shall be filling you in on why is Instagram Asking For My Birthday. 

Well to blow the gaff to you, we assure you that, neither there is anything to stress about, nor this is something alarming. The sole reason “why Instagram is Asking for my Birthday,” is because Instagram authorities want to confirm that the users on Instagram are above the age limit prescribed and no one under the age of 13 years is using this Social Media Platform. 

Thus, Instagram Help Center has added, “We ask for birthday information to help ensure that young users aren’t using Instagram.” This applies to everyone, regardless of whether the Instagram account represents you personally or was created for a different purpose (example: accounts dedicated to a pet, hobby, or brand).

It has also been quoted by the Instagram Help Center, that the information you update on your profile, regarding the birth date, will not be visible to anyone neither your followers nor the ones you are following. This information also helps us provide age-appropriate and safer experiences for the youngest members of the Instagram community, says the Instagram Authorities. For example, when users under 16 years old (or under 18 in certain countries) sign up for an Instagram account, the account is set to Private by default.”

Wrapping Up

Here was a complete justification on why is Instagram Asking for my Birthday? Apparently, there is nothing to worry about, why is Instagram asking for my Birthday? The answer is clear and outright. Apart from that if anyone is facing any such problem while using Instagram, you can feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below. We shall adhere and acknowledge the needful as soon as we can. 

Also, we hope this article was helpful to you and offered you the exact information that you have been looking for. 

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