6 Best WireShark Alternatives For Android And Guide To Use Them

Best WireShark Alternatives For Android

WireShark is the undefeatable name in the world of Network Analyzers. But, unfortunately, this tool is not available for Android devices. So, here we are with the Best WireShark Alternatives for Android devices.

WireShark is one of the oldest, free and open-source network analyzers. If the communication taking place on the network is not encrypted. Then the person using the WireShark tool can easily access them. But, unfortunately, there is no android version of the tool available. So, here we are with the article that will tell you about the best WireShark Alternatives for Android.

The Best WireShark Alternatives For Android are 

  1. CloudShark
  2. cSploit
  3. zAnti
  4. Packet Capture
  5. Debug Proxy
  6. Wifinspect

Further in the article, you will read about these WireShark alternatives in detail. We have mentioned their workings along with the pros and cons that will make it easier for you to pick the best one.

Best WireShark Alternatives For Android

After a great research on the topic, we have finally found these 6 Best Network Sniffers that can be used as the WireShark Alternatives for Android. Let us discuss them one by one in detail.

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Best WireShark Alternatives For Android - CloudShark
Source: QA Cafe

CloudShark is the first suggestion that comes to mind when you are in search of the best Wireshark alternatives for Android. Maybe it’s the resemblance in the name of both of these network analyzers.

Well, if you talk about the interface of the CloudShark then it is a web-based platform, which makes it different from the WireShark. But, it serves the same purpose. This Web-based tool works like a Dropbox, you can simply pick up the application, drag it to the box and CloudShark will tell you the troubles in the network connection. It will also offer you the troubleshooting methods to overcome the issue.


  • It has a simple User Interface.
  • It is Time Saving.


  • It requires a rooted device to work on.
  • Some of the results shown may be baseless.


Best WireShark Alternatives For Android - cSploit
Source: Hacking Articles

If you are a professional network analyzer then cSploit will serve you the best WireShark alternative for mobile phones. Have you heard about the MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks? Well, if you are a hacker and attacking someone’s request sessions in the middle is your occupation then cSploit would be the best software for you.

Don’t think that this software is only used by hackers. Other professional use of the cSploit includes

  1. See the fingerprints on the Host System
  2. It helps in mapping local networks
  3. It helps in adding its host
  4. It has an inbuilt traceroute functionality
  5. Helps in creating the TCP and UDP packets


  • Helps in mapping the entire system network
  • Helps in manipulating the real-time traffic


  • Time-consuming
  • Uses a lot of resources on the device


Best WireShark Alternatives For Android - zAnti
Source: BossTechy

zAnti is a complete penetration tool for your Android system. It is more than a normal Network analyzer. The tool was designed keeping in mind the professional and the business requirements. We often consider these tools as the hacker’s tools but, zAnti can prove to be a very good guard to your Android device. You just have to click a button on the application and the tool will perform a survey on your device. At the end of the survey, zAnti will tell you all the security weak points on the device and offer you the perfect troubleshooting fixes to resolve the network security issues.

Other than the network sniffing zAnti can be used for 

  1. It Modifies HTTP responses and requests
  2. Helps in exploiting routers
  3. Helps in hijacking HTTP sessions.
  4. Changes MAC addresses.
  5. Alert you if your device is vulnerable


  • It has a simple User Interface
  • It is Time Saving


  • It requires a rooted device to work on
  • Some of the results shown may be baseless.

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Packet Capture

Best WireShark Alternatives For Android - Packet Capture
Source: TechWiser

The tools mentioned above offer you the full system penetration. But, not everyone knows how to use them professionally. They have a drawback as they require a fully rooted device to work. But, here we are with another WireShark Alternative for Android that does not require the rooted device to work on.

This tool is specifically dedicated to record and capture the network packets. Along with capturing you can also use the MITM (Man In The Middle) attack to decrypt the SSL communication.


  • It does not require the device to be rooted.
  • Helps in Decrypting SSL Communication


  • Time-consuming
  • Too many advertisements sometimes make the app irritating.

Debug Proxy

Best WireShark Alternatives For Android - Dbug Proxy

Debug Proxy is another Wireshark Alternative for Android just like the Pocket capture. The tool is dedicated specifically to network sniffing. If you talk about the user interface of the tool then it is quite simple and easy to understand. Debug Proxy captures all network packets in the native language that makes it pretty fast and responsive. 

The major use of the Debug Proxy includes

  1. It captures traffic.
  2. Manage all of the HTTP and HTTPS traffic.
  3. Uses MITM to decrypt SSL traffic.
  4. It shows the live traffic


  • It is an all in one application
  • It is free to use


  • You require an SSL certificate to start it


Best WireShark Alternatives For Android - Wifinspect
Source: Effect Hacking

If you are a network administrator or security researcher then Wifinspect would be the best Wireshark alternative for you. The tool not only acts as the Network sniffer, but it also offers several other features. Some of these are Pcap Analyzer, Internet Vulnerability scanner, Access point Scanner, Network Sniffer, UPnP device, and many more.

Talking about the Android app, it can be downloaded for free with no inbuilt developer ads. The application is made keeping in mind the computer security personnel or the people who own the network and require to take regular network checkups.


  • Inspects the whole device smoothly
  • None of the apps is left unchecked


  • You need to require the root of all your applications.
  • Is not available for all Android versions.

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We would conclude this article on the “Best WireShark Alternatives” with the suggestion that choosing the best alternative depends on your requirements. We have listed the best ones for you, if you want our recommendation then we will prefer cSpoilt or zAnti. But, if you don’t want to root your device then Packet Capture would serve the best purpose.

If you find this article useful then do share it with your friends. And if you have a better suggestion for the WireShark alternative, that you think we might have missed, then do let us know in the comments section.

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