Adidas Nike Lawsuit: What Is It About?

Adidas Nike Lawsuit

Did you hear about the Adidas Nike Lawsuit? Do you Adidas is suing Nike? Do you the reason why Nike has been sued by Adidas? No? Ok that’s absolutely all right. This is perhaps the latest hit topic and we will let you about it sometime.

Both Adidas and Nike are very well-known brands all over the world. We do know that things between Adidas and Nike were not going down well for quite some time now. However, recently it has taken a new turn altogether. Even though Adidas and Nike have been in and out of the court many times over the years. But now, Adidas has taken things to a new level.

On Friday, June 10, Adidas filed its first Federal lawsuit against Nike. This is based on the infringement on one of Adidas patents which is related to smartphone apps. Also, the adjustable shoes, popularly called the Adidas Nike lawsuit.

However, the detailed information about the Adidas Nike lawsuit has been discussed below, so that you get up to date with the latest trending topic on both the renowned brands.

Adidas Nike Lawsuit

Adidas Nike Lawsuit

This Adidas Nike lawsuit was first reported by the Reuters and Complex. This lawsuit is related to many of Nike’s digital products. Adidas claims that the Nike Run Club, SNKRS apps, and Training Club have infringed their patents which are related to the different features. These features include GPS tracking, audio feedback during workouts, and training plans. Moreover, it also includes features like integration with the third-party access that includes heart rate monitors, and the ability to reserve the limited edition sneakers.

Adidas yet again rolled out its Confirmed App which was introduced in 2015. This was will give customers some insider access to its brands and also their new sneaker releases. Soon after the launch of Adidas Confirmed App, Nike also rolled out SNKRS app which also does the same thing for Nike’s sneakers.

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Adidas Complain Against Nike

Adidas Complain Against Nike

Well, in the complaint Adidas claims itself to be the historic leader in mobile technology. This also includes the technology that is related to mobile fitness as well as mobile purchases. Moreover, Adidas is of the opinion that it was perhaps the first industry that successfully brought data analytics to athletes.

When people heard about the news many took to social media platforms to express how they will not brag that the Nike SNKRS app was actually stolen from them. As it was a poorly viewed app by the sneakers collecting community.

Adidas Sued Under Armour

These are perhaps just the basic features that you can find on many running as well as fitness tracking apps. Moreover, this is not the first time that Adidas has gone to the court about the same. In 2014 Adidas sued Under Armour for the Map My Fitness app. However, later on these two companies settled when under armour agreed to pay Adidas the licensing fee.

Adidas And Nike Sued Other Brands Related To Patent

Adidas Nike Lawsuit

Till now we have discussed that Adidas has sued Nike for infringement. But these two companies have been involved in their own patent-related lawsuits with the other brands as well.

In February Nike filed a lawsuit against the StockX. Nike claims that the sneaker resale marketplace has used the trademarked logos and the products so that they can enter NFT known as non-fungible token market. Moreover, the Swoosh too accused Lululemon Athletics Inc. of the patent infringement which is related to the at-home mirrored fitness device along with other apps in the lawsuit in January.

Also, Milkcrate Athletics sued Adidas North America in July for copyright and trademark infringement.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this is all you needed to know about the Adidas Nike lawsuit. Though things have not been going well between these two companies it is recently Adidas filed a case against Nike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Adidas Made By Nike?

Well, the answer to this question is no. Adidas is definitely not made by Nike. Adidas itself is a German brand and quite older than Nike. Adidas is the largest manufacturer in Europe and is the second-largest in the world after Nike.

Q. Which Is Better Nike Or Adidas?

Both Nike and Adidas are old brands that come up with new technologies and designs every now and then. Though we can say that Adidas is better but Nike is way more famous than Adidas.

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