Apple May Release Much Awaited Apple VR Glasses On 8th March Event

Apple VR Glasses

We know that the internet is evolving and soon the Web 3.0 era will take all over the Internet. Many companies have joined the Metaverse trend and started evolving themselves. However, Apple is expected to launch the Apple VR Glasses but no specific release date was ever provided by the company.

It is also the fact that Apple launches its every big product in the Apple Events and a similar type of event is organized by the company on 8th March. Although the company has kept it secret about the products that are going to be launched. But, people are speculating that the much-awaited Apple VR Glasses will be launched at the event.

Even though all these are speculations, we have got you the incidents and the announcements that lead us to this conclusion. So, without any further ado. Let us begin with the news.

Apple VR Glasses Or iGlasses To Be Launched In Upcoming Apple Event

It is expected that Apple is going to launch the Apple VR Glasses in the Upcoming Apple Event that is going to be held on 8 March 2022. Well, Apple has not given any official statement about the release of the iGlasses but, the time to time leaks of images have made it sure that the release time is near.

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Well, let us tell you that we reached the conclusion of Apple VR Glass released on 8 March after viewing the tweet by Apple’s head of global marketing Greg Joswiak. 

Greg shared a 15 seconds video with the caption, “Peek performance. March 8th. See you there. #AppleEvent”.

Well, let us first talk about the video shared. The video starts with the stage on which Apple CEO, Tim Cook generally stands and makes the announcement. This time it wasn’t Tim standing on the stage, but was the Apple logo. The camera moves and the logo starts changing its color. Giving the sense that the logo is Multidimensional.

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Well, it was not this that gave us the sense of glasses. Towards the end of the video. The light starts coming out from the logo, giving the sense that we are moving in.

Pay attention, the light starts coming out of the logo. That means the logo was still and you must have experienced this in the 3-D movies. 

So, you can conclude that the video is giving you the experience of Apple VR Glass. 

Well, this is not all that makes us conclude about the Apple VR Glasses release on 8 March 2022. Read the caption again that says “PEEK Performance”. Yes, you got the word correct, “PEEK”.

Apple’s Global Marketing head used the word intentionally to give the followers an idea about the upcoming release.

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Wrapping Up

Everything is just speculation and nothing can be said with conviction. It is also expected that Apple will also launch iPhone SE 3 and iPad Pro. However, the tips in the tweet by the Global Marketing Head are enough to give us an idea about the release of the Apple VR Glasses. 

We have to wait for the Apple Event on 8 March 2022, to get a clear picture of the release of the iGlasses. If you find this article interesting, do share it with your friends, and also if you have any doubts or queries in your head, do ask us in the comments section below.

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