8 March Apple Event: What To Expect? iPhone SE? iPad Air?

8 March Apple Event What To Expect

Let me guess what’s on your mind right now? Umm!! Is it the upcoming Apple Event 2022? See, Gotcha!!
In the upcoming Apple event what to expect and what not to is the talk of the town right now. We all are pretty excited about the latest releases lined up for Mega Event going to happen on 8th March 2022 in the USA. Some are expecting the launch of the latest AR, VR Glasse in the event, while others are looking forward to the fresh iPhone and iPad series. If you are among the later ones, then welcome to the team.

Apple usually holds a special event every year around the coming spring season as the first of its kind. The fall event usually features the flagship iPhone, while the mid-year WWDC focuses on Apple’s operating system and software. However, the early event may cover many other Apple hardware empire areas.

Rumors already suggest what Apple’s next-generation products will look like in 2022. Apple Insider predicts that these products will appear at the March 8 Apple Event. In the upcoming Apple Event what to expect and what not to?

iPhone SE, iPad Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini And More Expected To Launch In Apple Event 2022

As mentioned earlier, a lot of assumptions are being made about the upcoming event of Apple. Not just the iPhone SE, iPad Air, but there are a lot more gadgets and wearables that you can expect.

Let’s fire up your high expectations by listing a few upcoming launches that are most awaited by Apple Users!

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iPhone SE

upcoming Apple event launch iPhone SE

The most likely item to be included in the special occasion is the updated iPhone SE. There have been numerous rumors since Oct 2021 that it would be arriving pre-spring 2022. It would make a great feature for a special pre-spring event. Listings at the EEC regulatory database indicate that it may be coming soon.

It has been claimed that it is being actively tested in India. The model will be redesigned to include 5G connectivity. This makes it an attractive option for consumers who want to access faster networks. Rumors abound about 5G support. However, it is unclear if the high-speed mmWave component will be added.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone SE is primarily a specification bump, aside from 5G. This could mean that the iPhone SE will be equipped with the A15 SoC and changes in storage and other internal features from the current-generation iPhone models.

The smartphone’s appearance will not change. It will still have a 4.7-inch screen. Some people have suggested that the design will be updated with a larger screen in the future.

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iPad Air

upcoming apple event iPad Air

It is also being considered for the upcoming Apple event. Rumors about a possible launch of the iPad Air 5 have it mentioned. It appears to have surfaced in EEC database listings like the iPhone SE, hinting at a possible launch shortly.

The fifth-generation model will include upgrades to support 5G and an upgrade to A15 Bionic chips. The fifth-generation model is expected to feature a 12-megapixel FaceTime HD camera and Center Stage support. However, there was early talk in July 2021 about using dual-camera systems on the back.

Rumors are also unsure about the technology of the display. OLED iPad Air is not possible, according to some rumors. However, OLED for iPad use has been suggested. However, this is unlikely as Apple will not include a display technology to rival the iPad Pro’s mini LED display.

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Mac Mini

upcoming apple event Mac Mini

Rumors of a major upgrade to the Mac mini have been around for some time. Mid-2022 claims include a radical redesign to the Mac Apple smallest Mac.

The Mac mini retains the same square puck shape but has a metal rim, a top made of polycarbonate, and rubber feet. There are four Thunderbolt ports around the back, two USB-A ports, and Ethernet. It is possible that the Mac mini could also inherit the magnetic charging connector, as it was for the 24-inch iMac.

According to rumors, the model was slated for a spring event launch because it was among the first Apple Silicon models that would ship. This makes sense given the timeframe and subsequent Apple Silicon developments. Rumors suggest that M1 Pro and M1 Max versions are available. However, it may need a more-developed M1 chip or an M2 release.

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MacBook Air

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air, another of the first Apple Silicon releases, was likely to get an update during the spring event.

The updated MacBook Air will undergo a major redesign, much like the Mac mini. Since mid-2021, the most noticeable change that has been speculated is a color shift. The 24-inch iMac could be an inspiration for that front.

The 13.3-inch display can be updated to include mini LED backlighting, similar to the 16-inch MacBook Pro or 14-inch MacBook Pro. The display also has a notch to allow the screen to fill more of its surface and still provide webcam functionality.

The webcam will be 1080p and feature an ultra-wide lens. This will allow for Center Stage support. Rumors also mention MagSafe support. The inside of the MacBook Air appears to have the M2 chip. This will be superior to the M1, but the M1 Pro or M1 Max is not necessary.

Apple VR Glasses

Apple VR Glasses

It is expected that Apple is going to launch the Apple VR Glasses in the Upcoming Apple Event that is going to be held on 8 March 2022. Well, Apple has not given any official statement about the release of the iGlasses but, the time to time leaks of images have made it sure that the release time is near.

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MacBook Pro 13-inch

MacBook Pro 13-inch

Although there have been very few rumors regarding a refresh for the 13-inch MacBook Pro (or any other model), it could be revealed at the spring event. It was identified as one model with a high chance of getting an update soon, being released as part of the original Apple Silicon trio. It will likely have the same internal updates as the MacBook Air.

According to a report, the 13-inch MacBook Pro will not get the same upgrade as its 14-inch and sixteen-inch counterparts. The display will not be mini LED ProMotion-equipped, and the storage and processing capabilities will be lower to keep it affordable as an entry-level model.

Apple could introduce a 14 inch MacBook Pro variant later this year, which could then be the new entry-level MacBook Pro model. This was a leaker said on January 17.

Apple seems to be moving forward with the 13-inch model update despite the possibility of a replacement. According to a report, Chinese component suppliers worked during the Lunar New Year holiday in China to ensure a March release of a MacBook Pro update.

iOS 15.4

iOS 15.4 release in Apple event

Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 15.4 this week, and the update should arrive by mid-March. It’s very likely to release around the time of the spring event.

iOS 15.4 includes new features like Face ID support with a mask, a non-binary voice for Siri, new emojis, and more.

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Final Words

So, these were some of the speculation about the upcoming Apple Event what to expect and what not to. You can enjoy the event sitting at any corner of the world, as the vent will stream live on 8th March, Tuesday on Apple’s official website, and on YouTube channel as well.

So, stay tuned to keep an eye on what to expect next from Apple’s upcoming event. In addition to this, Apple could also share details about its next-gen M series silicon at the event. 

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