Bluesky Social Release Date | Release Date Is Here!

Bluesky Social Release Date

Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Social is spreading like fire on the Internet. As soon as Elon Musk took over Twitter, so many users have deleted their Twitter account and are switching to Twitter alternatives like Bluesky and Mastodon. But Bluesky social is now in beta and users are waiting for bluesky social release date. 

Bluesky Social was created back in 2019 when Dorsey left Twitter and started to build a Decentralized platform for people. He created Bluesky social to give more privacy to the users as Twitter had failed to do so. 

It should be noted that Bluesky is not yet ready. However, the app is currently in private beta testing and will soon be available to the public.

Bluesky social is now in the beta stage as over 30,000 plus people have signed up for bluesky social so far. You can also sign up for Bluesky social by going to the official site and providing your email, but first let’s know the bluesky social release date. Keep Reading!

Bluesky Social Release Date

Bluesky social – ATP protocol would allow users to move between various social platforms using just one high-end browser – its app – while managing what they see and how much data they share with those platforms.

The Bluesky social is currently available in beta version but it is going to release soon for everyone. 

Bluesky social will release around the second quarter of 2023. So signup and book your slot in bluesky social waitlist. 

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Bluesky Social Sign Up

Bluesky social sign up is possible by going onto bluesky social official website. You have to enter your email from which you want to open your bluesky social account and then join the waitlist. Once you are confirmed you can join bluesky social. 

Bluesky Social Beta Download 

The BlueSky social app is going to be based on the blockchain and it has started to list the users for the beta test. As it launched the portal to register the user for the beta test, within 2 hours it registered more than 20k users.

Well, if you also want to be part of the development of Bluesky you can register yourself for the beta test of the bluesky social app. Follow these simple steps to download the Bluesky social app beta. 

Step 1: Open Browser on your system.

Step 2: Now go to the Bluesky website or tap here.

Step 3: Now go to sign up for the blue sky private beta.

Step 4: Fill in your email address.

Step 5: Register yourself.

Step 6: Soon you will receive a notification if you are selected for the beta test.

Step 7: Done. 

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To Sum Up 

So we told you the bluesky social release date, but you can join the waitlist also. According to Dorsey, the backbone of the app is user data, stating that Bluesky will be free of political influence and will be managed by users rather than marketed by companies.

Dorsey’s app has the potential to revolutionize the economics of personal data and advertising revenue. Keep following Deasilex and comment please! 

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