Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Reels?

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Reels

People and celebrities (and you too!) are becoming obsessed with Instagram. Sometimes you are so into this social media platform that you are counting how many likes you got, how many views you got, and who views your Instagram Reels! It’s never too much when you are considering Instagram as a prospective business platform!  

However, finding who views your Instagram Reels is not as simple as finding who views your Instagram stories. Counting who views your Instagram Reels is important if you are up to monetize your Instagram Reels. 

There is no simple way to find out who views your Instagram Reels. If you have a business account or creator account on Instagram, only then you can access the Reel insights and study the Reels insights. Besides, if you do not own a creator or business account, you can still find the Reel views.  

It’s time to up your Instagram game and make your Instagram Reels monetizable. You need to comply with the Reels monetization requirements, but first, you need to understand your current Instagram Reels status and hence find out who views your Instagram Reels!

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Reel? A Real Truth With Facts

Monitoring Instagram views is important when it comes to Instagram Reels monetization. But, checking Instagram Reel views comes with limitations. You can find overall insights on Reel performance on Instagram analytics, but this popular social media app will never reveal to you who views your Instagram Reels. Some people also ask, are Reel views anonymous?

Apparently, most of the answers available on the internet are puzzling. Some people may advise you to use a third-party tool to check who views your Instagram Reels. However, those third-party tools are not reliable, and you just cannot check views as Reel views are anonymous. 

Only Instagram analytics can help you to check overall views and find most liked Reels on Instagram. Besides, consider if you have access to the Reel’s viewer list, with thousands of views every Reel, which sounds like a tedious job. Who wishes to scroll through a list of thousands of profiles? If you are still not sure why are Reel views anonymous, you need to consider user privacy.

Instagram takes user privacy strictly, and users scrolling through Reels may not wish to let you know their presence. Instagram prioritizes the view counts only, and you do not need to target any particular viewer. 

Does Instagram Tell You Who’s Viewed Your Profile?

The shortest answer is “No.” 

People mind their privacy, and Instagram always prioritizes users’ privacy. Hence, it is completely understandable why Instagram did not roll out the feature to find who views your Instagram Reels. 

If you are posting a Reel and looking forward to impressing your followers, you just need to know the view counts at the end of the day. If you have a creator or business account on Instagram, you can have access to Instagram analytics. By studying Instagram analytics, you can discover the view counts for any previously posted Reels or stories (including stories that have expired). You can share Instagram trending Reels audio and can compare which one did better and improve accordingly. 

How To Check Someone Else’s Instagram Reels Views?

To check someone else’s Instagram Reels views, visit the Reels section. Find the Reels you are interested in and click on the liked numbers under the heart sign. The list of people who liked the video will pop up! 

Instagram may not allow you to check the long list of thousands of people who views your Instagram Reels, but it allows you to check who liked your Reels, and you can check the same for others! If you are studying competitors, this is the best way to sneak upon them! 

Step 1: Open your Instagram profile and go to the Reels section.

Step 2: Find the Reel that you are looking for and click on the number of likes under the heart icon.

How To Check Someone Else’s Instagram Reels Views_1

Step 3: This simply opens up a list of thousands of people who liked the Reel. Scroll down the list and find out the profiles you are looking for. 

How To Check Someone Else’s Instagram Reels Views_2

How To Check Instagram Reels Stats?

To check Instagram Reels stats, open the Instagram Reels tab. Tap on the Reel you are interested in. Then tap the kebab menu and choose View insights from the list. The insight page will pop up with all the details!

As you have already understood, checking who views your Instagram Reels is not supported by Instagram, but you can check who liked your Reels! Besides, if you have access to the Instagram Reels stats, you will land on more important data to analyze your post performance. Checking Reel performance is important, and you can’t avoid it because Instagram pays for Reels (fact!!).

Make sure that you have a creator account or a business account on Instagram; otherwise, the Reels Insights will not be available! 

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to your Instagram Reels tab. 

Step 2: Tap on the Reel that you are interested in to find the insights. 

Step 3: Tap on the kebab menu (⋮). 

How To Check Instagram Reels Stats?_1

Step 4: Tap on “Insights” from the list. 

How To Check Instagram Reels Stats?_2

You will land on a page showing all the details about that Reel, including views, likes, and comments. You can also find how many of the views you got from the current followers and how many are the new or fresh views who do not follow you! 


Make your every view count! The secret to success on Instagram surely lies in the number of followers and viewer engagement. Metrics and insights are always helpful to check Instagram Reel stats. So next time you are creating a Reel, consider all the factors that made your last Reel fly! Besides, we have shared a secret to sneak into other’s Reels and check who liked the Reel. You have a card under your sleeve! Use it and beat your Instagram competitors! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How To See Who Views Your Instagram Reels?

To see who views your Instagram Reels, you can take the help of Instagram insights. However, Instagram insight only shows an overall picture of the view counts along with other parameters.

Q: Can Third-Party Apps Show You Who Views Your Instagram Reels?

A few third-party apps, including Instaview claim to show you who views your Instagram Reels. However, using third-party apps may compromise your device’s safety and lead to data breaching. It is not a recommended method. 

Q: Can Someone See That I Viewed Their Instagram Video If We Are Not Friends?

Instagram does not entertain sharing information about who viewed Instagram videos or Reels. Anyone simply cannot see that if you viewed their Instagram video if you are not a friend. This feature is not available on Instagram. 

Q: How Can I Protect My Privacy On Instagram Reels?

You can limit who can view your Reels on Instagram. You can also stop people from sharing your Reel content. Go to your Instagram account, and tap on settings. Select privacy, followed by Reels and Remix. From here, you can set permission for who can use your Reels.

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