12 Most Common Google Meet Problems And How To Fix Them!!

Common Google Meet Problems And How To Fix Them

Google’s suites of workplace productivity tools like Google Duo, Hangouts, Google Meet, etc, make it simple for people with no technical background to ensure that things run efficiently. However, facing glitches with the technology is also very common. There are always issues regardless of the software used, and even if it’s a human error, it’s an annoyance!! It’s better you should learn about these common Google Meet Problems and how to fix them via this post!!

No matter what technical glitch or issue you encounter while using Google Meet, you can count on these easy solutions to solve the issue or avoid it from happening shortly! Simply, spot your problem and apply the given solution!

One of the many common Google Meet problems is not being able to join the meeting via the provided link! The possible best solution to this particular problem is to shift to a better network connection. If the problem still persists then here are the ready solutions!

Let’s have a look at common Google Meet problems and how to fix them in the easy steps below! Spot the error and fix it right!

Common Google Meet Problems And Suitable Fixes!

Common Google meet problems
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Many times while having a virtual meeting over Google Meet or while attending the regular online classes you might have come along some glitches like being unable to connect to the meeting, screen not visible, or many others!

Ever wondered what is creating all these issues for your Google Meet? Also, what could be the possible solutions to fix them?

If not, then we are here. Well, we have stated 12 major and most commonly faced Google Meet problems and their solutions for you below! Have a look!

Google Meet Problem #1: You Can’t Join Or Begin The Meeting

One of the most common Google Meet problems faced by users is not being able to join the meeting! If you’re having trouble connecting to an already ongoing Google Meet video conference or establishing a new meeting be sure you’re signed in using a Google or Google Workspace account.

You can make this happen by visiting the Google website, and then selecting the blue sign-in link. If the account you’re using belongs to your workplace, then it is possible to consult with your manager to confirm that Google Meet’s video-calling feature is enabled in your workplace.


If you’re having difficulty accessing an old Google Meet video meeting or setting up a new one, first, make sure that you’re logged in using a Google or G Suite account. It’s as easy as visiting the Google website, and then clicking the blue button that says Log in. 

If you’re already a G Suite user, you might need to talk with your administrator to ensure that you can ensure you have Google Meet available in your company’s Google administrator console.

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Google Meet Problem 2#: A Dial-In Phone Number Is Not Available For Your Meeting

Another one of the common Google Meet problems is being unable to join the meeting via dial-in number! Although the U.S. does indeed support the dial-in option, not all countries in the world are supported. 


It’s worth noting that the majority of Google Workspace users have access to the dial-in option for calling to U.S. and Canada (and an additional list of approved countries too, if you’re using a supported Workspace account). However, the ability to dial into international destinations (for specific nations) is a requirement for a separate subscription to the Google Meet Global Dialling service. 

If you’re subscribed to this service and would like to dial in from a city that is not part of the U.S. and Canada, ensure you contact Google to confirm that your country is compatible with this feature.

Google Meet Problem 3#: Users Of Education Cannot Join The Domain From Outside

If you’re using an account with a Google Workspace for Education account There is an issue in the way that a meeting’s creator has to be present to either approve or deny join requests made by people in other domains. 

If there is a problem with the creator of the call, and he’s not present at the conference, participants who are not part of the domain will not be allowed to join the call in turn, in such a case, the Ask to Join page may fail to load. 


As long as this problem isn’t fixed the best way to fix it is to make sure that the meeting’s creator remains in the call till all attendees with email addresses from outside are present.

Google Meet  Problem 4#: Trying To Join A Google Meet But It Shows It’s Full

What’s the reason? What causes it? The number of users permitted depends on the kind of Google account you use.

Limit for personal accounts as well as G Suite Basic accounts, along with the G Suite for Education are restricted to 100 participants in Google Meet.

Google Meet Enterprise Essential accounts can host up to 150 participants and Business Plus and Enterprise accounts can accommodate up to 250 participants.

The Solution: 

If your event was full, you might have to upgrade your membership.

Talk to your manager or your administrator about upgrading your subscription if you’re having a problem with the space in Google Meets. Google Meets often.

Suitebriar can help you increase your licenses available or the type of license you have at your company. We are here to help to get assistance.

Google Meet Problem 5#: Your Camera Or Microphone Can’t Be Accessed

Your Camera Or Microphone Can’t Be Accessed
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Can’t access your microphone or camera while joining the meeting via Google Meet? Well, this is also one of the most common Google Meet problems reported by the users! When you join your first Google Meet conference, the system will ask you to make use of the microphone and camera. 


If you have refused to allow Google Meet, you can alter your answer using the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to Google Meet by visiting the Google Meet website, preferably using Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click on the New Meeting button and then choose to Start an Instant Meeting in the drop-down menu that opens.

Step 3: Within the address bar of Chrome, select the camera and microphone icon (a tiny camera that has the red”X).

Step 4: Click “Always Allow to Access Your Camera and Microphone.”

Step 5: Click Done. A message could appear Click Dismiss If it does. Click on the Turn On Camera or Camera and On Microphone buttons at the bottom of the window for the meeting. The camera and microphone should now function properly.

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Google Meet Problem 6#: Other Users Can’t See Your Camera On macOS

Another, one of the most disturbing and common Google Meet problems is that you are not visible to other users in the meeting! In the most current version of macOS, you’ll have to allow Chrome and Firefox to access your webcam. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that no applications not approved by the Mac OS are using your webcam and microphone that they are not allowed to.


Be aware that before following these steps, make sure that your camera is connected incorrectly. If you can connect to the webcam in other applications like FaceTime or Photobooth then continue.

  1. Click on the Apple logo in the upper-left right-hand corner.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Choose the Security and Privacy setting.
  4. Select Privacy, then Camera.
  5. Check you have either Google Chrome or Firefox has an asterisk on the right.

It is also possible to follow similar steps if the microphone is not working. In step 4, choose the microphone option, in place of the Camera.

A front-facing, open laptop that has a display that shows a grid of participants in a video chat.

Google Meet Problem 7#: Drop-Down Menus Will Not Display When Sharing Screens

Ever happened that while you start sharing your GoogleMeet screen, drop-down menus don’t display on the screen? This counts as another one of the common Google Meet problems as per reports!


If you want drop-down menus, the most effective solution at the moment would be to use Google Meet for sharing your entire screen instead of just a particular window.

Google Meet Problem 8#: Doesn’t Show The Same Problem When Using macOS

For macOS Catalina or later, you’ll need to enable the browser to capture your screen before showing it. 


To enable this feature in your System Preferences app, follow these steps:

  1. First, click on the Apple logo on the upper-left edge of the screen.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Choose the Security and Privacy setting.
  4. Choose Privacy.
  5. Select Screen Recording.
  6. Check the browser you are using Google Chrome or Firefox has an asterisk in front of it.

Google Meet Problem 9#: Low-Quality Video During A Conference

Low-Quality Video During A Conference
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A variety of factors can impact the quality of your video calls. To begin, ensure you’re using a top-quality webcam from a reliable manufacturer. (If you don’t have a high-quality webcam, there’s not much that we could do.) 


In addition, ensure that the connection you’re using is fast enough and supports the call. If you’re having problems trying to shut down the other tabs in your browser and apps that are using up resources. If you’re using a VPN try to unblock it because it could slow up your connection.

Google Meet Problem 10#: Google Meet Is Completely Inaccessible

You might have observed that Google has some problems with the Meet service. Take a look at the Google Workspace Status Dashboard for more details. The green symbol next to Meet means that everything is working in the right way, whereas the red or orange icons could indicate a problem which could be the reason you are unable to connect at the moment.

Two people are sitting at a table, looking at a screen that shows an image of the people on the video call.


Try to join the meeting link again for fresh.

Google Meet Problem 11#: Unable To Open Google Meet On Mobile Devices

Google is only able to support the mobile Meet versions for six months. Earlier versions of this app might not work properly. 


Go to the App Store on your iOS device, or go to the Play Store on your Android device to confirm that the Google Meet version Google Meet is current. Alternatively, you can delete your app and then install it from your device’s app store.

Google Meet Problem 12#: Inability To Schedule All-Day Meetings

Last but not the least, one of the common Google Meet problems faced by users is the inability to schedule all-day meetings!! Google has stated that rooms for meetings added to all-day events are “scheduled in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC),” which could result in an error that stops you from scheduling an all-day event. 


You can fix this issue by scheduling the event manually for the entire duration of 24 days (using date and time dropdown boxes) instead of choosing your All Day choice when you organize your event.

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Wrapping Up:

Finally, we have learned about 12 common Google Meet problems and how to fix them!! Where there is a glitch, there’s a ready solution too!!

Hope you found a suitable fix to your problem! If these steps worked for you, then don’t forget to share the post with your friends and family!

Happy Fixing!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why Is My Google Meet Connection So Bad?

This problem generally arises when you are not using a stable network connection to join GoogleMeet. Make sure you are connected to a good internet connection.

Q. Why Do I Keep Getting Kicked Off From GoogleMeet?

If you are using a Chrome Book, make sure your Google Meet Extension is turned off, to avoid this problem.

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