7 Most Common Zoom Problems And How To Solve Them?

Common Zoom Problems

Telecommuting has become more common than ever as a lot of businesses are using videoconferencing as a mode to be in touch with their staff!! Zoom, along with various online meeting tools facilitate this more than ever before, but they’re not always the best solution for the problems of working at home. Breakages and bugs could hinder the enjoyment of a successful video conference. Learn about various common zoom problems and how to solve them!!

Problems or glitches while using an online social platform are totally uncertain. Just like Google Duo and Hangouts, many people have experienced certain glitches with Zoom video calls as well! While there are service interruptions that you cannot control, however, you can resolve common zoom problems on your own. 

In order to help you get your Zoom calls back to normal, we’ve put together the most encountered common Zoom problems and how to solve them in step-by-step directions. Analyze each problem closely and see what solution works for you the best!

Common Zoom Problem 1: Audio Or Webcam Not Working On Zoom

Common Zoom Problems: Audio Or Webcam Not Working On Zoom
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There is nothing more frustrating than having your camera or audio device not function properly during a Zoom call. If your webcam does not show up or is selected, but it isn’t working with Zoom Try some of these simple suggestions to solve common zoom problems first.

 #1 Solution: Check Zoom Settings

In the pop-up window that asks to verify a meeting’s ID before you join a conference make sure that the following settings are not checked:

  • Do Not Connect to Audio
  • Turn Off Your Video

This lets you join a conversation by having your audio and video-enabled.

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#2 Solution: Stop The Other Apps Related To It.

If your webcam doesn’t show up, ensure that the other applications that utilize the webcam are shut down. Zoom might not be able to use the camera when it’s accessible by a different program.

#3 Solution: Test The Video And Audio

If your webcam or audio isn’t working properly, you can test your audio and video with Zoom by following this link. Once you’ve opened the app, you’ll be able to join a test call using the Zoom application and follow the steps that appear on the screen.

If you’ve joined through the internet (or to check your webcam’s location within the main Zoom application) it is possible to choose your webcam by pressing Start Video (it could appear to Stop Video if you’re in an audio call) on the lower toolbar. If your screen is blank, you can click an Arrow adjacent to the video camera icon and select the same as System

#4 Solution: Go Through The Settings On Your PC

Sometimes, the issue may not be Zoom in any way. If you’re running Windows 10 PC or Mac it could be that the webcam is blocked. This can be fixed by checking your app’s permissions to ensure that you have permissions for the Zoom application or your web browser can access your webcam.

On the internet specifically, it is possible to test the setting you have set by restarting the call and making sure to press Allow when asked regarding the microphone and camera access.

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#5 Solution: Reinstall Zoom

One of the best ways to solve common zoom problems like these is to download Zoom again and install it again if none of the above-mentioned tips worked for you!

Common Zoom Problem 2: Echoes During Zoom Call

Common Zoom Problems
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Another one of the common Zoom problems is the sound echo that occurs during meetings. If you experience an echo in the audio or feedback There are three possible reasons.

#1 Solution: Limit Input

A person might have both a telephone and computer audio on simultaneously. In this scenario, request them to remove one audio source in favor of the other. They’ll either end the phone call or leave the audio on PC at the time of the call by pressing the Up arrow beside the microphone icon, and then selecting Leave Computer Audio.

#2 Solution: Moving External Speakers

Telephone or computer speakers could be too close to the other. The two speakers are too close to get away from each other or request them to disengage from the audio conference or turn off audio from their device.

#3 Solution: Turn Off Any Additional Audio

Multiple computers that have active audio may be in the same room. Also, you can ask the two individuals who are close to each other to separate. Ask one to step away from the audio conference or turn off the audio on their device.

Common Zoom Problem 3: Zoom Keeps Lagging Or Freezing During Meetings

Common Zoom Problems: Zoom Keeps Lagging Or Freezing During Meetings
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The presence of freezing and lags usually indicates an issue with your Internet connection. For common zoom problems like these, you need to try the following hacks!

#1 Solution: Switch The Connection

If you are using a mobile device move to a location that has a higher speed connection to check if this will help. For PCs, make sure to use an Ethernet connection. Otherwise, you can connect to your router’s location and connect to 5 GHz as it’s more efficient as well as (typically) less busy.

#2 Solution: Test The Speed Of The Connection

Try to find the best speed for your internet connection to ensure a smooth video chat. If you are talking to multiple participants in a group setting, you need a download speed to be around 1 Mbps and upload speeds of around 800 Kbps. You can test your speed with an instant speed test on the internet. If you find that your speed is not satisfactory then repeat test 1.

#3 Solution: Adjust The Zoom Settings

Check your Enable HD and Touch Up My Appearance options from the Video tab in Settings. This can reduce the bandwidth requirements that your video connection needs (and the load on your hardware) and will help you solve issues with slowness.

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Common Zoom Problem 4: Unable To Use Shared Screen On Zoom

Common Zoom Problems: Unable To Use Shared Screen On Zoom
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The sharing of your screens is an essential aspect of numerous Zoom calls. It’s as simple as hitting Share Screen in the lower right corner of the page. If you’re looking to share your screen during a phone call make sure you check the following settings first.

#1 Solution: Make Sure You Are Connected To Good Connection

Sharing your screen consumes plenty of bandwidth. Be sure you’ve got an internet connection that is reliable in addition to being connected to the phone.

#2 Solution: Create An Online Meeting Using Share Screen

On the home screen click the Down arrow beside New Meeting and remove the check mark Start With Video. The meeting will start with just audio, thereby freeing bandwidth. Your video won’t be automatically switched on.

If you’re in a conversation and want to show your monitor, you can turn off your video by hitting on the stop Video button and then click “Share” in green. Screen button.

Common Zoom Problem 5: No Remote Control During Screen Sharing On Zoom

No Remote Control During Screen Sharing On Zoom
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If you share your screen, viewers are able to request remote control in order to help solve a problem or explain the procedure more clearly. 

This tool is described in the form of Request Remote Control under View Options and is available anytime while sharing your screen. If you’re trying to activate remote control but it’s not functioning properly there could be a number of reasons to think about.

#1 Solution: Use Remote Control

It is likely that your sharer (host) isn’t acquiescing to this request. A notice will be displayed on their screen and they will have to select Allow to allow remote control.

#2 Solution: Make Sure You Don’t Mess Up On The PC Hosting You

The person sharing the screen (host) might be interrupting the process. Technically, the user sharing their screen may end the remote control at any point by simply clicking their mouse. Make sure to leave the computer hosting the remote to itself while the viewer takes over the remote control.

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#3 Solution: Find A Compatible Device

It’s possible that you’re on an unsuitable device. iPad or Android phones, for instance, do not currently allow remote control for remote controls.

Common Zoom Problem 6: Not Receiving Any Emails From Zoom

Not Receiving Any Emails From Zoom
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Another one of the most common zoom problems is that you aren’t able to receive emails from Zoom. This includes notifications and activation emails. They typically take about 30 minutes to be delivered and may be delayed for longer. If your email doesn’t show up it is important to check that your email account is set up correctly.

#1 Solution: Contact The IT Department

Most of the time, this won’t be an issue you can fix and you’ll have to contact the IT department to block Zoom’s IP addresses for email. In the event that users are using Gmail or an email service for personal use Check your spam account also. Mails will come from [email protected].

Common Zoom Problem #7: Zoom Stops Working

Zoom Stops Working
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One of the most-reported common zoom problems is that Zoom stops working! If Zoom is shutting down completely, check whether these solutions can help.

#1 Solution: Look For Service Problems

Check the status of Zoom Service and Downdetector for confirmation that there’s a regional issue. Sometimes, there are server issues or platform maintenance that could cause the service to be unavailable for a time. It is best to wait for this to happen if it is the situation.

#2 Solution: Use The Web Version

Use the internet version if you think the issue isn’t local. If your internet connection is adequate the app is slightly more reliable when the app you have installed is having issues.

#3 Solution: Check Zoom Settings

Sometimes Zoom is prone to confusion about the audio and video settings. When it’s trying using the webcam connection to output audio for instance it can often begin to crash. Be sure that your video connections are connected to your webcam. Also, should it be necessary, the audio be routed to the connected speakers?

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Wrapping Up:

Viola!! Finally, we have learned about all the 7 common zoom problems and ways how to fix them!! Tell us in the comments section which hacks worked best for you!

If you like these trips and hacks do share them with your friends and family members! Stay tuned for more fun facts and hacks!

Until then Happy Fixing!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why Is My Zoom Breaking Up?

Your zoom application might not be working properly because your internet connection might not be stable. Or maybe you are running more than one application on your device at the same time!

Q. How Do I Make Zoom Run Better?

In order to make your zoom run better try these tips:
1. Use the best Internet connection.
2. Mute your microphone when you’re not speaking.
3. Disable HD webcam video.
4. If you are using WiFi, check your router.
5. Stop your webcam video when you don’t need it.

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