4 Crucially Common Problems And How To Solve Them?

Common Join.Me Problems is the best conference call software option for remote collaboration and client reach. It comes with a wide array of features as well as excellent streaming capabilities, designed to provide two functions including hosting meetings and joining meetings. However, some users have reported a few common problems that hinder smooth functioning. To learn about these common problems and how to solve them, stick to the post till last!

As part of a LogMeIn collection of offerings, this software tool comes with a simple method of online meetings. It offers impressive features such as real-time presentation, toll-free voice mobile whiteboards, instant screen sharing, in addition to other features, all at a reasonable cost. This makes it the ideal choice for small or start-up businesses.

Although, its interface is user-friendly which makes it easy for everyone, regardless of their conference calling experience! Also, the process of setting up a meeting could not be any easier! However, a lot of people don’t know how to deal with common problems and how to solve them?  Just like common Zoom problems, we have covered the suitable fixes for problems too!!

While there are more extensive alternatives, is still a great choice for people looking for high-quality and feature-rich video conferencing software that allows you to connect online in the blink of an eye. Find out more about how it stacks up against other businesses in the conference calling industry.

1. Common Problem #1: Trouble Sharing Your Screen Or A Window?

Trouble Sharing Your Screen Or A Window
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Are participants reporting problems when trying to view your shared window or screen? Most likely you are sharing a window that is running with elevated privileges.


To run with elevated privileges, right-click on the icon and select Run as administrator.

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2. Common Problem #2: “Fair Network” Or “Poor Network” When Calling In By Computer?

"Fair network" or "Poor Network" When Calling In By Computer
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Are you being told “fair network” or “poor network” on screen when you try to call or join the meeting?


To improve your call, try this:

  • Turn off your webcam.
  • Close applications you aren’t using.
  • If all else fails, call in by phone (Not computer/VoIP).

3. Common Problem #3: “Invalid Conference ID” Message When Dialing In

 "Invalid Conference ID" Message When Dialing In
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Are you being told “Invalid Conference ID” when dialing into the audio conference bridge?


You may have accidentally dialed the wrong code! Try the code again. When the message plays back, make sure it repeats the code you dialed

4. Common Problem #4: Busy Signal

Common Problem #4: Busy Signal
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Since too many participants try to join the link at the same time, the signal might run busy when you try to join the a meeting. You can wait for some time and keep trying again to join. Or try this solution!


  • Make sure you dialed the correct phone number.
  • If still receiving a busy signal, select another number from the list or from the drop down box in the phone section. The Good And The Bad

Everything has its both good and bad! Here are the good and bad aspects of Join. me! Find the most popular features as well as the most common issues that users face today!

The Good/ Advantages Of Join.Me

The Good about using
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1. Higher Maximum Limit. After combining together with GoToMeeting, LogMeIn increased the maximum number of participants in the conference calls. Previously, there was a Lite Plan that allowed up to five people in a conference and was then canceled. The new plans allow 150 participants and up to 3000 people for meetings.

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2. Feature-rich Audio and Video Calling Solution. It provides feature-rich audio and video conferencing that is unlimited in duration and allows each participant to connect from any device. It includes desktops as well as mobile phones. If you’d like to connect to an uninvolved conference you are able to make that happen, too.

3. Clear Audio and Video Quality. People have always adored the crystal clear audio quality and the perfect video clarity offered by You won’t have to be concerned about awkward moments in which your colleague’s face and voice are frozen during a meeting.

4. Calendar App Integrations. Setting up and scheduling conference calls is easy using due to effortless integrations to calendar applications such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook as well as Office 365.

5. Easy and Efficient Remote Collaboration. The paid plans all give you access to numerous beneficial and helpful features that help facilitate collaboration between remote teams. In addition to instant screen sharing, reviewing, and sharing documents, to demonstrating the products you offer to potential buyers all of it is possible through Join. me. It also offers webinars and screen sharing in large groups, making it simpler to distribute presentations, and many more.

6. Mobile Whiteboard Facilitates Remote Collaboration. It is an innovative mobile whiteboard, which lets teams work in real-time on projects of any kind. The users can edit and draw on, and annotate and even add photos to their whiteboard at the same time.

7. Top-Notch Security. All of your data-voice or video is secured by 256-bit TLS encryption to safeguard your information from malicious third-party attackers. Also, none of the information is stored on the server of the software, and all recordings are encrypted in the process of being stored. The software will provide a random number every time we begin the meeting again, which minimizes the chance of non-invited guests being able to access the meeting. The locking feature for meetings is an additional benefit.

8. Easy Presentations With Full Control. Presenters have full control over the quality of their audio and video. They can turn off and on participants at any time, and decide who has their cameras switched on and off. Switching presenters during meetings is effortless.

9. No Need To Download App. The download of either the program or app isn’t required. If you’d like to see another’s screen you can do it simply by clicking on the URL. No requirement to install

The Bad/ Disadvantages Of

cons of using
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1. No Free Plan: The following merging with GoToMeeting the Free plan has been canceled. If you want to experience’s collaboration tools, you’ll need to sign to any of their paid-for plans. This could be a hassle for those who would rather test the software prior to purchasing. The good thing is that all are priced competitively.

2. Insufficient Advanced Features: has stated in their public statements that their main focus is on reducing conference calls. Although you’ll get diverse administrative features, don’t expect anything extravagant or sophisticated. The tools are all simple and designed to simplify video conferences.

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3. Customer Support Needs Improvement: While customer support isn’t too bad, could undoubtedly do better. The support phone is frequently full with lengthy wait times, and there are no email support options. However, there’s an entire self-help resource library that is packed with helpful information to assist in solving typical issues.

4. Mobile App Needs Work: A few users have commented on the fact that audio and video quality decreases when using the mobile app using cellular data even when there is a strong signal. We hope that the team will work on improving this mobile app to fix the problems.

5. Random Glitches: is prone to glitches at times, which in turn results in calls being disconnected in a flash of light. The screen may even be frozen randomly. While the frequency of glitches is not too high, it could be a bit annoying for those who use it, particularly those who are talking to potential clients and trying to create a great first impression.

6. No Video Call Recording-Only Audio: offer call recording however, it is not in terms of traditional usage. You can only record the audio component of your calls, not the video. It is interesting to note that any elements of a conversation that involve screen sharing can be recorded and is able to be viewed later.

7. Small Video Bubbles: Although most people like the bubble design, yet, some think they’re too small. The small video bubbles leave much to be desired by those who would like to chat with others who don’t have screen sharing.

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Wrapping Up:

But, is still a company to reckon with in online meetings. Be aware that when you purchase the services of Join. me, you’ll need to choose from GoToMeeting’s pricing.

A majority of users will be satisfied with the Join. me experience due to its ease of use as well as its feature-rich offerings, top audio, and video quality.

Hope you are now well aware of common problems and how to solve them!! Do share the post with your friends and on social media! Stay tuned for more hacks!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I Host Multiple Meetings At The Same Time On allows one active meeting at one time.

Q. What To Do If I Can’t Join The Meeting?

You can request the meeting code from the organizer or restart your device and see if that works. The network connection can also be a cause why you are unable to join meetings. Make sure you are using a stable network connection.

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