How To Solve 6 Most Common Skype Problems? Quick Hacks To Try!

Common Skype Problems and how to solve them

Alongside FaceTime and WhatsApp, Skype is one of the most used video chat applications!! However, the use of Microsoft software isn’t always a success!! Here are the most common Skype problems and reliable hacks to fix them!! Yeah, it truly sucks having an interrupted important call, but we do know the fix, right?

Skype, like many devices in the technologically advanced world, has its downtime and good time again. Like our mobile phones, Skype also has its moments of being faulty. In one moment, we may be having a great time talking to our long-distance sibling on Skype, but in the next moment, the glitches can ruin the experience. There are issues with our automobiles, televisions, and printers, the list goes on!! Technology isn’t 100% reliable. It can be extremely frustrating at times. 

With Skype in our thoughts, we’ve looked at some of the most common Skype problems and how to solve them in a step-by-step guide! You can simply spot the error you are falling while using Skype and try the mentioned solution for the same!

This way you can enjoy an uninterrupted experience using Skype and meeting and greeting your long-distance bestie, virtually! Ready to explore the problems and their fixes? Let’s dive in!!

Common Skype Problem #1: Unsteady Or Distorted Call

Common Skype Problem #1: Unsteady Or Distorted Call
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One of the most common Skype problems is distorted network connection!
You are on an important call, and suddenly your screen runs blank! Urgh!!! Not again!

A video or audio call that has been distorted, stuck, or even crashed is one of the common Skype problems reported by users!


The internet connection of your computer or that of your contact partner is probably to experience issues. Use the DSL speed tests to find out whether it is the case or not! 

If the results aren’t in line with your expected performance, then the slow line could become the bottleneck that affects internet calls made via Skype. In this scenario, the network might become overloaded. But, you may be able to employ some techniques to boost the speed of your slow Internet connections.

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Common Skype Problem #2: Forgot Your Username Or Password

Wait! What? You can’t sign in to Skype because you can’t recall accessing your data?


In this scenario, it is recommended to change the information. Generally speaking, you must be in a position to access the phone number or email address that is associated with your Skype account. 

In the article, we have explained how to reset your Skype account. For that stay tuned till the end!

Common Skype Problem #3: The Camera Or Microphone Isn’t Working

Another one of the most reported common Skype problems is the interrupted camera or microphone connection. Have you faced a camera and/or microphone that does not function during video or audio calls?


In the beginning, you must make sure that the correct hardware is chosen when you go to your Skype settings. Particularly, if you are using Skype on your PC, it could be that the wrong component has been chosen. 

If you are unsure check out the said settings. The test phone for free will assist you in determining the correct setting. If it doesn’t work it is recommended to examine the settings on your mobile or computer. Skype might not be able to access the microphone or camera. 

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Common Skype Problem #4: Can’t Establish A Connection

Common Skype Problems - Can't Establish A Connection
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Even with the correct access credentials but you aren’t able to log into the account on your Skype account? Perhaps you’ve tried using Skype on your device before, but you were unable to connect? 

Tried using the Skype app on your phone in the past but were unable to send or receive messages? It could be that there are issues in connecting to the Skype server.


In the first place, you must determine if Skype is currently experiencing a larger issue that is affecting the users. You can determine it by looking at the Skype error report. 

If this suggests that there’s an issue, you need to wait until the service provider can fix the issue. If there isn’t any interference in Skype on its own, then the issue is yours.

Common Skype Problem #5: Skype’s Loud Notifications For Everything

Skype likes a loud notification however, not everyone does! It’s just another one of the most common Skype problems that users face!


To turn them off or stop them, select Tools, then Options, then Notifications, and then the settings for notifications. After that, remove the notifications you don’t like.

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Common Skype Problem #6: When Skype Replaces The Phone Numbers Displayed In Your Browser Using ‘Click To Call Buttons’

Another annoying and different issue is that the “Click to call button” on your browser. Urg!!! It can be a source of irritation for some users. It’s included as a default feature, but worry not, it can be removed easily.


In the first place, you must remove Skype click to call. After that, you should check the browser to see if there are any add-ons. In the event that Skype Call to call is present there, turn it off. 

Once you’ve completed that, open Skype again, and then click Tools> Option> Advanced Options, and ensure that the upper two boxes aren’t checked.

Since to fix each Skype bug, you need to reset or reinstall the Skype app. Why don’t you learn How to reset Skype to ensure the smooth functioning of your application without having to worry about any types of bugs or errors?

How To Reset Skype? 

How To Reset Skype? 
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If you reset an application its information will return back to the initial state. This could help fix the crash issue, especially when the Skype files were corrupted. However, the flip side is that you’ll lose your application preferences as well as Skype information. So, be sure to back up any important files or chats before your reset Skype.

Make sure to record your login information too! You’ll need to input your account details following the time Skype is reset.

Use these instructions to reset Skype for Windows 10:

  1. Open “Settings” on your device.
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. Find Skype via the Google search function. It is also possible to manually search for the application from the list.
  4. Next, you need to click on “Skype” to access the larger view.
  5. Select the “Advanced” options.
  6. Scroll down, and then click on the “Reset” option. And it’s done!

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Wrapping Up:

These were some of the most common Skype problems and how to solve them. If these fixes worked for you, do share the post with your friends and family too!! If you have faced any other issue with Skype other than the above-mentioned errors, do share your experience in the comments section below! We would love to provide you with the solution for that!

Until then, Happy Fixing!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Is The Reason Why My Skype Keeps Freezing?

There is no particular reason to be aware of the cause that leads to Skype crashes for certain users. The majority of crashes reported come from Windows 10 users after system updates. A different factor that can cause frequent crashes within Skype could be compatibility issues and damaged files, or malware.

Q. How Can I Reinstall Skype On My Computer?

Go to the Skype website and click “Get Skype,” select your operating system, after that click “download Skype”, to reinstall the problem.

Q. Can I Reactivate My Skype Account?

Steps: Log into your account. Select Reactivate Credit. Be aware that if you’re using an iPhone or iPad and the option to activate credit isn’t available, you might need to delete the cookies and history on your device before logging in to sign in a

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