8 Most Common Zoho Problems And How To Solve Them!!

Common Zoho Problems and how to solve them

Working with one client and having no staff to attend to other clients at the same time? Chances are that you’ll miss the opportunity to satisfy customers! That’s where Zoho steps in! Zoho mostly focuses on managing customers, so its main goal is to provide customers with more attention and speedy response. But there’s a flaw to every good thing too! That is why this article is specifically designed to address common Zoho problems and how to solve them!

If technology can perform tasks automatically, there is no reason to spend time and effort doing it manually!! It is difficult to identify customers manually and review the details of previous interactions is an inefficient use of time. But, Zoho is a breeze to solve a variety of customer complaints that are received from a variety of channels.  Everything appears effortless and smooth, don’t you think?

However, you must not overlook the nebulous glitches that can make it difficult to run your work! Don’t worry! We care for you and your business needs! This is why we have got you covered with common Zoho problems and how to solve them! With Zoho, it is possible to expand your business anywhere in the world.  So, why not make the best use of it?

While you dream to expand your business to new heights, it’s important to be prepared for any kind of uncertain glitches and problems that comes along the way! Have a look at these common Zoho problems and how to fix them for a super-smooth inclined business growth graph!

Common Zoho Problems And Recommended Solutions

Common Zoho Problems And Recommended Solutions
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Not to waste much time further, here are the top 8 of the common Zoho problems and their solutions!! 

Spot the error and fix it!

1. Zoho Problem #1: Unable To Access CRM From Phone.

Imagine that you need to check the history of your client’s contact details when you’re on the way to a meeting or even away from your desk, but you aren’t able to connect to your CRM via your phone. Ugh!! How to fix this?


Choose an online CRM that is mobile. This will help you access the application via your phone!

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2. Zoho Problem #2: Team Is Unable To Cope-Up With Zoho’s Working

It could be due to insufficient procedures or lack of instruction that the team doesn’t comprehend or is unable to understand how to use the most important capabilities of your CRM. It isn’t easy to convince your employees to become fully using your CRM.


Reduce time spent by keeping track of everything from phone calls to emails and even meeting logs between. Zoho is a complete solution that allows your team to get the most out of the CRM. 

Make sure you have a program to educate your staff on the advantages and usage-cases prior to jumping into the deep end head-first. Based on our experience, this has really made a significant difference in the overall acceptance and use. 

Create a solid procedure for your team and get flexible solutions for the business process you are using. Start off with a solid foundation by sign-up for an implementation plan from Zoho.

3. Zoho Problem #3: CRM Doesn’t Integrate With Other Software!

Common Zoho Problems: CRM Doesn’t Integrate With Other Software!
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Are you constantly flipping between tabs, browsers, or applications and wasting a lot of time logging in, or resetting lost passwords? Is it simply another program you have to control?

Well, this is one of the most common Zoho problems reported by users!


Find an all-in-one solution like Zoho one!!

This is especially the case for marketing and sales teams that use various applications daily. From CRM, email apps for social media posting, and many more it’s an overwhelming task keeping track of everything. Zoho One has 35+ integrated apps that include everything from CRM to emails and inventory to documents and many others.

4. Common Zoho Problem #4: Training Costs

Every penny counts in business. You cannot afford to overlook the costs of training associated with the process of implementing Zoho CRM. It will surely eat into your budget if you’ve not thought of this expense prior to the implementation. 

Zoho CRM is a challenge to learn and may reduce the efficiency of sales processes if you do not have any training program. So, any extra expense should not be overlooked. 


Finally, you must manage your finances carefully. Be aware that training is an investment to ensure long-term improvements. Choose a training budget that is based on Zoho CRM. Also, perform a cost-benefit study before making any decision regarding the method of training.

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Other Zoho Business Problems And Their Solutions!

Zoho has been an amazing lead for so many top businesses ideas out there. Not just does it provide you with the best customer experience but it has also been proved to show visible results for business growth for the past so many years!

As a stakeholder, you’ll have so many doubts while trusting this application, that’s totally justified. So, we complied some generic problems that you might be facing as a business owner using Zoho, which are discussed below along with their rational solutions. Have a look!

5. Zoho Business Problem #1: Incompatible Systems

Prior to installing an entirely fresh system (like Zoho CRM), it is important to consider the information that you’ve got in your old system. Old systems could include things including email accounts, MS-Excel Files and Call Records, Other CRM Software, and even your notebook. 

It is sometimes difficult to make two distinct systems communicate. “System” here does not restrict itself to channels for communication but includes all the components in the sales cycle.


The initial issue with compatibility is easily solved by consulting the vendor. The first step is to choose the right vendor. Secondly, request an initial period of support post-implementation from them.

You can avoid useless and costly features within the CRM when you know your business from head to toe. Do not let the vendor decide what features you want, rather be specific about what you want. It doesn’t mean you need to be aware of all of the components, and I’m only suggesting you conduct your own research.

6. Zoho Business Problem #2: Data Security

One of the most common Zoho business problems always remains data security! Sure, no business wants to hamper the security of their clients at any cost!

In-office, it’s one of the most important questions to ask prior to the introduction of any software “Is it secure? Do we have confidence in this program?” Of course, Zoho CRM is secure and can be trusted. However, there are a few steps that you must be sure to take to keep your information secure and to avoid losing sensitive information to competitors.


There is always the risk of data leakage if you allow an external application to have all the information about your sales. However, Zoho CRM is believed by many as a safe platform.

7. Zoho Business Problem #3: Learning Curve

Common Zoho Problems: Learning Curve
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Certain business owners are frustrated while using Zoho CRM. They begin to expect results from the next day of the installation. The employees should remember it is an important decision and not a once-off event. 

It takes some time to allow your staff members to master and become proficient in using CRM. The results are not going to be achieved immediately. Being calm and collected is a major challenge at this point.


Everyone is likely to have different speeds and learning styles within your company. Therefore, with the support of your HR team determine the appropriate materials, the program, and the schedule for the training plans. Talk to professional trainers and remain patient with your workers.

8. Zoho Business Problem #4: Uncertainty

You never know how your business graph will go after 3 months or 6 months. When you trust any app or tool for your business growth, the problem of uncertainty always remains on the top list. The same is the case with Zoho!


It’s ironic to say that the solution is “find the problem.” If you believe that one of the mentioned problems is affecting your company, or there’s another thing that is causing problems in your sales process, then only half the work is accomplished. 

The implementation of CRM can be a lengthy approach and not a one-time solution. Thus, you must determine the issue you’re trying to address using CRM and whether it’s worth it to invest in CRM.

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Wrapping Up:

From employees who use their CRM (properly) to finding a CRM that is suitable for the entire team within your organization these are our top 8 most frequently asked common Zoho problems and their solutions!

If these tips worked for you, don’t forget to share them with your friends!! Keep reading for more amazing solution-oriented posts! Until then Happy Fixing!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Zoho Hard To Use?

It takes time to familiarize yourself with the product, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. Getting started with Zoho CRM is simple.

Q. How Reliable Is Zoho?

Zoho Mail is one of the most reliable email services available. It performs very well, with a responsive, streamlined user interface.

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