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Coolest Tech Wearables At CES 2022

What comes to your mind when you hear the word tech wearables? Smartwatches, Smart glasses, and cool headsets? Right? Fair! However, at CES, wearables fall into an entirely different category. They cover everything including “hearables” to smart rings and even futuristic prototype devices that will never appear in the marketplace. Want to know about these Coolest Tech Wearables At CES 2022? Stick to the post till last!

In addition to smartwatches, this year we were able to see interesting smart glass designs and a plethora of strange smart masks. Where the main highlights were on the latest emerging technologies and virtual reality like Metaverse. Cool trending tech gadgets weren’t hard to find in mega tech event CES 2022

That’s why we have compiled a fulfilling list of the coolest tech wearables at CES 2022 ranging from Earbuds to the latest PCs! For all the tech titans, CES was a pure treat. Even if we were not able to attend the CES 2022 event physically, the hype reached us virtually. So, tech junkies, ready to explore the latest tech trends and gadgets?

Here are our suggestions for wearable technology that you must know about at CES 2022. Some are already available in the market. Get ready to go and grab yours!

Best Tech Wearables At CES 2022

Whether you wish to buy some super cool tech wearables for your loved ones or want to keep an eye on the latest tech drops, here is the list for you.

These gadgets will give you all the reasons to spend a good amount of money to buy them. Ready to explore? Let’s dig in then!

1. Fossil Gen 5 LTE

Fossil Gen 5 LTE

Finally, we have a mobile wear OS smartwatch with a user interface that you might actually want to use! (RIP LG Watch Sport.) 

Although we’re disappointed to see that the new Fossil watch isn’t equipped with the Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip, it’s an important step forward for Fossil and, in turn, Wear OS. 

It’s true that it’s only available to Android users who are on Verizon and T-Mobile. It’s surely keeping pace with the ability of Samsung and Apple to connect to cellular networks.

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2. Skagen Jorn

Skagen Jorn

Hybrid smartwatches haven’t been around for long. In fact, hybrid watches made by the Fossil brand aren’t brand new. However, the Skagen Jorn is just a beautiful watch, and its e-ink display offers us nostalgic Pebble impressions. 

Fossil has also introduced some new features, such as challenges and competitions, as well as an uninterrupted mode. This makes it one of the best tech wearables at CES 2022.

3. Mudra Band

For all the apple watch lovers, here’s another gig!!

The $80 Apple Watch strap has a unique feature that lets you control the watch with hand movements. Inside it is composed of a number of sensors that are able to detect electrochemical signals that come from your brain. 

These signals are then processed through an algorithm that is able to identify your specific finger movements. For example, you can pinch your fingertips to respond to a message using your wrist, or move your fingers to skip a track. There are a lot of such simple situations that can be used in everyday life however, this technology has many accessibility-related applications, too.

Isn’t it one of the best tech gadgets at CES 2022?

4. JLab JBuds

Open-ear headphones have been built into frames for eyeglasses before. (Hello, Bose Frames!) But, what’s cool about JLab JBuds is that they’re not incorporated inside the frames. 

They’re clip-ons for $50 that allows you to transform your existing sunglasses (or ordinary glasses) into “smart” glasses. 

5. AirPop Active+ Halo Sensor

AirPop Active+ Halo Sensor

Perhaps Razer’s RGB smart mask is more flashy but it’s also a prototype device. It’s an actual product, and it’s quite smart, to boot. The mask itself is equipped with a Halo sensor within the mask which then connects via Bluetooth to your mobile. 

The mask will track your breathing data as well as provide live information about the quality of air and your location. It even lets you know which air pollutants it is blocking via an application. It’ll remind you to change your filter and it can be used in “Active Mode” to track the number of breaths you take per minute, per hour, etc. while you’re exercising. 

It’s powered by a coin battery, meaning you don’t have to recharge it and it works with iOS as well as Android. The device has four filters and is expected to be released in January for $150.

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6. Vuzix Next Generation Smart Glasses

Vuzix Next Generation Smart Glasses

Vuzix has been part of the smart glasses market for quite some time. These glasses stand out for their design, which isn’t something from the sci-fi genre, but still, have an interesting technology. 

The glasses feature “waveguides with holographic optics,” lasers, and micro-LED displays which can function indoors as well as outdoors, with open ear audio, and noise-canceling microphones. 

Vuzix claims that they’re capable of combining “most smartphone and smartwatch capabilities” and anticipates the glasses to become available in the second half of this year.

7. Lenovo ThinkReality A3

Lenovo ThinkReality A3

This AR Lenovo headset is leaning toward the “glasses of the future” style. Are they fashionable? No, not at all. Are they designed for regular customers? It’s not. This is more geared towards business customers. 

And guess what? It’s remarkable that it can support up to five 1080p stereoscopic displays. It also has an 8-megapixel RGB camera, and two fish-eye cameras to track rooms in a single frame. It is also able to connect to your computer or some Motorola smartphones. They will be available by the middle of 2022.

8. Quantum Operation Inc’s Non-invasive Glucose Monitor

The particular startup based in Tokyo claims that it has invented the first glucose monitor without invasiveness that’s equipped to provide continuous and real-time monitoring. In addition to this, the company claims that it utilizes “patented spectrum sensing technology” to determine the blood sugar levels of a person through the wrist. 

This is huge for diabetics who typically have to puncture their skin with needles in order to obtain accurate blood sugar readings. This could have major implications for medical professionals since it could allow them to monitor patients remotely, especially when they reside in remote regions or don’t have the ability to travel regularly. Although this isn’t something that will be available within the next few months or weeks, it’s exciting to see this type of technology is being developed.

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9. Movano Smart Ring

The smart ring is notoriously challenging to make right. However, the new company Movano isn’t going to let that deter it. It’s coming out with a brand new smart ring that will be released later this year. We don’t know how much it will cost, however, Movano has stated that it’s seeking a price less than $299 (about PS230 or the equivalent of AU$420).

The ring boasts an impressive array of features, including the monitoring of sleep, heart rate variability, heart rate temperature, levels of respiration, blood oxygen readings, steps count, as well as calories burned. Also, the company promises that it will continue to be upgraded in the near future, too.

Ahh, definitely one of the best tech wearables at CES 2022 that we needed!!

10. The Taint Band Aid

It’s technically a wearable patch designed by Morari Medical that’s meant to zap your nether bits with some gentle electro neurostimulation. In order to prevent premature Ejaculation. 

We have seen this before, however, it was just the band-aid of a Ken doll. This year it’s real. The style has been upgraded, Bluetooth has been added and actual users have been using the device. Morari Medical is aggressively aiming to launch this device at the end of the year. Consider this to be one of the most notable devices to ever emerge from CES.

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Wrapping Up:

Damn!! Aren’t these tech wearables at CES 2022 so fascinating? Keeping the latest styles, modern touch, and fastest performance in mind, the developers did take care of the utility of these devices.

Which device did you like the most among these? Smart ring? Taint Bandaid? Or else?

Have any queries regarding these tech drops? Do reach out in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do You Think Wearable Technology Is Worth Investing In?

There are a variety of appealing names in the industry which are all enjoying accelerated revenue and earnings growth due to the growing consumer demand for their unique products. Overall, the industry of wearables is a worthwhile option for investors seeking to earn substantial gains in the years to come.

Q. What Exactly Is LTE Watch?

These watches run apps that allow you to send and receive messages even when your phone is located far away. Along with the requirement for an LTE radio, the smartwatch has to connect to the same network as the mobile.

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