CES 2022 Updates | Presenting The Future Of Technology!

CES 2022 Updates

CES has always been a hype for tech junkies, but this time the mega tech event was quite GRANDDD!!!! Though, the main focus was on metaverse, like the Hyundai Metaverse Concept. The mega tech event CES 2022, which took place between January 5th to January 8th this year, showcased awe-inspiring efforts to blend virtual and augmented reality technology in a brand new virtual world. What else took the limelight at the tech’s big event? Get every CES 2022 Updates here!

Our editors weren’t able to attend the show in person, but we had the opportunity to meet with many companies and attended every major press event virtually to gain a sense of the most exciting items that were on display in all kinds of categories at CES. Based on that information, here are the highlights of the top products that stand out in technological innovations

Having a look at CES 2022 Updates, the companies showcased the latest TVs with flashy designs. The plethora of bizarre gadgets was even more bizarre. A lot of health gadgets took the limelight in the show, like one that monitors your sleep pattern. Okay, so, no more spoilers here!!

While some of the developments provided a hopeful outlook of the future, other innovations have made that future (and even the current pandemic situation) appear more desolated. Watch out which next-gen innovative ideas took the centre stage at CES 2022 the biggest tech event!

Featured Exhibitors At CES 2022

Big companies and brands got to be a part of CES 2022’s success exhibit and they showcased their business ideas to the world. The innovative approach adopted by these companies is one to be awed by. Some of the most prominent companies that created hype during the show were multinationals such as: 

  • Bosch,
  • Intel,
  • LG,
  • Panasonic,
  • Samsung,
  • Sierra,
  • Sony,
  • Qualcomm, and many others!

Looking at the top exhibitors that were featured at CES 2022, you can already sense the variety and excitement surrounding the show. Let’s unreveil the latest showcases at CES.

CES 2022 Updates | The Best Of CES 2022

Even though tech titans can find many other ways to reach out to their audiences, CES is a crucial international event for smaller companies to connect with consumers and industry partners.

Here are the best of CES 2022 updates!

1. BMW Showcases Color Changing Cars At CES (Too Bad For Cops!)

BMW Showcases Color Changing Cars At CES

It’s like something from the sci-fi genre. You press an icon, and your car’s color will change. The device is based on E-Ink tech, somewhat along similar lines to the Kindle screen. 

This one will only switch between black, white, and shades of grey… but WOW!!!  Already looking for a preorder website? Well, you have to wait for that as of now this is just a tech demonstration.

You must also be excited about the Hyundai Metaverse Concept Will Take Us To Mars!!

2. Nvidia Introduces GeForce RTX 3050 For $249

Nvidia Introduces GeForce RTX 3050 For $249

With the rise of crypto miners, resellers, and chip shortages, graphics cards are difficult to find right now especially if you don’t wish to pay a massive markup. It’s only natural that a good card that is designed to be delivered at a low cost will attract lots of attention. And no doubt, it did!

It won’t be a surprise that people around the world, especially the massive gamers, would be waiting for this release with their mouths open.

3. Nvidia Expands It’s GeForce Now Game Streaming Platform

Nvidia Expands It’s GeForce Now Game Streaming Platform

Nvidia offered a wealth of information about its game streaming service GeForce Now. The platform will now be the hub for launching new games as well as avail free memberships to selected AT&T customers.  You can also enjoy plans to integrate it with Samsung TVs.

4. Meet Bob The Adorable Dishwasher – Every Homemaker’s Choice

Meet Bob The Adorable Dishwasher

Do you want a dishwasher, but you don’t have room or aren’t interested in cutting out cabinets or installing water lines? Meet Bob! 

Bob is a countertop appliance and you fill it up by using an insulated pitcher. You can also use the UV-C water-free mode to clean things such as keys, phones, or any other items that aren’t prone to getting wet. Plus it’s hella cute.

5. Power1 Offers An iPhone Battery Case  – New Home For Your AirPods

5. Power1 Offers An iPhone Battery Case  - New Home For Your AirPods

Have you ever wished that you could pack your AirPods in an iPhone and not carry around a small gadget? This case can make it happen!

This tool is quite elegant. It comes with a simple design at the back of your regular phone case, where you can keep your earphones safely. This reduces the need of carrying the Airpods case everywhere you go!

6. See Through The Smoke With Airthings View Monitors

See Through The Smoke With Airthings View Monitors

In the year 2020, many tech releases experienced changes influenced by the pandemic. Keeping the possibility of pandemics hitting again, the company that monitors air Airthings launched a program that can detect the possibility for viruses to infect the indoor air. In the present, Airthings is aiming to combat more of the numerous diseases that affect the air that we breathe.

CES 2022 introduced us to Airthings’ latest View Pollution device, priced at $199, which can detect everything from urban smog, and wildfire smoke.

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7. TCL’s Second-Gen Smart Glasses – Take A Tour To The Cinema!

TCL's Second-Gen Smart Glasses

The second-generation version of TCL’s NxtWear Air glasses isn’t virtual reality glasses like Google Glass or Apple glasses. Instead, they allow you to view any content from your smartphone via the dual micro OLEDs of 1080 pixels integrated into the lenses with the USB-C cable.

Just put on the eyeglasses and enjoy the best cinematic feel.

8. JBL’s Wireless Wonders

JBL's Wireless Wonders

Let’s not forget to mention one of the most wonderful CES 2022 updates, JBL’s wireless speakers!

The brand new $2200 bookshelf speakers come with Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi, Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast as well as Bluetooth capabilities that make them complete speakers. 

JBL says that the speakers are well-balanced to function as powered speakers to use for professional mixing. This makes them among the few speakers with connectivity that can do double duties (at the best quality) in both play and work.

9. Phones With No Buttons

Phones With No Buttons

Another amusing device everyone is looking forward to is the no-button phone! 

With piezoelectric sensors placed on phone edges, replacing physical buttons, users would be able to customize the position of the phone’s power button as well as the volume rocker. Or, the phones might come out with custom virtual buttons such as a shutter for your camera.

10. What Would You Prefer Sticky Notes Or Little LCD Tablets?

Little LCD Tablets

Analog note-taking devices have a variety of different options each with its particular set of disadvantages. Do paper and pen sound too bulky and old-fashioned? You can try a sleek, slim stylus and tablet, like this one introduced at CES 2022 event.

Do you have a problem with the pressure sensor? Consider a higher-priced alternative. You might want to try using a notebook. Boogie Board’s VersaNotes which was unveiled and launched last year, will fill the gap between “simple” and “complex.”

So, bbyee sticky notes! We got your alternative!

11. Metaverse Becomes The Centre Of Attraction – The Future Is Here!

Metaverse Becomes The Centre Of Attraction

By connecting robots to the metaverse, we will be able to move freely between both the real world and virtual reality,” claims Hyundai Motor Group’s President Chang Song in a sentence. 

After so many companies investing in Cryptos, and introducing metaverse to their platforms, no doubt augmented reality will have a huge hold in the coming future.

So many previous inventions like China’s first AI Judge, World’s First Bionic Eyes, and Omniverse have paved the way for Metaverse in the near future. Now traveling around the world, and Mars as a robot will be an entirely normal thing in the future

They say Metaverse is the future! Here is another proof! Australian Open In Decentraland: First Grand Slam In Metaverse!!

12. The AR, VR Remains In The Midst Of Simmering

The AR, VR Remains In The Midst Of Simmering

The story of VR so far is one of the gradual advancements. This year CES pushed one step further towards the future, by introducing VR in contrast to any particular device and killer app.

The biggest CES 2022 update is that CES cleverly took the hints of the coming future via the chip partnership, introduction to smart glasses, and PSVR. 

So, whether the concept of Metaverse gets into your head or not, it’s surely taking over the future!

13. Sony Investigates The Possibility Of Electric Vehicles

Sony Investigates The Possibility Of Electric Vehicles

Sony has been playing around with automobiles for a while and has been displaying new models at the last two CES events. They’ve now announced the creation of a brand new company, Sony Mobility Inc. in order to figure out how they can commercialize their EV initiatives.

14. Google Makes Your Devices Play Well Together

14. Google Makes Your Devices Play Well Together

Google’s CES announcements are focused on making your devices more compatible and easy to connect in conjunction with one another. The first step is to expand its Fast Pair technology which lets supported headphones connect in a matter of minutes using Android phones.

15. Get A Finger Ring Tracker Diabetes And Hypertension

Get A Finger Ring Tracker Diabetes And Hypertension

The fitness tracker rings are expected to debut in the second half of 2022. It’s comparable with the Oura Ring, the only other fitness tracker ring we’ve heard of. However, there are a few major variations. This invention is really a great help for the sufferers!

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Here’s a quick outlook to the best of CES 2022, gadgets, AR, VR, and wearables!

  • Phones of CES 2022: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, OnePlus 10 Pro, Vivo V23, TCL and Nokia
  • The most thrilling laptops of CES 2022: Alienware, Asus, and Razer provide us with a taste of the future.
  • Automobiles from CES 2022: It ranges from the colour-changing BMW to the Mercedes with a 1,000km range. 
  • Watches and wearables from CES 2022: Smartwatches by Fossil, Razer and Garmin.
  • Seven Garmin watches are missing from the CES 2022 (including the long-awaited Fenix 7).
  • The health technology that you didn’t even realise you needed was from CES 2022.
  • The best record players at CES 2022 show vinyl is still cool.

BIGGEST CES 2022 NEWS – Tech Wearables, Health Monitors, Laptops, Electronics, Automobiles And More!


Where the giant tech show came up with some out-of-the-box approaches, here is an overview of some of the charming collections at CES 2022!

  • Waiting for the Blackberry 5G? It’s possible that the Astro Slide could be a great alternative.
  • The Asus ROG Flow presented at CES 2022 might be the next Nintendo Switch.
  • Massage Robotics wants you to experience the warmth of robotics if that’s your style.
  • BMW has developed a car that changes colours… Yes, that’s true.
  • Ring’s latest alarm extension can hear the sound of glass breaking.

  • CyberPowerPC’s Kinetic gaming computer case actually breathes – be careful not to get your fingers stuck!
  • PlayStation VR 2 is official and comes with a brand new PSVR 2 Sense controller.
  • Cadillac InnerSpace concept is the two-seater EV that you have in your dreams.
  • Chrysler unveils its first sexy EV idea to CES 2022. But is it too far too late?
  • The GoPro for cyclists is an intelligent tail light and laser-projected bike lanes.

  • CES 2022: Big appliances are the most recent method to make your home a new look.
  • Canon’s CES 2022 launches are ambitious plans to reinvent the camera for consumers.
  • SkyDrive air taxi arrives at CES 2022. However, no one is allowed to fly within it.
  • Chevrolet’s Equinox EV’s latest design exhibits that Tesla really needs the $25k Model 2.
  • HyperX’s newest Cloud Alpha Wireless headset has almost two weeks of battery life.

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  • Volvo is using YouTube in its cars.
  • Intel already has an answer for AMD’s 3D V-cache secret weapon in CPU.
  • Could this laptop Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED actually be a laptop that folds worth the money?
  • In CES 2022, MSI updated its whole gaming laptop line-up.
  • This Alienware ultrawide display at CES 2022 has me feeling happy that my monitor is failing.

  • Do not forget your keys. Deadbolt from Schlage can be opened with an iPhone tap.
  • Vivo’s gorgeous new phones could be the most effective camera phones to take selfies.
  • Its Eufy-branded video entry doorbell can help in resolving the issue of stolen and lost packages.
  • Shokz announces the launch of bone conduction headphones that feature an increase in bass.
  • Asus’ CES 2022 lineup includes a Surface-like gaming tablet as well as a massive dual-screen laptop.

  • Samsung’s bizarre Freestyle projector is an all-purpose home cinema experience that you can take anywhere.
  • These noise-cancelling headphones may be a less expensive alternative to the Sony WH-1000XM4.
  • The first laptop from TCL has an affordable price, however, it’s not a bargain.
  • LG TVs are soon to offer access to dentists and doctors almost for a flat cost.
  • The Mercedes Vision EQXX cannot even go over the speed of 90mph. But that’s not a problem.

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  • HP’s CES 2022 lineup shows us powerful gaming PCs that cost an enticing cost.
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker taps into the sun to provide endless music.
  • LG’s Omnipod self-driving technology is the entire world in wheels.
  • Invisible headphones are just as amazing and bizarre as they sound.
  • Abode hopes to compete with Ring with its battery-powered, low-cost video doorbell.

  • AT&T customers can now enjoy an unbeatable six months of Nvidia GeForce Now.
  • Intel Alder Lake laptop CPUs appear to be awe-inspiring at CES 2022. But can AMD.
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti price, specs and leaks – everything we can know.
  • OnePlus 10 Pro launch date and the design is revealed However, it won’t be available to purchase it.
  • Throw away the batteries! Samsung’s brand new remote utilizes your Wi-Fi connection to charge the batteries.

  • Garmin unveils the Vivomove Sport hybrid watch, as well as that long-awaited Venu 2 Plus.
  • Alienware developed a concept gaming server to compete with the streaming of games on PC at CES 2022.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is now officially available after several months of delays.
  • Hisense may have just announced the top mid-range TV in 2022.
  • Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a solar-powered EV with an enormous range as well as an impressive 47.5-inch 8K display.
  • The 2022 Samsung QLED TV line utilizes Shape Adaptive Light Control to provide near-pixel-perfect contrast.
  • This mirror with smart technology will have all the answers and you can also play your music.
  • There’s a possibility that LG could show off its latest OLED.EX televisions during CES 2022.
  • Jabra Elite 4 launches before CES 2022. They could be ideal for running earbuds.
  • Microsoft Joins in the conga line businesses quitting on the CES 2022 show floor.
  • Samsung will bring its first HDR10gaming displays to CES 2022.

  • The new tablet from TCL to be released for CES 2022 is like a Kindle however, it’s in colour.
  • Hey, gamers! Samsung’s QLED TVs in 2022 can automatically set themselves up to be calibrated.
  • Kura Gallium, perhaps the most exciting AR headset to date, is scheduled to be released at CES 2022.
  • AMD is set to release information about the ‘phenomenal’ new-gen Zen 4 processors in CES 2022.
  • LG is providing the flexible OLED to an enthralling, dynamic chair.

Daymmnn!! The hype is truly real!

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Wrapping Up:

No doubt, the world is headed towards a better place and better inventions in the near future. CES 2022 updates gave us a realistic view of how our future will look post 5-10 years.

Out of all the greatest tech launches at CES 2022, which one are you looking forward to? Do comment down your favorites in the comments below.

Share these speculations with all the tech titans. Let’s hope for the best to come!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is CES 2022 Open To the General Public?

No, CES is not open to the general public. It’s open only to tech traders, and industry professionals. 

Q. How Much Is CES 2022?

The registration fee ranges from $100-$300 for general attendees.

Q. What Were The Dates Of CES 2022?

CES 2022 took place between January 5 to January 8, 2022.

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