Dyson Bluetooth Headphones With Built-In Air Purifier Mask

dyson air purifying air headphones

What will be your reaction if you are told that two of the most used things in daily life are now going to come in a collaborated form? We are talking about Bluetooth headphones and air purifier masks. Yes, Dyson is about to introduce Dyson Air Purifying Headphones.

Music is such an important part of life that one loves to listen to it even for the whole day. The best experience for listening to music comes with wireless Bluetooth headphones which have a good sound quality and do not come with the trouble of dealing with wires. Another thing that has become a part of our lives since the Covid-19 pandemic is the face masks that you need to wear all the time if you are outside your home. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you get both the facilities in a single product? A Bluetooth headphone with a built-in air purifier mask! Sounds amazing, right? 

Are you also excited about this new product that is soon going to launch and be available to you? Let us, in this article, everything in detail about these wireless headphones with built-in air purifier masks. 

What Is Dyson Bluetooth Headphone With Built-In Air Purifier Mask

The Bluetooth headphones with built-in air purifier masks, that have been announced, are a great innovation by Dyson which includes headphones along with a mask that purifies air for you. These headphones are named “The Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones”. 

The air today is so polluted that it has become difficult to escape from the harmful effects that it can cause if we breathe in it. The situation has become so adverse that it is risky to even breathe freely. And to add on to it, the Coronavirus didn’t leave a chance. It has become important to purify the air before you inhale it. 

Taking this issue into consideration, Dyson has worked for around six years on this technology and after over 500 attempts, they finally have become successful in developing the appropriate device. 

These Bluetooth headphones with built-in air purifier masks not only purify the air you take but also the audio that comes into your air. 

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What Do The Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones Look Like

What Do The Dyson Air-Purifying Headphones Look Like

The Bluetooth headphones with built-in air purifying masks have an interesting appearance that will add to your looks. These headphones are uniquely designed, unlike any of the headphones or masks that you would have ever used. The appearance of these headphones plus masks is more like that of the mask that the Batman villain, Bane, wore in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. Now you can get an idea of how popular these air-purifying headphones are going to get both because of their appealing appearance and their functionalities. 

How Do Dyson Air Purifying Headphones Work?

How Do Dyson Air Purifying Air Headphones Work

Now the thing is, how does this technology work to provide you with fresh air as well as pure audio through these Bluetooth headphones plus air purifier masks?

These masks have two main parts, the visor and the headphones, which will purify your air and audio without even coming in direct contact with your nose and mouth. In the device that Dyson has developed, compressors have been used that are present in each of the ear cups. These compressors will project two streams of purified air, one towards the nose of the wearer and the other towards the mouth. 

Dyson has claimed that these Dyson air-purifying headphones will come with the capacity to filter up to 99% of pollution present in the air you breathe. 

If the user just wants to use the headphones and not the visor for purifying it, then it can also be done by detaching the visor and using just the headphone device. 

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Are The Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones Effective Against The Corona Virus

Are The Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones Effective Against The Corona Virus

These Bluetooth headphones with built-in air purifier masks introduced by Dyson are designed specifically for purifying the pollution particles present in the air. It is not sure that they will also provide protection against the Coronavirus. If you are planning to get and use the Zone air-purifying headphones, then make sure that you use a Covid-effective mask underneath the Zone mask to ensure your safety. 

How Much Do The Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Mask Cost

How Much Do The Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Mask Cost

There has not been any announcement on the cost of the Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Masks yet. But, as the product has been introduced online, the device will soon be available in the market along with its pricing. You can wait till then.

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Wrap Up

After Dyson announced this new product for purifying air and sound, a lot of people have made jokes about it and some are believing that this innovation is going to be a failure. We can’t say anything about this unless the product is used. Wait for the product to be available in the market, use it and then decide if they are beneficial or not. 

We hope you liked your article. If you find this new launch by Dyson interesting and useful, then share it with your friends too. 

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