Facebook Or Instagram- Which Is better?

Facebook Or Instagram- Which is better?

If you are confused about which social media to use- Facebook or Instagram then this article will help you in getting a clear idea of which social media you should prefer and for what purposes.

Although Instagram is now owned by Facebook, there is a huge difference between the audience and the user interface. According to research by Deasilex, there are around 2.7 billion monthly active users for Facebook which is the highest for any social media. Both social media platforms are used to share content. We at Deasilex listed various points of difference between both the platforms and clubbed them under the article Facebook or Instagram.

Further in the article, you will read about which social media Facebook or Instagram is better and why. We have tried to list the advantages of the social media platforms and finally came up with our opinion on which one is better- Facebook or Instagram. 

Facebook Or Instagram- Which is better?

Given below in the article are the points which you should consider before calling any of these platforms- Facebook or Instagram better than the other.

What are the advantages of Facebook over Instagram?

According to Google the second most visited website in the world. Out of a total of 3.7 billion social media users, 2.7 billion are active Facebook users. Facebook attracts people of all age groups which make it more popular than Instagram. 

According to research 82% of, the total Facebook users are the people in 18-29 age group. Due to such brand popularity, it has become a great platform for advertising and targeting people of a specific age group. 

Facebook provides you the best platform for advertising your brand but the advertisements should abide by the Guidelines issued by Facebook. Your ad must be engaging try using videos in spite of photos. A study shows that the percent ratio of Photo to videos is 52% to 3 % but the clicks on video posts were more and 85% of the total clicks coming from the mobile users.

What are the advantages of Instagram over Facebook?

Instagram app is the perfect app if you want to target the youth. According to research by Deasilex, Instagram engages 87% of the youth population. Instagram is a more visual media than Facebook which is reflected in the categories that users tend to incline towards Fashion, Photography, Beauty, and Architecture to name a few.

Though young, the audience is willing to engage and spend time with half of all users following at least one business and doing product research within the platform. More than one-third of Instagram users have made an online purchase using their phones and their average spend is actually 15.4% greater than Facebook’s.

72% of the current market business users are currently using the marketing strategies issued by Instagram. 

Facebook Or Instagram- Our Opinion

According to various reasons mentioned below, We found Instagram better than Facebook. Instagram is growing rapidly and has massively engaged the youth following. There isn’t much advertising competition when compared to Facebook.

6 Reasons Why We Choose Instagram Over Facebook

  1. More Audience: One of the primary reasons to choose Instagram is that its engagement rate is growing much faster. Instagram has four times more engagement than Facebook. So if you wish to expand your business over the social media platform then the high engagement rate of the app makes it the best.
  2. Easy to Use: Many People have the misconception that Instagram is difficult to use but the user-friendly interface makes it one of the best app available. According to researches people understand products easily by watching videos. And also watching scrolling the screen and tapping for likes makes it interesting.
  3. More Safe and Private: Privacy is another factor that makes Instagram better than Facebook. On Facebook we make friends but on Instagram we have followers. We can keep our accounts private and allow only the trusted ones to enter. 
  4. Story Integrations: Although Facebook and Instagram both provide the story integration feature, the story integration facility by Instagram is more interesting. Instagram also allows you to add hashtags to Instagram stories which makes Instagram better than Facebook.
  5. E-Commerce: Social Media network is not only a free source of entertainment but also an excellent platform to promote business. There are a total of 2.38 billion people using social media sites hence it provides a huge market to attract customers. Both Facebook and Instagram provide the integration of e-commerce but, the reason for Instagram’s success is that it offers unique ad features that help organizations to attract more customers.
  6. Messaging Feature: Both platforms Provide the messaging and feed facility but, Instagram steals the show here. It provides the option to scroll the feeds and accessing the messaging section simultaniously.


Both social media platforms can be used for business purposes and social engagement. We personally find Instagram better than Facebook and have tried to explain our Verdict.

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