Top 8 Features Of Windows 11 – Better Than Previous Versions

Features Of Windows 11

The Tech Giant Microsoft has finally released Windows 11 officially on 24 June 2021. After the leak of the massive giant operating system. There were rumors all around about the stability of the new version. Well, after using the official OS. I noticed some good features that make it different. Well, here is an article on the Features of Windows 11.

The most awaited or controversial or the leaked Operating system in Microsoft’s history is finally out. If you still haven’t used Windows 11 then you must read this article highlighting Windows 11 features. We were using and researching the features of Windows 11 for the last two days. That is the reason we got late in uploading the article. Well, here are the self-checked features of Windows 11.

Microsoft has tried to make Windows 11 more mobile-like. We have downloaded the recent version of windows and found many great features. We have listed all of these eight features of windows 11 in the article below.

Features Of Windows 11

Further in the article, we explained all the important features of Windows 11 that make it different from the prevision Windows 10.

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1. Total New Design

Features Of Windows 11 - Start Button
Source: Windows Central

The first and foremost feature of windows 11 is the new design. With every new model of the windows, the constant changing element is its design. The new design of Windows 11 is different. The desktop of Windows 11 or we can say the home page of windows 11 has made a few specific changes.

As compared to the older versions of the windows, the start button will now be present in the center of the screen. That was present on the extreme left bottom of the earlier versions. This made Windows 11 more preferable for curved and ultra-wide screens.

Apart from the start button, you will now experience ultra-soft visuals with rounded corners, transparency effects, and Animated transitions. Widgets panel will appear in front of you on the sheet of glass from the right side and you can transparently overlay it on your opened windows.

2. Auto HDR Gaming Introduced

Features Of Windows 11 - HDR
Source: PC Invasion

Among all the features of Windows 11. We have got good news for the PC Gamers. The new updated windows 11 will now automatically update the lighting and the color of the classic, Non-HDR, or SDR games. Although the feature was introduced on the Xbox gaming console a long time ago. But Microsoft has promised to introduce this auto HDR gaming feature in Windows 11. So next time you go to buy a gaming laptop make sure it has Windows 11 pre-installed.

Windows will bring the Auto HDR gaming feature in more than 1,000 games. These games include the names like Rocket league, Doom 64, DayZ, and Age of Empires.

3. Faster Processes

Features Of Windows 11 - Faster
Source: Digital Trends

One of the major features of windows 11 is Speed. Microsoft made statements about Windows 11 that it would be faster. Browsing on any browser especially the edge would be faster, faster windows Hello logins and in speed waking from sleep mode. If we talk about the background windows update then it would be 40 percent smarter than windows 10.

Other than the booting and the browsing speed. The gamers can rely on the new windows for it has dedicated the special buffer storage called “Direct Storage” for the games. How will this buffer space help increase the processing time of the game? Let’s discuss it briefly.

The games once loaded will be stored in the Direct storage and for the next time you will sit down on the PC and command to open the game. Instead of searching and processing the game. The CPU will directly go to the Direct Storage that has the uploaded Graphic assets and the game. Thus, reducing the loading and graphic rendering time.

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4. Android Apps In The Microsoft Store

Features Of Windows 11 - Android Apps
Source: TechRadar

Yeah, the most heard rumor about the Android apps running on Microsoft Windows has turned out to be true. Before entering the technical terminologies about how this is possible. Let me tell you that one of the most incredible features of Windows 11 includes the Android apps in Microsoft Store.

Although all the apps cannot be downloaded from the Microsoft store we have a solution. You can turn to the Amazon Appstore on your computer for this purpose.

Now, the answer to the question is: how is it possible?

Well, Intel has developed a smart compiler “Intel Bridge” that works on the x86 system. The best part of the compiler is that the written algorithm is smart enough to work on the Intel and the AMD and Armed-Based Processors. Well, if you don’t know about compilers then a layman definition would be, a compiler is a tool that reads and runs the backend codes.

5. Snap Layout

Features Of Windows 11 - Snap Layout

Another interesting feature of Windows 11 is its Snap layout feature. Enough of dragging and adjusting multiple screens at a time. The new snap layout will allow you to adjust three windows at a time. Well, there are several other features by the snap layout but the best one is this. Just choose the frame and the type of adjustment. The windows will be adjusted. Not only this you can save all of them at the same time on the Windows 11 taskbar.

6. Improved Tablet Mode

Features Of Windows 11 - Tablet Mode
Source: PCMag

One of the other important features of Windows 11 is the Improved Tablet mode. If you are a tablet Windows user then you must have felt difficulty using the prevision versions after unplugging the keyboard. Well, that problem has been sorted in the new updated windows 11. The new animations, larger icons, and the spacing between them have improved the user experience.

Well, Windows 11 has also introduced the three fingers gesture. A Three-finger side swipe would help in snapping the windows and the three fingers down swipe would help in minimizing it.

7. Windows Widgets

Features Of Windows 11 - Widgets
Source: CNET

The center of attraction in the Windows 11 would be the widgets section. Microsoft has said that it will create a personalized feed powered by AI. The widget would appear from the left side of the screen and would be on a transparent glass that can be opened on another window. It will contain information like weather, stocks, and maps.

To make it more personalized it will ask you about your interests like sports, news, or politics and the feed section would carry the news of your interests.

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8. Touch Interface

features of Windows 11

As windows 11 is majorly focusing on mobile-like features, it has enhanced the touch quality on its platform. This new version of the windows has increased the size of the icons. so, that the user can easily access the touch screen feature to open the apps.


These were some of the most interesting features of Windows 11. If you have read all the features then you must be eager to download the new Windows 11 version. But, wait until we get the official copy of Windows 11 by Microsoft. As people have reported a lot of bugs in the leaked or the testing version of Windows 11.

Featured Image Source: The Indian Express

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