How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC – Making Your System Best Than Ever

How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC

Microsoft announced a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. Those who have tested the Beta version of the Operating system say that Windows 11 is all about visual changes. Well, the question here is up to what extent and How Windows 11 will change your PC?

Remember the time when Windows 10 was launched. Many Microsoft employees shared on their blog posts and said Windows 10 to be the last version of Windows. But, here we are with the newest version of the operating system Windows 11. Were they correct? Is Windows 11 just a small extension of Windows 10? How will Windows 11 change your PC? You will find your answers here.

Well, here are a few points that will tell you how Windows 11 will change your PC

  1. Start Button Position
  2. Widgets Feature
  3. Snap Layout
  4. More Secure
  5. Faster Game Loading
  6. Bigger Icons

We have explained all the points mentioned above in detail. Reading them will help you in finding out How Windows 11 will change your PC.

How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC

Below are six major points that will tell you How Windows 11 will change your PC. So, without wasting more time let us start with the article.

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Start Button 

How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC - Start Button
Source: BBC

If we are talking about how Windows 11 will change your PC, then let’s start with the very first look that is the desktop window. You will be observing a big change on the taskbar of the new Windows 11. The start button generally found at the left bottom of the screen will now be present in the center of the taskbar. This feature will change the entire look of the Windows.

Why is the Start button shifted from the original place in Windows 11?

Well, if you observe closely the start button will serve a major purpose on the big screen monitors. Not exactly the big screen monitors but the ones with the curved screen will have perfect usage to the start button in the middle.


How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC - Widgets
Source: Winaero

The new feature added to the desktop screen of Windows 11 is the Widgets. The new AI added feature will work on Newsfeeds. Microsoft has promised that the Widgets section will totally run on the person’s interest. To activate the AI personalization you have to answer a few questions about your interests such as movies, stocks, international news, and more.

If we talk about the visuals of the Windows 11 Widgets then they are placed on the left side of the desktop screen. You have to move your cursor to the left boundary of the screen and the widgets will appear on a transparent tray that can be displayed over the other applications.

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Snap Layout

How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC - Snap Layout
Source: Kazmofeed

Next visual change in the topic “How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC” is the Snap layout feature. This feature will allow you to access multiple Windows side by side. You must be wondering What’s new in it? Well, the previous versions also allow you to access two screens side by side on the desktop screen. But, the snap layout features allow you to arrange three Windows in the specific pattern you choose. That means you don’t have to drag and resize the Windows with the cursor. Choose the snap layout and the Windows will adjust accordingly.

More Secure

How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC - More Secure
Source: PC Gamer

Next, answer the question: How will Windows 11 change your PC? It will make your PC more secure, How? If you know the most important requirement to install Windows 11 is TPM Version 2.0. If you have installed Windows 11 on your PC that means you have TPM on your device. 

TPM makes the system more secure and prohibits hackers from Dictionary attacks and ransomware. Security is one of the many reasons why Windows 11 is forcing everyone to use TPM chips. To know more about the TPM and security process click on the link provided.

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Fast Game Loading

How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC - Faster Game Loading
Source: Windows central

Next, under the topic “How Will Windows 11 Change Your PC” we have listed the faster game loading. If we say that Windows 11 is all for gamers then we won’t be wrong. The inclusion of direct storage has reduced the processing and the loading time of the game.

How did this happen? 

Direct Storage is buffer storage that will save the game and the preloaded graphics in it. That means if you load the game once it will be stored in the Direct storage and when the next time you sit on your PC and command to open the game. Instead of searching and processing the game. The CPU will directly go to the Direct Storage that has the uploaded Graphic assets and the game. Thus, reducing the loading and graphic rendering time.

Bigger Icons

How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC - Bigger Icon, Tablet mode
Source: Windows Central

Next, the change you will observe in the new Windows 11 is the bigger size of the Icons. The icons now will be of bigger size than usual. Microsoft said that the bigger size of the Icon will help in Windows Hello and the Tablet modes. This will make the touch screen easier to use.

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We hope now you are clear with the “How Windows 11 Will Change Your PC”. We have listed all the major changes that Windows 11 will bring along. If any of your friends are planning to install Windows 11 on their system then don’t forget to share this article with them.

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