How Many Reports To Get Banned On Discord | Important Information 2022

How Many Reports To Get Banned On Discord

Discord is a popular online chatting platform, 2022. Discord lets you interact and communicate with your friends, families or even employees at your workplace. But sometimes a few of the Discord users create nonsense over the platform due to which platform has to ban them to prevent such cases. But exactly how many reports to get banned on Discord are required? Come, let’s find out!

We all know about Discord, this platform has gained an enormous amount of love by youth especially from the gaming community. As it is majorly accessed for gaming and holding business meetings and virtual gatherings. Apart from other social media platforms, Discord has a different set of terms and conditions that must be followed by the Discord users. If someone goes against the rules, Discord bans them instantly. If this makes you wonder how many reports to get banned on Discord are required then sit still, we will explain that in this detailed guide.

The answer to how many reports to get banned on Discord are required is more than 10. 10+ reports are enough to make Discord ban someone from the platform. 

Let’s take a close look at the actions that can get you banned from the platform along with how many reports to get banned on Discord are required.

How Many Reports To Get Banned On Discord?

How Many Reports To Get Banned On Discord

If you are a Discord user and are active on it but someone’s been troubling you for some time or if you have suspected someone on Discord doing some suspicious activity and you want to get them banned but don’t know how many reports to get banned on Discord are required. Then don’t worry anymore, we here with everything that you need to know about how many reports to get banned on Discord are required.

In total, more than 10 reports are enough to get a Discord account banned from the platform and make them stop troubling others or violating the rules and regulations of Discord. However, it will take a little time to process the action and ban that particular user from Discord. In a few cases, it takes around a day or less to ban someone but sometimes it takes 2-3 days too! So have patience and trust the process whenever you report someone and want them to be removed from the platform. However, to report someone on Discord you must have full proof evidence like screenshots, reason why you are doing so and account links etc.

Activities That Can Get You Banned From Discord

Discord is a platform which can ban you anytime from their server or from the entire platform only if you dare to go against their terms and conditions or standards. 

There are two types of ban in Discord: 

  1. Platform Bans: Platform bans occur when a user goes against the Discord terms of regulation.
  1. Server Bans: Discord servers bans and blocks users from particular servers when they don’t follow admin’s guidelines. 

Now look at the activities that can get you banned from the platform: 

  1. Spamming: If you spam comments is someone’s Discord chat then get yourself another Discord account with some decency cuz you gonna be losing this one soon.
  1. Sexism: Practicing discrimination against any other user’s gender or anything else, will get you banned.
  1. Racism: If you do something which is similar to racism like commenting or anything else on the platform or behaving as a racist to any other member of the server then you may end up having a useless banned account in your hands.
  1. Use of profanity: Excessive consumption of usage of profanities on a Discord server will get you banned from Discord.

Although it’s important to notice that each and every server has their own and different guidelines and rules as well, hence what is applicable on one server won’t be allowed on another! 

We hope that you have successfully gained all the information required to get an account banned like, how many reports to get banned on Discord are required and what activities can get you banned.

Wrapping Up

Discord is an amazing social media platform from where no one wants to get banned from. Obviously, there are multiple reasons because of which you may get banned but only if you violate them and as long as you perform in accordance with their terms of regulation and follow their policies, your account is safe.

We have tried our best to explain how many reports to get banned on Discord are required in the above article but if you still feel any doubt or confusion related to the same you can get in touch with us in our comment section and on our website, Deasilex where you will get other Discord related solutions too, like how to tell if someone has blocked you on Discord without messaging them or how to join among us Discord and many more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many reports to get banned on Discord are required

Green ban reasons get a pair of three warnings in a week to get achieve a mute or two mutes in a week prior to a chat-moderator takes further action to a ban.

Q. What Happens If You Get Reported To Discord? 

Trust & Safety Team looks after the evidence and collects as much as proof and information possible. This investigation is based upon the reported messages but can spread if evidence shows bigger violation.

Q. How Many Reports Before You Get Banned? 

More than 10 reports are required to get a Discord account banned.

Q. Can You Get Banned From Discord Entirely?

If one does not follows the standards of the platform gets banned from the platform as a result and when they go against the admin’s guidelines they get banned from a server.

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