How To Assign A Kahoot? Latest Solution To Catch Up In 2022!

How To Assign A Kahoot!

Online learning has become a crucial part of education. Educators throughout the world are indulging creative ways to learn. Kahoot! is one of them. Let’s see how to assign a Kahoot! to your students in this blog post today!

Through Kahoot! All the teachers, professors and educators reach out to their students in a very efficient way and make them learn even the most difficult chapters in a creative and engaging way all by playing and having fun! Assignments on Kahoot! are the best part of Kahoot! which allows students to do their homeworks online whenever they feel convenient. But sometimes teacher’s find some difficulty in assigning assignments on Kahoot! Let’s make the task easier by learning how to assign a Kahoot!

Here’s a quick guide for how to assign a Kahoot!: Open Kahoot! > Sign-in > Select Kahoot! > Start > Select Assignment > Pencil Icon > Adjust time period > Edit Answer Randomization & Player Position > Create And Share Your PIN. This was for the mobile version. To know how to assign a Kahoot! on the web browser read more! 

Learning how to assign a Kahoot! is not that difficult, all you have to do is read the manual patiently and do as this guide says. Go on! 

How To Assign A Kahoot!

Kahoot! creates a formal and convenient mode of communication between students and teachers, through which they can educate and learn effectively without getting bored and burdened. In our previous Kahoot! post we explained how to play Kahoot! by yourself when you don’t have a partner to play with and in this session we have brought you a detailed guide on how to assign a Kahoot!  

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So, without delaying any further, let’s see how to assign a Kahoot! with this step wise guide. 

How To Assign A Kahoot! Through A Mobile App?

How To Assign A Kahoot!

To assign a Kahoot! on and through mobile Kahoot! application, you can go after the below mentioned set of instructions:

Open Kahoot! > Sign-in > Select Kahoot! > Start > Select Assignment > Pencil Icon > Adjust time period > Edit Answer Randomization & Player Position > Create And Share Your PIN

Step 01: Launch Kahoot! application on your device and Sign In to your Kahoot account by filling in your credentials.

Step 02: Now select the Kahoot which you want to assign to your students and start it by clicking on the Start button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 03: Next, select the Assignment and click on the Pencil icon to adjust the timings of assignment.

Step 04: Then click on Options, whether you wish to randomize the order of the correct answer and hide any player’s position.

Step 05: Now, click on the Create and share your PIN or Link with your students.

NOTE: You can also operate Google Classroom, Remind as well as other platforms to share your PIN and Kahoot! Link.

To play a Kahoot! Assignment, the students must have a Kahoot! application installed on their iOS or Android devices or they can also access the official Kahoot! Website in their browsers to play an assignment on Kahoot! 

Other than this, there are certain plans through which one can turn on Player recogniser and Customised learning. Moreover, the number of players joining an assignment depends on the subscription level type of Kahoot! account that you are using.

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So this was all about learning how to assign a Kahoot! on Mobile application to know how to assign a Kahoot! on the web browser, read below.

How To Assign Kahoot! Through A Web Platform?

How To Assign A Kahoot!

If you access Kahoot! from your desktop and are unaware of the process of how to assign a Kahoot! on the web browser then this section is for you! Follow the instructions given below: 

NOTE For Visually Impaired Students: As you all know that every text is shown on a student’s device screen when they start playing the assignment, then you can turn on Screen Reader on your device to join and play the assigned Kahoot! 

Before starting how to assign a Kahoot! on a web browser you need access to:

  1. A desktop, tablet, laptop or any mobile phone – just remember these devices should have a web browser or should have Kahoot! already installed there!
  2. A stable internet connection – to make sure whether it’s stable or not you can conduct an internet speed test a couple of days before getting any Kahoot! assignment.  

To know how to assign a Kahoot! on a web browser you must generate a Link or a PIN which can be shared with the ones whom you want to assign this Kahoot!

Open Browser > > Sign In > Assign > Set Time > Create > Share Link/PIN 

Step 01: To learn how to assign a Kahoot! on a web browser, open and sign in to your Kahoot! account on your browser through the official Kahoot! website (

Step 02: Next, find and click on the Assign button.

Step 03: Then adjust and set a time period for the assignment getting over. You can also set a few game options over here!

  1. Date And Time: Date can be ranged from 28 days from the moment of assignment.  Time can be set in hours not in minutes or seconds.
  2. Game Options: These personalize the assignment before, during and after the assignment.

Step 04: Now, click on the Create button once you are set to get a PIN or Link to share!

Wrapping Up

Kahoot! is an interesting learning application which offers learners the opportunity to learn difficult things in the easiest way possible creatively. All the educators need to do is assign a Kahoot! to their students and be done! If you find it difficult to assign then read the above article on how to assign a Kahoot!

Assigning a Kahoot! assignment provides you a unique experience of creative learning everytime you play a Kahoot! Every student who is playing a Kahoot! keep moving forward with others by answering questions which are displayed on their screen with answers on their opposite side. 

The host of the Kahoot! does not need to be present at their place. Kahoot! assignments usually have a deadline under which the learners have to complete the assignment. This deadline can vary from hours to days. To share and join every assignment there is a PIN or Link through which one can enter into the gameplay. 

If you find any difficulty in learning how to assign a Kahoot! You can reach out to us in our comment section and on our website at @Deasilex

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Host Someone Else’s Kahoot!?

Launch Kahoot Menu > Share > Search Box > Enter Username, Email, Group Name > Share > Start.

Q. How Do You Assign A PIN On Kahoot!?

Web Browser > > Enter Game PIN > Enter Identifier > Spin > Select Nickname > Start.

Q. How Do You Copy A Kahoot! Link?

Click on the Copy button to copy the link or you can click into the link box and press Ctrl+C.

Q. Can Someone Else Host Your Kahoot!?

If you are an admin, member or an owner of a team, you can edit and host other’s Kahoot! too and offer them the same access to yours.

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