How To Change Name On OpenSea? 3 Easy Steps!

How To Change Name On OpenSea

If you are bored of your current name and need a more impressive one then here is a guide on how to change name on OpenSea in detail. Now switching to formal & impressive name on OpenSea has become much easier. Find out how!

While creating an account on OpenSea you are supposed to enter a name as your username/display name. As time passes, we get bored of that name and find many other similar names on OpenSea which makes yours even ordinary! To stand out of the crowd you need an attractive username. To have an impressive name, you have to change your current one. But how? Learn how to change name on OpenSea below!

Launch  Browser > Open OpenSea Website > Login > Settings > Account Settings > Username > Enter New Name > Save! This was how to change name on OpenSea. If you need details, read more! 

This article is going to help you in learning how to change name on OpenSea and learning all the important factors that you must know before changing your username on OpenSea.

How To Change Name On OpenSea?

If you are creating an account on OpenSea you will be asked to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to OpenSea. Other than all the information related to your wallet, you will be expected to personalize all other profile data like display picture, username, cover page etc. according to your liking.

Now, many of you keep whatever name pops on their mind at that moment without even thinking twice and regret a few months later that they must have done a bit of research in finding an appropriate and attractive names at that moment! But what’s done is cannot be undone!! Total bullshit! You can change your username on OpenSea whenever you want and keep a name of your preference. 

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Here are the instructions for how to change name on OpenSea in detail:

NOTE: Changing your username on OpenSea is similar to changing your wallet. Just remember that this facility is only available on the web version of OpenSea and not in application.

Launch  Browser > Open OpenSea Website > Login > Settings > Account Settings > Username > Enter New Name > Save

Step 01: Launch any web browser on your Android or iPhone device (we’d recommend Google Chrome and Safari for better experience) and navigate through the official OpenSea website.

Step 02: Login in to your OpenSea account using your registered wallet. 

Step 03: Head to the Settings from Profile after connecting your wallet to the OpenSea account.

Step 04: Scroll down from Settings and select Account Settings. 

Step 05: On the next page you will find your previous Username, click on it and enter a new Username of your liking.

Step 06: At last, click on the Save button.

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And done! You can head back to your profile and wait a couple of seconds for refreshing the page and whenever you will visit your profile next time, you will find your new name over there!

Wrapping Up

If you are really into the NFT universe, then you might start taking OpenSea very very seriously. As this can leave a huge impact on your account, yea! We’re talking about your OpenSea profile. If being specific, then particularly your name! OpenSea is not any social media to have funky-chunky names! One needs to be very selective when it comes to NTFs. As your profile tells a lot about you, you must have a pretty clear profile picture, username that identifies you and bio that represents you! 

If you have already kept a weird name, then here’s a chance to change it! Go through the detailed guide thoroughly and learn how to change name on OpenSea and keep an official – formal name or whatever described you the best! 

Share this post with your other NFT dedicated friends to give them a guide to change their names on OpenSea if they are still using silly and crazy usernames that are hard to recall!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Change My NFT Name On OpenSea?

Head to your Profile and click on the NFT that you want to edit. Now select Edit button in the top right corner of the screen. Now you will all the editing controls of that NFT like it’s name, description, collection, properties and many more. 

Q. How Do I Change My NFT Profile Picture To OpenSea?

Launch OpenSea, click on the Profile and navigate to Settings and then select Featured Items. Next, click on the Create tab and select the NFTs in the series that you want to appear next and hit the Next button. At last, click on the Edit details, add name and Done!!

Q. How Do I Change The Name Of An OpenSea Collection? 

Navigate to Collections Manager page to view all the collections. Now, click on the Edit button and customise your collection according to your preference, with your name, description and website URL.

Q. How Do I Add Names To A Collection In OpenSea?

From the application, head to your Profile and click on My Collection and then Create. Now, fill in the details of your collection like name, description, banner, social media accounts etc. Next, click Create ti submit your collection for approval. Head back to the collection homepage and add items to your collection.

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