How To Change YouTube Thumbnail? Basic Steps To Follow!

Searching for ways as how to change YouTube Thumbnail? Well, while uploading a YouTube video, YouTube selects a random scene (by default) from the YouTube video created by you and sets it as the thumbnail of the video. That YouTube thumbnail will be displayed to every user who encounters your video as recommendations on their YouTube application. There is a fair chance that the thumbnail selected by YouTube doesn’t represent the real essence, motive, or subject of the video to your audience. 

Hence, if you are dedicated to your YouTube channel, make a high-end video, and after that want to improve its statistics to get as many views as you can get to become a successful YouTuber, then you should stop YouTube from doing injustice with your video and should select thumbnails on your own created separated to convey the correct message as that of your video. Wanna know how? Then read and learn how to change YouTube thumbnails.

There are multiple methods to change the YouTube thumbnail for your video. You can do it from any device you operate YouTube from i.e: Computer, Smartphone, Laptop, etc. But you will require YouTube Studio on every device for sure. The laptop’s system comes with an in-built YT Studio whereas on Smartphones you have to download a wholesome application of YT Studio separately. This application is available to download on both iOS and Android. Currently, for Computers, YT Studio is available is in beta version.

With a thumbnail on your YouTube video, you can make others understand better the gist of your YouTube video. Remember that you have to verify your YouTube account before you can modify the thumbnails of your video.  If you are facing errors like “unable to upload your custom thumbnails” then it means that your channel is not verified yet. Follow the given post below to change the thumbnail of your YouTube video.

How To Change YouTube Thumbnail On PC/Laptop?

How To Change YouTube Thumbnail using YT Studio on Laptop?

YouTube doesn’t provide the feature to update customized thumbnails by the standard. To make this feature available for your YouTube account, you need to switch on the Custom Thumbnail feature first.

After switching this on, follow the given instructions to change the YouTube thumbnail :

  1. Enter YouTube.
  2. Sign in to your YouTube account and go to YouTube Studio.
  3. Visit your Content Page and there you will observe your list of YouTube videos.
  4. Click on the video whose thumbnail you want to change by tapping on Edit option.
  5. Scroll till the base, you will find “Thumbnail” option. 
  6. Next, click the “Upload Thumbnail” button.
  7. After that select the image that you want to put on as Thumbnail. NOTE : There are some limitations for custom made thumbnails, which are as follows :
  • Image size2MB or less.
  • Image formatPNG, JPG, GIF.
  • Image ratio16:9
  • Image resolution1280* 720
  • 640 pixels

After selecting your custom thumbnail click on Upload, followed by Save to save the changes.

TIP : If you are not satisfied with the default thumbnails or your custom ones, then you can use the third-party applications to get tons of free and ready-made thumbnails. You can make your choice freely.

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How To Change YouTube Thumbnail After Uploading A Video?

If you wish to change the custom thumbnail later on, then here’s how to change YouTube Thumbnail after uploading a YouTube video :

  1. Tap on Options Menu.
  2. Next, click on Change to alter the thumbnail.
  3. The New thumbnail will appear on the video box on the top of the page. That’s it.
  4. At last Save the modifications.

How To Set Thumbnail While Uploading YouTube Video? 

It is a little bit similar process as the above. 

  1. You have to Upload the video on your channel first.
  2. While uploading, click on Thumbnail option.
  3. Select your custom thumbnail that you wish to upload.
  4. Next, Upload it like usual.

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How To Change YouTube Thumbnail From Mobile?

How To Change YouTube Thumbnail using YT Studio on Phone?

Read the following manual if you intend to change the thumbnail from your mobile.

To edit/ modify or make changes in YouTube videos on Mobile phones, you should have a dedicated application known as YouTube Studio. If you use YouTube for a long time, then you must be familiar with this application. Although, if not, then download it.

  1. After downloading it, enter the app and select whichever you want to edit.
  2. Next, Tap on Edit option on the video.
  3. Again, click on Edit button on the resulting page.
  4. Now, you will land on custom thumbnail editing page. Change or Upload anew one over here now.

It’s an easy process, nothing complicated.

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Wrapping Up

So, that’s all for the guide on how to change YouTube thumbnail from PC and Mobile.

A customized and well-framed thumbnail can surely help you gain the amount of reach on your YouTube videos. Hence, switching off YouTube’s customized thumbnail and using your custom-made thumbnails is a good option. Choosing a thumbnail from YouTube’s suggestions is an easy method but it has its own drawbacks. And, one among them is that it doesn’t represent your video’s main motive and subject.

Whereas custom thumbnails may include everything you want it to, i.e graphics, texts, images, stickers, etc. to make it look more attractive and understanding.

The Thumbnail of your YouTube video is like the cover of your book. Although you should not judge a book by its cover, but the audience does it anyway. That is why the thumbnail should be attractive and understanding enough, so that people may understand and get a gist of it.


Q1. Is There Any Rule For Uploading YouTube Thumbnail?

Ans. Yes, there is. You cannot attach a thumbnail that does not resonate with your video, that will be considered as misleading your audience. If still, someone does this, YouTube will automatically take their video down.

Q2. Can One Change The Thumbnail After Uploading The Video?

Ans. Yes, you can. Doesn’t matter the video is 10 years old or 30 min old, you can change the thumbnail anywhere anytime you want.

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