How To Delete Screenshots On Mac? Methods To Delete In Particular And Bulk!

Screenshots are a powerful weapon in this era. Just kidding. But these can be used in multiple ways, we will tell you how, but first, we will be dropping some lights over how to delete screenshots on Mac?

Screenshots are undoubtedly one of the most successful and underrated features till now. One doesn’t realize its importance and keeps using it every half hour. Screenshots can be used as proof for keeping records of important documents like mark sheets, cards details, licenses, etc., or records of controversial conversations for fun or keeping or of some important data found suddenly online or anywhere else.

Your important data and memories are just a swipe, tap, or click away from being stored forever. But, not all screenshots are meant to be kept for eternity, some are meant to be wiped out after use. You can easily do that on handy mobile phones but what about your desktops?

So, let us help you with that, grab a seat and give it a read. We will be making you familiar with the whole process in the undermentioned steps on how to delete screenshots on Mac

How To Delete Screenshots On Mac?

The systematic place for storing screenshot files is in the Desktop folder, which is shown as the “Desktop” background image. Let’s learn how to delete screenshots on Mac from its designated place :

  1. Enter the desktop folders from your Mac.
  2. Select those specific screenshots whom you want to delete and if you want to delete the whole folder then select it.
  3. After that, long press or double tap on it, you will observe a bin icon, that’s trash. Drag the selected item to the bin. 
  4. The folder or the collection of screenshots will be deleted from both the views.

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How To Delete Screenshots From MacBook Air Screen?

Besides the above method, is there any way to delete screenshots in case of an emergency? Of course, there is one. Follow the given manual to understand the alternate option to delete screenshots from Macbook Air Screen :

  1. Open your MacBook Air Screen and head to Desktop folders.
  2. Select the folder, give it a click twice, a pop-up menu will appear with the folder’s content in it, in the Finder Window.
  3. Cross check every screenshot by tapping it and click the spacebar once to view in full frame, if it’s the one whom you want to delete then, drag it to the Trash.

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How To Delete Screenshot On MacBook Air?

Deleting screenshots from Macbook Air is just a little bit different from the above-mentioned methods. To delete this from your Mac or iCloud Drive follow the given guide :

Select and drag the screenshot from the folder to the Trash in the port or you can select the article, then Tap the command-Delete. If the article would be secured, then tap on Continue to ensure that your intention to delete that item is subtle, after confirming, shift the secured article to the Trash.

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How To Delete All Screenshots At Once On Mac?

Here is the method that you can use to delete all screenshots at once on Mac.

How To Delete All Screenshots At Once On Mac Through Third Media App?

For everything, we have an instruction, for every specific thing. But, what if you need to delete things in mass numbers? Will you follow the whole procedure again and again for each article?

No, right!

So here we present to you the guide to delete all the articles at once from your Mac. Know-how by going through the details below :

  1. Install Cleaner-App.
  2. Open the application and go to the Screenshots.
  3. Tap on Select All option to select all the articles at once.
  4. Next, unselect each picture you want to save one by one.
  5. Cross-check each screenshot you want to delete.
  6. Clear Trash to delete files permanently from your Mac.

This is easy for mobile users, especially Android ones, Androids have a specific folder for screenshots, making a margin to prevent the mixture of screenshots with other articles and saving it from getting deleted accidentally. This album is known as Screenshots. It will show you all the screenshots at once and in one place to make editing and organization easy and accessible.

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Wrapping Up:

There you go! If you have gone through the article patiently, then you might have got an idea about how to delete screenshots on Mac. And not only on Mac but MacBook Air and MacBook Air Screen.

Deleting old screenshots and junk from your Mac will eventually help you lighten up the space of your Mac and make the functioning of Mac even more smooth. Nonetheless, we have elaborated a few methods in detail for deletion of screenshots from Mac, hope it has made your work easy up to some rate.


Q1. Is The Deletion Process Same On Both the Mac And Android?

Ans. Unfortunately, not. As compared to Mac, Android provides a properly organized and systematic way, which makes the process a lot easier. 

Q2. How To Delete All Screenshots At Once?

Ans. For this, you have to launch a Cleaner App. Through which you will be able to delete all the matter at once.

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