How To Enable 2FA On PS4 For A Secured Gaming Experience?

While enjoying an online game with other gamers from all over the world, users are supposed to maintain their secrecy by activating their Two Factor Authentication on their gaming consoles. Activating Two Factor Authentication on PS4 helps ensure the security of a gamer’s gaming account. But how to do this? Want to know how? If yes, then here is a guide on how to enable 2FA on PS4.

The first thing a gamer wishes for is to open the Internet Browser application on their PS4. This permits gamers to use the internet freely without being scared of getting scammed online or getting hacked etc.

Nowadays, Two Factor Authentication is available on every platform. Whether it be a net banking application or a social media platform. Two-factor authentication works by sending a verification call, SMS, OTP, or an email to cross-check whether the login activity is being done by the rightful owner of the account. 

Do you also wish privacy and security for your PS4? Do you also need a secure gaming experience? Then enable 2FA, simple!  Do you know how? Oh no issues, we’re right here. Give this post a read to know how to enable 2FA on PS4.

How Does 2FA Works?

Beforre getting to how to enable 2FA on PS4, let’s see how does 2FA works?

Who doesn’t love security?

What matters if it is about online transactions or playing games. Obviously, gamers also need security. Imagine someone playing with your login details. No, we are sure that you didn’t want this!

Here’s a brief detail about how a 2FA works.

1. Text Message

Texts for 2FA send a unique verification code to the registered mobile number of the account. This is the most used version of Two Factor Authentication. All you need is just a cell phone and a WiFi or internet connection.

This version of Two Factor Authentication is the most preferred one for personal handles, but this doesn’t mean that it’s risk-free!

Yes, there are possibilities that someone might take over your phone or hack it and get access to sensitive data. So, that doesn’t sound like a good option. Right?

2. Biometric Two-Factor Authentication

This feature functions with the need to provide something rare to your physical individual to get into your account. Ordinary ways of biometric 2FA involve eye-scans by the camera of your device or like fingerprint-proof etc.

While noting the pros, it’s crucial to know the drawbacks of this one as well.

Well, the only thing to be afraid of here is data theft. Unlike an adjustable password, sneaking into your retina and fingerprint data would be a factor to risk your precious security and privacy.


3. Authentication Applications

Authentication applications 2FA functions by utilizing a device application to deliver an authentication code. You need to insert this code to get into your account. Unlike Text Messages, these apps do not need the consumer to have WiFi connections. The Source of any internet is enough to gain access to the account.

Other than this, these applications (like Google) enlist a set of unique codes to use in emergency situations like the absence of internet connectivity. 

How To Enable 2FA On PS4?

How To Turn 2FA On PS4?

Two Factor Authentic or you may call it Two-Step Verification can make the security of your PS4 even stronger. Follow the given guide on how to enable 2FA on your PS4.

  1. Sign-in to your PSN handle. 
  2. Enter Settings and click Account Management.
  3. Tap on Account Information followed by Security. 
  4. Insert your credentials to proceed further. 
  5. Click on 2-Step Verification and click on Activate.
  6. You will get two options either download an Authenticator App or receive a Text Message, make your choice :
  • For Authenticate Application, download authentication application and scan the QR pattern given. Next, you will receive a verification code. 
  • For Text Message, enter your mobile number on which you will receive a verification code. 

8. Insert the verification code you got and record your Backup Codes.

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Wrapping Up:

So, that’s all on how to enable 2FA on PS4.

The pros of two-factor authentication are popularly known. This includes Security, Privacy, Bug-free gaming experience. Other than 2FA, only a Username and Password is required to log into your PSN account. In many cases, it’s common that if someone will try to sign in to your account (with no 2FA) with the credentials, they will be easily able to get into your account without any hassle.

With Two Factor Authentication on, it will provide an additional layer of security in your PS4 whenever someone will try to invade your security by logging into your account without your will. Doesn’t matter who is inserting your username and password, only you will receive the double factor verification code, during every attempt of login. This code will be asked while logging in. 

If you have your 2FA enabled on PS4, then no one else can log into your account even after having all the details, just because of that one unique verification code, which will be shared on the rightful owner of the account. One should surely enable 2FA, not only on PS4 but on every platform possible.


Q1. How Many Options Does One Get While Authenticating 2FA?

Ans. One gets the below-mentioned options to choose from every time one log in :

  • Text Message Verification
  • Biometric 2FA
  • Authenticating Application

Q2. Is There Any Guarantee Of 2FA?

Ans. Any account that has enabled 2FA is much more secure than the regular ones which require just one’s username and password to get access to the account, but this doesn’t guarantee anyone anything.

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