How To Fix XMEye Error Code 99993? Two Easy Fixes In 2023!

How To Fix XMEye Error Code 99993

Unable to monitor videos anymore because XMEye is showing error code 99993 again and again? Then learn how to fix XMEye error code 99993 in a couple of minutes.

XMEye is a free service that helps monitor CCTV footage with Cloud technology. But sometimes this service fails to serve the users and shows different error codes every time someone tries to access their service. Out of the rest, error code 99993 is the most common one! Let’s see how to fix XMEye error code 99993.

To fix XMEye error code 99993: Start PC > Log in as an administrator > Start > Select All Programs, Accessories, System Tools > System Restore > On this list, Check a restore point > Select Recent System Restore Point > Next > Restart Computer. Read more for details.

This article explains two ways for how to fix XMEye error code 99993 and also will walk you through the factors affecting XMEye and causing error code 99993 while operating it. So, take a step forward for your safety and start reading!

What Causes XMEye Error 99993?

XMEye is a tool that helps in monitoring videos for DVR and IPC. This software allows users to view the video recorded in the camera. In the present generation, almost everyone has access to their personal CCTV cameras built in their houses, offices etc. due to their security purposes. The video recorded in the camera can be accessed anytime you want on your phone and monitor screen.

This tool usually works fine except for the moments when it starts showing you error codes and preventing you from accessing their services. In such situations, you can try fixing the error codes but that also will only be possible if you would be aware of the factors that are causing the error 99993 on XMEye app.

The XMEye error 99993 occurs because of a damaged windows file system. The corrupted system files registries can be a red flag for your computer and can cause serious damage to your device if not fixed at the right time. So, consider that your PC is going to malfunction if you are encountering error code 99993 while using the XMEye app.

Other potential causes of this error are incorrect or failed installation or uninstallation of software which may have left wrong registries in your windows log, drawbacks of a virus, bug or malware attack, poor system shutdown because of power failure or another factor or this can also happen that someone with minor technical knowledge might have deleted an important system file or log entry. 

If you suspect that the errors are being caused in your app because of any of the above mentioned reasons then you can explore XMEye not working problem fix and get the issue resolved with the couple of fixes given below.

How To Fix XMEye Error Code 99993?

XMEye is a video surveillance tool for DVR and IPC. With the help of Cloud technology, it’s pretty simple to sign in through the device’s serial number to display the live view monitoring video to the phone and access accordingly. XMEye works for free to access for everyone where one can keep an eye on the CCTV videos through different devices. This CCTV application lets the users store different types of videos in multiple sizes and it functions on PCs. 

However, sometimes XMEye doesn’t work the way it is supposed to! For instance, users are facing different error codes like 99993 and others. If you are also getting bothered by error code 99993 every time you try to operate XMEye app then you need to learn how to fix XMEye error code 99993! Follow the below given fixes for XMEye not working problem fix.

Fix 1: Advanced Computer User Solution (Manual Fix) 

The XMEye error usually occurs due to wrongly configured system settings or uncertain entries in the Windows logs. This XMEye not working problem fix can be done with special software which fixes the logs and syncs up the system settings to restore stability. Follow the given instructions for details:

Start PC > Log In As Administrator > Start > Select All Programs, Accessories, System Tools > System Restore > On This List, Check A Restore Point > Select Recent System Restore Point > Next > Restart Computer

Step 01: Start your Computer or PC and then Log In as an Administrator.

Step 02: Next, tap the Start button and then select All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and then click on the System Restore button given.

Step 03: After that, you need to select the most recent System Restore Point from “On This List, Click A Restore Point” and done!

Step 04: Once done, click on the Next button on the next window for confirmation and let the tool restore the system!

Once the restoration completes you need to restart the computer and see if the problem still persists if you are still viewing the error 99993, if yes then try the next fix out!    

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Fix 2: Beginner Computer User Solution (By Default Fix)

If the above explained fix didn’t work out for you then try repairing your system with this tool. This Repair tool will scan and detect all the errors and will resolve them at its end. This tool will fix all your system’s registry errors with both automatic and manual tools. This tool has features like junk cleaner, startup manager, uninstall manager, registry cleaner and evidence cleaner, etc. Follow the given instructions to fix XMEye error 99993 with this tool: 

Start PC > Download Repair Tool > Install > Scan > Fix Errors > Restart 

Step 01: Start Your PC and download (MyPC Utilities) Repair Tool and let it Install.

Step 02: Once the program gets installed successfully, click on the Scan button and wait to load.

Step 03: Tap on the Fix Errors button once the scanning is done.

Once the process completes, just shut the computer and restart it. You won’t find the glitch anymore! 

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Wrapping Up

If you access XMEye app for CCTV surveillance then you might be facing error code 99993 nowadays more frequently. If you want to get rid of this headache and want to get back to your security check then follow our detailed guide on how to fix XMEye error code 99993 and see what was wrong with your XMEye software by analyzing the factors causing this issue. 

Deasilex hopes that this article might be of some help to you. Let us know your views and suggestions in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Error Code 11303 In XMEye?

Error 11303 is responsible for your account being temporarily locked because too many login attempts with incorrect password. To get the access of your account you have to wait for an hour or more to let the device unlock your account.

Q. What Is Error Code 101?

Error code 101 is related to your game’s connection to their servers. Error code 101 happens only when your game cannot download the required data which is needed to play the game at that moment. 

Q. What Is Error Code 11303 Systeminfo?

Error 11303 happens when the user gets stuck, DVR/NVR will lock users if they try to login to the system with incorrect password again and again. 

Q. Why Is My XMEye Not Connecting?

Make sure that you are connected to a strong and stable internet connection. If you data source is slow or unstable then your XMEye app will not work well and show error codes again and again. 

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