How To Get Bionic Reading On Kindle App? 6 Simple Steps!

How To Get Bionic Reading On Kindle App

Bionic reading is not just regular reading, it’s much more than that! If you know what it is and want to know how to get bionic reading on Kindle app then continue reading, because you have got a lot more to explore below

Bionic reading is a revolutionary change in the traditional and basic reading process. Now, one can download and read these bionic converted books whenever you want, wherever you want! All you need to know is how to get bionic reading on Kindle app. 

How to get bionic reading on Kindle app: Find Book > Open Bionic Reading Tool > Browse File > Add Book > Convert > Download Book > Dialog Box > EPUB > Send File To Kindle Email Address. Read more for details!

Bionic reading has not expanded its wings to Kindle yet. However, if you can’t wait for it to do so then learn how to get bionic reading on Kindle app in this article. 

How To Get Bionic Reading On Kindle App? 

Bionic reading is a new facility provided to all the desperate readers out there who just dream of finishing entire novels or series of books in just one night! Congratulations, to all those readers as now you can not only dream of completing an entire book but do that practically in real life. How? By bionic reading on your Amazon Kindle. We already have the guide on how to get bionic reading on Kindle app. You just need to go through and do as we say! 

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Bionic reading is not as difficult as it seems you just need to go with the flow. But if the flow gets interrupted on your regular devices then you can try switching them with your Amazon Kindle! Yea, now you can also get bionic reading on your Kindle app! All you need to do is to go through the details and instructions given below:

NOTE: This process is only for books added by you to your Kindle through a third-party source like websites with free public domain books or independent stages which provide books without DRM safety.

Step 01: Look for the book that you want to convert to bionic format and get it on your Kindle app.

TIP: EPUB is supported by Amazon Kindle so the book must be in EPUB format not in mobi.

Step 02: Launch Bionic Reading online software and click on the Browse File button.

Step 03: Now, Add Book and allow the software to convert the file. It might take a couple of minutes, but be patient.

Step 04: After conversion, to download the bionic format book, hit the arrow icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

NOTE: Bionic books will take almost 50% more disc space as these are of heavy format files.

Step 05: In the next Dialog Field, select EPUB on the right side.

Step 06: At last Send the converted file to Kindle with the help of your Kindle Email Address. The sharing time can be more than usual!!

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The bionic converted books act similar to books similar in your Android book reading softwares. One can highlight content, add comments and translate and share paragraphs or even alter reading settings. The only thing that makes them different is that the bionic book shows almost half of the content in bold font.

TIP: We suggest you alter the font to Helvetica to enhance the ability to read faster.


Howdy peeps! We have tried our best to explain  how to get bionic reading on Kindle app. Bionic reading is a technique, which makes the regular reading faster and better the experience. Bionic reading is nothing but reading highlighted and bold content in an advanced format so that the brain can read the content quickly. 

As we all knew that bionic reading is not available on Amazon Kindle devices currently, we thought of bringing you a way through which you can access this facility on your comfortable device too! Just follow the how to get bionic reading on Kindle app instructions carefully for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Apple Have Bionic Reading?

Bionic reading is available on the App Store for downloading. One can download the app in their iPhone and iPad device.

Q. Is There A Bionic Reading App For Android?

The best factor about bionic reading softwares is that they occur in web browser extension or mobile apps on iOS and Android formats. The bionic app is one of the best tools available in all three formats. 

Q. How Do I Enable Bionic Reading?

Head to the news feed and turn on the BR button or try exporting an EPUB or PDF file!

Q. Can I Use Bionic Reading On Kindle App?

The app also has been delivered to Kindle functionality, so one can send the bionic reading book wirelessly to your Kindle e-reader. 

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