Where Does The FaceTime Photos Go? A Detailed Guide 2023!

Where Does The FaceTime Photos Go?

Ever click a photo while having a FaceTime with your partner just to save the moment, but couldn’t find the photo later on? And now sitting in the corner wondering where does the FaceTime photos go. Then find answers to all your doubts today with us!

Clicking pictures while a FaceTime video call is the best way to keep your memories alive in a live picture! This way one can recall and feel the old conversations and memories everytime they look at the picture. But many of you are unable to find that photo of yours which is getting lost in your device after being captured! If you are also curious to know where does the FaceTime photos go then here are a few details that can help you out. 

Where does the FaceTime photos go? Launch Photos App and go to All Photos. Scroll down and view your FaceTime photo. Read more to know what are the alternate ways to view your live FaceTime photos!

This blog post offers details of where does the FaceTime photos go and how you can keep your FaceTime photos separately. 

Where Does The FaceTime Photos Go?

Confused about taking a photo while face-timing as it vanishes from your photo gallery? Well, your memories just tap away from boosting your mind with nostalgia! And if you are worrying about where does the FaceTime photos go, then stay calm as we will help you explore that too! Once you hit the white shutter button on the FaceTime screen a photo clicks which is then stored in your iPhone, iPad, and Mac system! But where? 

Actually, the photos clicked during Face-timing are directly saved to the Photos app of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac device. In order to view your FaceTime pictures, you have to launch the Photos app and head to the Photos tab at the bottom corner of the screen. After that, you need to click on the All Photos view button to ensure that your device is not filtering out any of the pictures. Scroll downwards and find the pictures by looking at the date when you clicked on that picture.

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How To View The FaceTime Photos?

One can easily view all of their live photos in one place directly by cutting out the entire process. All you have to do is to navigate through the Albums tab and find the Live Photos album. This album saves a separate file for all your Live Photos by default as soon as you click and save any live photo into your library.

How To Create A Separate Album For All Your FaceTime Live Photos? 

If you are someone who forgets where does the FaceTime photos go again and again then you must save a seperate folder in your photo gallery by creating a Smart Album to save all your FaceTime photos in one place.

In order to create a smart Album you need to access a Mac device, as this feature isn’t available on iPhone or iPad. So, start with launching My Albums and click on the Add (+) icon and tap on the Smart Album from the pop-up. After that, assign your album a name then track the filter using the drop-down menu: Lens Includes FaceTime.

You need to enter “FaceTime” into the field at the third position by yourself, since this option is not available itself in the drop-down menu. Post doing so, hit the OK button to create your seperate Smart Album. Photos app itself should be loaded with all the live photos you have clicked during FaceTime calls. And every recent love pic will automatically be shown in the smart album itself.

If you sync Photos over iCloud, this Smart Album will be be accessible from the Albums tab on your other devices as well. 

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Wrapping Up

FaceTime is an iOS feature that was removed from iOS 12 for a short period of time, oh for Apple to launch this feature in 12.1.1 version once again. This feature allows the user to capture a pic of the front person while being on FaceTime with them. Once you take the photo while being on FaceTime, you will successfully click a live pic. This means the device will capture a couple of seconds before and after the moment you capture the photo, making it similar to a short video

This article takes a sneak peek into the details of where does the FaceTime photos go and how to find them and keep them separately in a smart album. 

So, if you need any additional information or want to clear up any doubt, or have any suggestions, then you’re most welcome to our comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Do I Find My FaceTime Photos?

The FaceTime Live Photos are directly saved to the photos application on your device in order to be viewed. And to access those live photos, you can launch the Photos app and head to the Photos tab at the base of the screen, and then click on the All Photos View to ensure that the Photos app is showing you all your clicks at once without filtering them out.

Q. Why Did My FaceTime Photos Not Save?

If your FaceTime Live Photos are not saving on your iOS device, then consider that there are bugs in your device. You can try resetting your FaceTime settings, which you can do by heading to the Settings app and then clicking on the FaceTime tab. After that, you can disable the FaceTime Live Photos option and then turn it on again.

Q. Why Can’t I Turn On FaceTime Live Photos? 

If you can’t turn on the FaceTime Live Photos option on your device then you might be accessing an old version of iOS that does not support FaceTime Live Photos. It can also be any temporary glitch with your device or the app. If you are sure that you have a compatible device then you can try updating your iOS device once or you can restart your device and see if the problem persists or is gone! 

Q. How Do I Share The Screen On FaceTime? 

In order to share a screen on your FaceTime video call, initial the call and click on the Share Content button. After that, click on Share My Screen. After that the people with whom you have shared your screen can view the screen but can’t control anything!

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