How To Private Message On Roblox? Steps Explained!

Private Message On Roblox

Are you someone who is new to Roblox? and figuring out how to send a private message on Roblox? Well, you have landed at the right place. In this article let us see how to private message on Roblox. 

Roblox is unique from other online gaming platforms as the users of Roblox can also design their own games and have other people play them. The most well-liked games are then listed on Roblox, regardless of whether they were made by users or developers. 

To private message on Roblox, you need to Launch the game by pressing “/” > “/w” followed by username > type message > click enter.

Continue reading further to understand in detail how private messages are being sent and what are steps involved in it.

How To Private Message On Roblox?

To private message on Roblox, Launch the game by pressing “/” > “/w” followed by username > type message > click enter.

From youngsters to adults, everyone is fond of online gaming. Particularly, after the pandemic hit, usage of online games has exponentially increased. People enjoy playing these games by chatting with other gamers. 

Roblox creates the perfect gaming experience for its users by enabling them to send private message on Roblox. This is one of the most loved features among gamers as sending messages while playing is so much fun! Gamers message each other to devise game plans or strategize on defeating their enemies. 

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How To Private Message On Roblox While Gaming?

Launch the game by pressing “/” > “/w” followed by username > type message > click enter.

Sending private messages during the game or whispering can be done only when you and the other person are playing the same game.

Step 1: Launch the in-game chat by just pressing the “/” key on your keyboard.

Step 2: The username of the person you want to message should be typed after “/w” or “/whisper” (Don’t use quotations, just type /w).

Step 3:The name will be filled in the chatbox with brackets around it and a purple “To” before the phrase. If you’re messaging the player “xyz,” for instance, it should appear as “[Toxyz].”

Step 4: A notification stating that “player name” is now logged into private chat will appear.

Private Message On Roblox - chat while playing the game

Step 5: Your message should be typed in.

Step 6: Click Enter.

Step 7: Just press Backspace in the game’s chat window to leave the private conversation.

With these steps, you can message your friend privately while playing the game. But, some gamers may choose to disable private messaging while gaming. This means you cannot private message on Roblox while they are playing the game. However, you can message them outside of the game.

How To Private Message On Roblox Outside The Game?

Choose friend > Go to profile > Message

Step 1: To send a message to a friend, go to the Friends section and choose that person.

Step 2: You will then be sent to their profile.

Step 3: On that page, click the Message button.

Private Message On Roblox - chat outside the game

By clicking on the message button, you can start sending messages. You can also send private message on Roblox to someone who is not your friend. 

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How To Private Message On Roblox To Someone Who Is Not Your Friend?

Go to their profile > Add a friend  or Go to their profile > Message 

You may first include him/her as your friend by clicking on the “Add Friend” option and then start messaging. You will be notified whether they have accepted your friend request or not. Or else, you may also message them without being their friend on Roblox by looking for the “Message” button next to their username.

Private Message On Roblox - add friend

If the Message button is disabled, it means that have set their privacy settings to not receive messages from strangers. You must also confirm that your privacy settings permit them to reply to your messages. For instance, the message button would not be clickable if you only allow your friends to message you and you attempted to message someone else.

You can check this by going into settings > privacy > set contacts and other settings as you wish.

How To Delete Private Message On Roblox?

It is not possible. Roblox does not allow you to delete messages sent by other users, the messages can only be archived. However, you can only delete messages that are sent by the system to your inbox.

You can archive a message by selecting the message and clicking on the archive option in the navigation menu. Now the message will be archived and will no longer be seen in the inbox. This is a reversible process, where you can unarchive the message to make it reappear in the inbox. 

How Do You Mute Roblox Chat?

Settings > Privacy > Select No one under “Who can chat with me in the app”

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Go to settings.

Step 3: Select No one under “Who can chat with me in app?” after clicking the Privacy tab.

Step 4: Click Save once you’ve reached the bottom of the screen.

Private Message On Roblox - privacy chat settings

You can also mute a specific user by typing the command “/mute [player name]” in the chatbox. The message notice “Speaker [player name] has been muted” will appear once the command has been activated.

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Wrapping Up

Gaming is always fun and playing it with friends is even more fun. Chatting with friends while playing an online game is like the icing on the cake! We hope this article has provided you with a complete explanation of how to private message on Roblox. For more such informative and interesting articles, visit us at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Did Roblox Remove The Me Command?

Ans. It was found that fake system messages were being sent in chat using the /me command. We conducted a survey of Roblox developers, and everyone concluded that the feature was misused.

Q2. How Much Does It Cost To Play Roblox?

Ans. Roblox is a free-to-play game, but players may join up for Roblox Premium, a subscription service that, based on the tier you choose, grants you a 10% bonus and a monthly allowance.

Q3. How Do You Delete Private Chat On Roblox?

Ans. You can delete a private chat or edit the title or message by clicking the edit button and selecting the message.

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