How To Leave A Review On Craigslist? 5 Simple Steps!

How To Leave A Review On Craigslist?

Craigslist’s career based feed content is managed by job criteria, category and ranges from finance and accounting to general labor and others. If you like this management and its other features and facilities then you should learn how to leave a review on Craigslist.

Your knowledge about how to leave a review on Craigslist can be of very use to those who are searching for work and employment. Your reviews will tell them whether the job or section that they are going for is suitable for them or not, or if it matches with their requirements or not! 

Here’s how to leave a review on Craigslist: Open Craigslist Website > Feedback Page > Feedback Link > Leave A Review > Write A Review > Submit. And this is it! 

The information that the job seekers will find from the Craigslist feed posts will solely depend on how much that person invests in the advertisements. To know more about how to leave a review on Craigslist, follow the guide till the end! 

How To Leave A Review On Craigslist?

If you are in urgent need of a job opportunity that matches your requirements and is perfect for you then you should visit Craigslist for once! Honest reviews on their career feed section are going to help you a lot! 

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And if you have already had an experience in the back with Craigslist and now want to review how it was and what were the pros and cons of that opportunity to help the freshers opting for that one particular job, then you must be aware how to leave a review on Craigslist. If not, then it’s completely not an issue.

Here are the details of how to leave a review on Craigslist. Follow each step carefully!

Open Craigslist Website > Feedback Page > Feedback Link > Leave A Review > Write A Review > Submit

Step 01: Visit Craigslist’s website on any browser in your device that you operate.

Step 02: Login to your account and head to the Feedback tab to leave a review on Craigslist.

Step 03: There you will find a LINK or Portal to the Feedback Page saying “Leave A Review” click on that button.

Step 04: On the resulting page you have to write an honest review in your own words explaining how your experience was with them and pinning points that are worth pondering over like location, package, pay per hour and the application process etc.

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Step 05: Once writing your review is over you can either submit that review or post it directly by clicking on the Submit or Post Review button.

How To Flag An Ad Or Post On Craigslist?

how to leave a review on Craiglist?

Craigslist is a website where users place advertisements and post career building related content. Some of the times, people get flagged on their posts. If you have got your posts on Craigslist flagged then you can learn how to delete a flagged post on Craigslist as well as how to flag an ad or a post on the same.

To flag a post on Craigslist, you have to follow the given instructions carefully: 

Open Website > Feedback > Select A Reason > Select A Subcategory > Enter Details > Write A Review > Send Email Message

Step 01: Launch a Web Browser on your device and open Craigslist’s official website.

Step 02: Head to the Feedback section and select a Reason why you are reporting a complaint on Craigslist from the list of reasons according to you. For example, if someone harrassed you on Craigslist, then select Harassment/Flagging.  And if your concern is a scan, then you can select “Report Spam Or Scam”.

Step 03: Next, select a subcategory like “My personal data was shared publicly” or “I suspected a scam posting on the website” and their respective subcategories.

Step 04: After that, you need to fill in your Name, Email Address and location in their respective fields. Also you have to add a Subject to your complaint. 

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For example, you can add 911 in place of Subject if someone has flagged your post for no reason or if it’s an emergency case.

Step 05: Now, you are supposed to write an explanation describing the issue and situation in the “Describe The Issue” box. Mention important keywords which you consider worth posting, name of city and their categories.

Step 06: After completing the process, end it by clicking on the “Send Email Message” button to post your complaint successfully.

And you have successfully flagged a post on Craigslist. 

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Wrapping Up

Craigslist offers everything from real estate content to missed connection ads for users who are seeking for someone they interacted with but don’t know how to connect with them. Even if you want to market a second hand mixer or switch homes, this site has been the go-to option for many of you to find people also for a long time. 

We have explained how to leave a review on Craigslist in this article to make reviewing easy for you after trying Craigslist’s services. 

Let us know your thoughts on Craigslist services in the comments section and don’t forget to visit Deasilex for more tips and tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Comment On A Craigslist Post?

One can send a reply to any post on Craigslist just by clicking on the reply button at the top left corner of the post and verify the captcha puzzle to verify yourself as a human. A few of the Craigslist listings will provide a phone number to either call or text, however most listings will only provide you with an email address.

Q. How Do You Flag Something On Craigslist?

If you find a banned or unethical post on Craigslist, you can flag it by clicking on the Prohibited button. Craigslist does not support exactly the number of users in what situation need to flag a post for it to be deleted or removed, but by doing so will help you to remove inappropriate posts from the site.

Q. Why Are Craigslist Post Held For Review?

Posts can be held temporarily for personal reviews by the Craigslist team. Latest posts held for review will generally be top-posted on approval. One can try to reload their currently held posting to check on its current status.

Q. Why Does Craigslist Flag For Removal?

Few of the users use Craigslist frequently for scams, frauds and spams. Just because of this, the website has an automated feature which removes posts which are flagged by users. If your post has been removed, then consider that many of the other users found your post and its content unethical and offensive.

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